Villain: Conquer the protagonist’s mother at the beginning

Plundering the Protagonist – Xiao Feng\'s Luck

[Ding! The protagonist – Ye Chens luck is damaged. Congratulations to the host for getting 500 villain value.]

At the same time when Su Lin entered Zhao Rongs precious place, the system send the notification which Su Lin obviously ignored.

He is doing a serious business now. He can and don want to pay attention to the system for now.

So, he continued his operation.

Bang… Bang… Screech…

The collision of two flesh body was too loud, or may be the door material wasn good enough, or the villa is usually so quiet, the beautiful singing is transmitted everywhere with in the thousands of square meter villa.

Spring is in full bloom!

In the hall…

Xi Yu, couldn sit still. Her fingers were clenched, her legs were already weak, and her face was flushed with embarrassment.

The rest of the lovely maids and the stunning nannies were no exception.

Whispering… Whispering…

Every now and then, they would look towards Su Lins room with bright eyes and red face.

”Don tell Miss Su about this. Got it? ” Xi Yu pretended to be calm, and glanced at the group of maids with intimidating eyes.

Maid and nannies, all nodded their heads repeatedly. Needless to say, theyll keep it a secret.

Among informing and not informing, they can clearly distinguish the benefits. After all they are all greedy for their young masters body.

If the young lady finds out, then they probably won even have a chance.

In the room…

Zhao Rong wanted to yell at Su Lin.

Now, everyone in the villa knows that she is having a good time with Su Lin.

So embarrassing. How can she show her face in front of other maids and nannies.

Its not her problem that she can control her voice. This beast Su Lin doesn treat her like a human at all.

Even if she doesn want, she couldn control her mouth at all. The high intensity force from her waist inadvertently make her produce naughty noises.

”Jingle bell… Jingle bell… ”

Just then, the phone on the table rang.

Su Lin supported the protagonists beautiful mother, Zhao Rong and leaned over slowly towards the table.

Seeing that the caller was his sister Su Yiran, Su Lin made a silent guesture to Zhao Rong.

Zhao Rong rolled her eyes at him. This is not something she can control at all, right? You should slow over instead.

Seeing her expression, Su Lin, who was already familiar with this kind of situation in his previous life, understood what she meant.

Knowing that she can control the sounds, Su Lin slow down his attack speed a little.

But, even so, Zhao Rong is still helpless. After all, the volume she can bear can be changed for a while.

However, now that Su Lin has slowed down a little, its okay to cover her mouth with her hands.

Seeing this, Su Lin answered the phone, and turned on the speaker of the phone.

”Sister… ”

”Stinky brother, are you going to starve your sister to death??? ”

As soon as Su Lin tried to say something, Su Yirans angry voice came from the other end of the phone.

Hearing her words, Su Lin was stunned for a moment. Then he remembered that he had to deliver his sisters lunch every noon personally.

Its no wonder that after having lunch, he always felt like he forgot something.

”Sister, Im stuck in traffic. Ill be there soon. ”

”Stinky brother, what a liar you are! You
e stuck in traffic? Nonsense. Also, do you think I can hear the crashing sound? Tell me the truth, what are you doing? ”

Su Yirans words made Su Lin to glance at Zhao Rong, and then he said nonsense without blushing: ”Sister, you are so smart. You have caught me. I am bowling right now. ”

”Okay, stinky brother. You have been starving me for more than an hour here. I didn expect your sisters life to be cheaper than your bowling. You starved your sister to death. Humph. ”

Hearing this, Su Lins head is full of black lines. Sister, you are too good at pretending.

Forget it. Its my sister after all. Just admit your mistake.

”Sister, I was wrong. Please, give me another chance. ”

”Ugh… I heard that an awesome new movie has been launched recently. ”

Su Lin immediate understood what she meant.

”Sister, Ill accompany you to watch the movie. ”

”Then, sister will forgive you this time. But, you can be late next time. ”

”Well, I guarantee with my whole being that I will never starve my sister again. ”

”Alright. Hang up. ”

”Goodbye, big sister. ”

Su Yiran hung up the phone, and Su Lin also put his phone aside.

”You two brother and sister really have a good relationship. ”

After listening to their siblings entire conversation, Zhao Rong said in an envious tone.

She sighed. If only Chener (His first name is Chen, and er is honorific for closer relations) and Yiyi could get along like this.

”Why? Children don get along at home? ”

Zhao Rongs eyes dimmed, and she didn speak. Su Lin stroked her messy hair and said.

”Don worry. As a godfather (A man who promises to take responsibility for others childrem), I will help you take care of them in the future. ”

Thinking of the future when Zhao Rong took his hand, stood in front of the protagonist Ye Chen, and said to him: ”This is your Uncle Su. ”


Every time Su Lin came up with such picture, he wanted to laugh out loud.

”Bah! Shameless. ” Zhao Rong blushed and glared at Su Lin.

”If you still don deliver lunch to Miss Su Yiran, she will call you again later. ”

”No hurry. Ill go over soon. ”

Seeing Su Lins carefree attitude, Zhao Rong stopped talking held table with her hands.

After a long time, Zhao Rong collapsed. He really gave too much.

Won she have a third one? She has no insurance at all.

I hope it won be fatal.

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