Villain: Conquer the protagonist’s mother at the beginning

The protagonist\'s mother repays the debt

”Knock knock… ”

”Come in. ”

Someone knocked the door. So, Su Lin pulled back his thoughts, and turned to look at the door.

”Da da… ”

Su Lin saw someone coming, with a beautiful and cold face dressed in black tights. Stepping on the high heels, she came to Su Lin.

At the same time, Su Lin also checked her details.

[Character] : Xi Yu

[Identity] : Hosts personal bodyguard

[Charm] : 96

[Strength] : An Jin Late Stage

[Gold Finger] : None

Su Lin smiled and said : ”Sister Xi Yu, whats the matter? ”

This is the beautiful bodyguard that Su Lins mother has cultivated for him, Xi Yu.

She looks very beautiful, and both in terms of skills and figure, she is exceptionally top-notch, an elite.

And she is also sincere to the original body, and her loyalty can be said to be 95+, she can even sacrifice her own life for the original body.

Its a pity that the original body has always regarded her as her sister, and never dared to go beyond that relation.

However, he is not the same as the predecessor.

Xi Yus expression was a little surprised. She feels that todays young master seems to be different from the past.

It is obvious that he looks much more handsome than before, or it might be the result of her unrequited feelings.

Also, the breath is stronger. It feels much more stronger than herself.

However, she didn ask what happened. Although its shocking, but there is the young masters background and also his mother.

With that also, its quite shocking. But, as sensible as she is, she didn ask what happened.

”Young master, the nanny Zhao Rong wants to borrow some money from you. ”

While speaking, Xi Yu remembered Zhao Rongs anxious look just now, and continued: ”She seems to have encountered some difficulties. ”

”Nanny Zhao Rong? Borrow money from me? ”

Su Lin had a thoughtful look for a while.

There are several nannies at home. All of them are stunning beauties, because of the original bodys hobby.

However, he has never touched it before. He really doesn know who this Zhao Rong is.

”Sister Xi Yu, you bring her in. ”

”Okay young master. ”

Xi Yu exited the room.

Soon, she returned to the room with the nanny Zhao Rong. Su Lin looked over.

At a first glance you could see that she is a beautiful woman, but its a pity that she is dressed in an ordinary clothes, demoting her beauty.

At the same time, an attribute panel visible only to him appeared in front of him.

[Character] : Zhao Rong

[Identity] : Protagonist Ye Chens mother, Hosts chef (temporary)

[Charm] : 95

[Strength] : Ordinary people (Hasn practiced any martial arts)

[Gold Finger] : None

[Recent event] : I accidentally scratched a rich womans luxury car while riding an electric car, and to compensate, I urgently need 500,000 yuan.

Su Lin was overjoyed. Zhao Rong is actually the protagonists beautiful mother?

And she also wants to borrow money from me?

If it was the predecessor, there won be anything. But who am I? A villain.

At this moment, Su Lin really wants to make a post.

The title is: The protagonists beautiful mother scratches the rich girls luxury car, and she has no money to compensate. As a villain, what should I do?

Zhao Rong quickly passed by Xi Yu and trotted to Su Lin.

”Master Su Lin, can you lend me 500,000 yuan? ”

She looked anxious, and heartbroken.

Why did she accidentally hit someone elses car.

Originally, she wanted to wait for Miss Su Yiran to come back and borrow from her, but the other party was already waiting at the door, because the rich lady was afraid that she would run away.

”Sister Rong, why are you borrowing so much money? ” Smiling inwardly, Su Lin asked with a puzzled look on his face.

”I.. ” Zhao Rong hesitated for a moment, and then said: ”I accidentally dented the paint of someone elses luxury car while riding the electric bike on the way here, and the other party wants 500,000 yuan in compensation. ”

”Master Su Lin, can you lend me 500,000, and in the future, you can deduct a little from my salary every month… ”

”What? You had an accident? You aren hurt, right? ”

Before she finished speaking, Su Lin stood up from sofa in shock and asked distressedly.

Then, he stretched out his hands, wanting to take care of her as if she was hurt.

Su Lins caring look warmed Zhao Rongs heart, so much so that she even forgot that he was holding her little hand.

”Master Su Lin, Im fine. The other party is waiting at the other side of the road. Can you help me? ”

Zhao Rongs eyes are mixed with expectations and pleading. Coupled with her pitiful appearance, Su Lins heart is now full of evil thoughts.

Of course, he knows now is not the time. He hasn reached a creditor relationship yet. He just has to be patient for a little while longer.

”Well. Sister Rong, don worry. Its just a little money. ”

Having said that, Su Lin took out his mobile phone to transfer money. Soon, Zhao Rong received a notification from bank.

”Master Su Lin, thank you. Ill do my best to pay back soon. ”

Looking at the dazzling 500,000 yuan in her bank account, Zhao Rong expressed her gratitude.

After some words of gratitude, Zhao Rong went out of the room to compensate the rich lady waiting outside.

However wealthy the rich lady was, it can be compared to the Su family and background. And, as the residence of the young master of the Su family, she wasn allowed to casually enter the villa.

Looking at the slender and graceful back, the corners of Su Lins mouth rose slightly.

The creditor relationship has been reached, and the next time is to ask her to pay the debt.

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