”Did I crossover? ”

Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings, Su Lin walked to the mirror excitedly.

Sure enough, he passed through.

The self in the mirror is very young, about fifteen or sixteen years old, which is completely different from the adult (muscular) Su Lin as he thought.

Obviously, he had transmigrated.

And looking around – the luxurious bedroom with an area of hundreds of square meters filled with various expensive decorations.

It looks like a super wealthy family. Su Lin was a little secretly happy.

Although he hates the second generation young masters, it is still very fragrant when he really becomes a rich young master.

If you can directly become a rich second generation with billions of wealth, who wants to work hard?

Its really a privilege of a transmigrator to acquire such a great wealth.

In his previous life, his parents died when he was a few years old, and he became an orphan.

Fortunately, he was very handsome and was taken care of by many aunts and sisters.

In that way, life goes on. Although he had to work hard with many aunts and sisters, he was satisfied with it.

However, because of the frequent hardcore exercises with the beautiful aunts and sisters, when he was only in his twenties, he suffered from kidney deficiency and died.

Fortunately, God treated him well, he passed through.

Suddenly, a rush of memories flooded into his mind. This is the memory of the original body.

”Oh, the original body is also called Su Lin… ”

After accepting the original bodys memory, Su Lin muttered to himself.

The original body is also called Su Lin, and he is the eldest son of the Su family, one of the four major families of the Demon Capital (Shanghai).

Although, the head of the Su family, the father of the original body died at a very young age, because the Su family has always been single-handed, it had almost no effect on the familys status in the Demon Capital.

In addition to the two elders at home, there is also a stunning mother and a beautiful sister.

Because the original body is still small, the family industry of the hundreds of billions is currently being managed by his sister Su Yiran, being the acting head of the family.

Her style of doing things, and her cold temperament of giving the feeling to stay away thousands of miles, are praised by outsiders as the iceberg female

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