After absorbing the memory of the original body, Su Lin knew that Su Yiran was actually a cold-hearted character.

Su Lin was very curious. The original body was in such a good situation, how could he die suddenly?

Soon, he knew. Can help but be speechless.

It turned out that the original Su Lin, because of his good looks and cleanliness, was hailed as a national husband, brother Lin, male god and so on.

But in fact, the original Su Lin is not like this, he is actually a hidden predator.

Because of the fact that the family has many giant level industries, he took control over one of them, the largest entertainment company. The company mainly trains and do business with the beautiful girls who can be regarded as the goddess by the outside world.

But, its main purpose is for him to have fun. However, since the Su family especially his sister is still staring at it from time to time, the original body have been holding back.

In this way, over time, the original body suffered from depression at the age of sixteen and died suddenly at home.

After thinking about it, Su Lin sighed. All he can say is, he was a good guy, but a little cowardly.

If it weren for the original body to being so good, he wouldn be able to traverse, and enjoy the pre-arranged pie.

However, good brother, don worry, I will help you fulfill your unfulfilled wish. You must know that in his previous life, he has the reputation of being a descendant of Cao Thief (Greedy for other peoples wife).

”System? Are you there? ”

After pulling back his thoughts, Su Lin shouted in his heart. How can a qualified traverser not have a system?


In my mind, a mechanically synthesized sound suddenly echoed.

Sure enough, the system may be late, but its never absent.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for binding the Destiny Villain System.]

[Status Screen]

[Host] : Su Lin

[Identity] : Young Master of the Su Family

[Age] : 16

[Charm] : 99 (Full value: 100)

[Strength] : Ming Jin Early Stage (External energy)

Realm division: Ming Jin (External energy), An Jin (Internal energy), Hua Jin (Transformation energy), Bao Dan (Pill formation master), …

Small realm division: Early, Middle, Late, and Peak

[Item] : None (System space temporarily doesn support storage of living creatures)

[Villain value] : 0

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