Villain: Conquer the protagonist’s mother at the beginning

The Protagonist – Lu Xiaofeng\'s Fiancee

Su Lin closed the virtual attribute panel, and looked at Su Yiran, who was thoroughly enjoying her meal.

Just a while ago, he unintentionally damaged Lu Xiaofengs luck, when Su Yiran kissed him on the cheek.

You know, its normal for siblings to show that level of affection. But, the system judged this act as the act to rob heroine from the protagonist.

So, Su Lin has a thought that his sister might not really be his blood related sister, and things can go further beyond the limits of the siblings.

On another thought, this might be due to the initiative of heroine. So, he had to test if he can gain some villain values from his sister.

”Sister. ”

”Hm?… Peck… ”

As soon as Su Yiran turned her head to respond, Su Lin kissed her thin lips lightly.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for damaging the protagonist – Lu Xiaofengs luck, and getting 1,000 villain value.]

Yan Ran on the side was stunned. Will there be something between these brother and sister? So exciting.

”Stinky brother, what are you doing? ” Su Yiran blushed, touched her thin lips, and looked shyly at Su Lin.

On the surface, she looks sullen, but his heart is already excited. Has this smelly brother finally enlightened?

Other side..

Hearing the prompt sound in his mind, the corners of Su Lins mouth rose. Sure enough, he can earn from her sister.

However, now is not the time to think about it. I have to quickly appease the beauty in front of me.

”Sister, you had a grain of rice on your lips. Seeing that, I moved on impulse. You won blame me, will you? ”

Su Lins eyes were clear, and said nonsense without even blushing.

Seeing this, Su Yiran was greatly disappointed. She thought that her stinky brother had finally achieved enlightenment, but it was only her delusion.

So, she shook her head dejectedly. ”Its okay. ”

In fact, she wanted to say, [Its okay to kiss]. However, she didn have the courage to continue after all.

On the side…

Yan Ran was speechless.

Thats it? Aren you going to advance?

She had already put down her chopsticks, and was ready to watch the great show. She thought it was a once in a lifetime ethical situation.

The result is – nothing happened. Only a light kiss. So disappointed.

Yan Ran picked up the chopsticks again, and started to eat her meal.

Other side…

After receiving Su Lins entrustment, the good-looking female white-collar carefully put her arms around the flowers and went to Bai Wantings office.

This is the task given by her male god, and she didn dare to be careless for a moment.

Thinking of the male gods gentle tone and demeanor when he spoke to her, the beautiful female white-collar worker was even more delighted.

This scene is enough to make her reminisce for a lifetime. Tonight, she is destine to have a sleepless night.

Soon, she came outside of Bai Wantings office, and knocked on the door.

”Please come in. ” A very sweet voice came from the inside.

The good-looking female white-collar pushed open the door and walked in.

”Sister Wanting, President Su asked me to give you this bouquet of flowers. ” The beautiful female white-collar walked up to Bai Wanting, and said in an envious tone.

”President Su? Our President? ” Bai Wanting asked in confusion as she took the flowers.

Could it be Yiran? But, why would she send me flowers?

”Its young master Su Lin. Now, Im going to work. ” After that the female white-collar worker left immediately.

She was also in a high ranking position like Bai Wanting, and had a friendly relationship. So, she didn have to be formal.

”Young master Su Lin? ”

Bai Wanting was stunned by the words of the female white-collar worker.

The originally pure heart which was unaffected by countless confession set off a burst of ripples. At this moment, Su Lins handsome appearance began to appear in her mind.

Its very clear because she don know haw many time she had outlined that charming face.

”Brother Su Lin, what does this action mean? Could it be that Brother Su Lin likes me, and is pursuing me? ”

Bai Wantings face gradually turned red, and she began to have countless fantasies in her heart.

Looking at the beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers, and heart shape design in the center, she was more and more sure that Brother Su Lin was confessing to her.

”Then, sister, Im leaving. ”

Seeing that Su Yiran had put down her chopsticks, Su Lin got up to leave.

”Um. ”

Su Yiran wanted Su Lin to stay with her for a while, but the two of them had already agreed at first. And, the stinky brother also said that he had something to do.

So, she nodded and gave him a hug saying: ”Brother, be careful on the road. ”

”Um. ”

Su Lin waled out of the presidents office, and soon, reached the elevator door.

On other side…

Bai Wanting found out that Su Lin was still in the presidents office, so she waited near the elevator with the bouquet of flowers in hand.

Seeing Su Lin finally coming out, she shouted in enthusiasm: ”Brother Su Lin. ”

Hearing the familiar and sweet voice in his ears, Su Lin turned to take a look.

The person who came had a stunning face wearing the secretarys uniform with black stocking adding more charm to her beauty.

”Sister Wanting. ” Su Lin walked towards her with a smile.

At the same time, a virtual attribute panel only visible to him appeared in front of him.

[Character] : Bai Wanting

[Identity] : Heroine, Su Yirans secretary

[Charm] : 97

[Hobbies] : Like to watch brain-dead idol dramas

[Strength] : Below Ming Jin (Needs a little practice to breakthrough)

[Luck] : 2,000

[Gold Finger] : None

[Recent Event] : After getting the flowers from Su Lin, she mistakenly thought that Su Lin was pursuing her. So, she happily approached Su Lin to express her feeling.

Closing the attribute panel, Su Lin smile slightly as he looked at the beautiful Bai Wanting.

Perhaps, he should have the taste of a heroine first.

Seeing that Bai wanting was getting closer and closer, Su Lin quickly reached out to catch her.

”Sister Wanting, be careful. You are running so fast in high heels. What should I do, if you fall? ” Su Lin said with a worried look on his face.

With Bai Wantings strength of only a step below Ming Jin, she won have any problem.

Even so, she felt sweet when she saw that her brother Su Lin cared so much about her.

Sure enough, Brother Su Lin loved herself.

”Brother Su Lin, did you give me these roses? ” Bai Wanting held the flowers in front of Su Lin and confirmed with expectation.

”Well, yes. How is it? Do you like it? ” Su Lin said while looking into her eyes.

”Yes! I like it very much. ”

Looking at Su Lins peerless face, Bai Wanting couldn help but blushed while nodding her little head.

”Brother Su Lin, why did you send me flowers? Still heart shaped… ”

While speaking, Bai Wantings voice became so small that even Hua Jin level Su Lin couldn understand.

She was both nervous, and hope.

Seeing Bai Wantings sprouting appearance, Su Lin found it very interesting.

At that time, he simply wanted to give flowers to Bai Wanting for her hard work, nothing else. (As if)

However, since she is greedy for Su Lins body, Su Lin is also greedy for her body.

So, Su Lin said in his unusually magnetic voice. ”Why would a boy give heart-shaped flowers to a girl? ”

Then, he hooked her delicate and beautiful chin with his hand. Looking at the appealing soft lips, Su Lin said: ”Sister Wanting, can I? ”

”Um… ”

Bai Wantings face was flushed, and in the next moment, she felt a warm touch on her cherished lips.

And, when the soft tongue invaded her mouth, she felt even more that she was in heaven.

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