After washing up a little, Su Lin went straight to the living room. The maids were already waiting there with the prepared lunch box for Su Yiran.

Su Lin might have forgotten, but the beautiful maids would never forget. Its just that no one dares to come forward to interrupt Su Lin.

Xi Yu walked to the door of the room several times, but she couldn gather the courage to knock and finally backed away.

Every time, she was afraid of disturbing the good deeds of the young master.

Seeing that Su Lin finally walked out of the room, Xi Yus eyes lit up.

Picking up the food that had already been packed on the table, she walked quickly in front of Su Lin with her slender long legs.

”Young master, this is the lunch for Miss Yiran. ” Xi Yu offered the lunch box with both hands.

Su Lin reached out and took it.

Thinking of Zhao Rongs normal dress, he said: ”Xi Yu, prepare a few sets of beautiful clothes that suits Roner, and send them over. ”

”Okay, young master. ”

”Um. ”

After ordering, Su Lin left the villa.

Looking at the tall and straight figure of her young master, Xi Yu couldn help but feel a little bit of envy and jealousy towards Zhao Rong.

However, I remember the change of young master today.

Her eyes were full of longing for that handsome body of Su Lin. Then, she thought of some more excessive things, and her face gradually turned red.

Soon, Su Lin came to the garage. He usually like to enjoy driving by himself when Xi Yu isn by his side.

So, he picked a good looking stylish black car at random, and drove out. (In this world, 16 is the minimum age for four wheel driver as many children of strong background starts practicing martial arts at a young age.)

Around twenty minutes later, a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster Imperial Series stopped under the tallest building in the Demon Capital – Su Group Building.

Su Lin parked his car aside, picked up the heavy food, and was just about to take the special VIP passage to the top floor – 128th floor.

Suddenly, what happened on the side caught his attention.

”A lowly security guard dares to stop me? Do you know who I am? ”

A rich boy in an expensive suit dressed like a dog was holding a bunch of flowers in his hands, and was yelling at the security guard.

Su Lin knew the dog like character – Qiao Jincheng, the eldest young master of the Qiao family, one of the four major families in the Demon Capital.

At the same time, he is also one of his sister Su Yirans suitors.

No, it should be more appropriate to describe it as a dog who has no bottom line in pleasing the other party, even if you lose your dignity in the process.

Of course, it wasn the eldest young master of the Qiao family that attracted Su Lins attention. He had seen such things a lot.

Basically every time he comes here, he can see Qiao Jincheng holding a bunch of flowers wagging his tails around the Su Group building to confess to Su Yiran.

What Su Lin was curious about was the security guard standing against Qiao Jincheng.

Although, Su Yiran had already issued a notice: [When You see Qiao Jincheng, you don need to report it. Just drive him out.]

However, basically no security guard dares to be rude to Qiao Jincheng.

Even though, Su family can be said to be the leader of the four major families due to Mother Sus status, and they don need to be afraid of other three families, but a security guard is same.

Who knows that today he stopped the eldest young master of the Qiao family, and the next day his blood won flow in the Huang He (Yellow River symbolizing – bearing burdens, adaptation, and perseverance).

The Qiao family won easily do such thing to the Su Groups employer, but who can guarantee?

So, all the security guards will do their best to politely restrain Qiao Jincheng, and let the inner guards of the Su family to do the talking.

Thats right, there are inner guards too. Its the main headquarter of the Su Group. So, its natural to have some elite guards personally trained by the Su family to guard the building.

The outer security guards are the normal guards with strength in early Ming Jin, where as the inner guards are at least of An Jin who are raised by the Su family from a very young age.

So, it won be strange if an inner guard dares to stop Qiao Jincheng. However, a little security is so daring to go against the eldest young master of the Qiao family.

Either he is stupid, brave or both – meaning a protagonist.

Su Lin activated Tianzi Wang Qi to check his details.

[Character] : Lu Xiaofeng

[Identity] : Protagonist – Genius Doctor in the city

[Charm] : 78

[Strength] : An Jin Mid Stage (Internal energy)

[Luck] : 8000

[Gold Finger] : None

[Recent Event] : I went down the mountain with my masters order to fulfill the marriage contract with my fiancee, and to establish my own network. On the way, I accidentally saw Su Yiran, and was shocked by her beauty and identity. So, I joined the security team in the Su Group to win Su Yiran with my abilities.

”Sure enough. Its a protagonist. ”

Su Lin smiled slightly and walked over to join in the fun.

”Who doesn know the eldest young master of the Qiao family, Qiao Jincheng? ” Lu Xiaofeng said with a disdainful look.

In his opinion, Qiao Jincheng is just a second-generation trash. How can he compare to him?

Based on his strength alone, he is far more superior than a waste second-generation.

By virtue of his talent, he is the descendant of the previous Genius Doctor. With his medical skills, it isn exaggerate to say that he can pull person from deaths bed.

Qiao Jincheng just has a rich family behind him. Once, he can win over Su Yiran, and go to fulfill his marriage, he can even easily swallow the little Qiao family.

These are all within his future plans.

Seeing the disdainful look on the little security guards face in front of him, Qiao Jincheng was instantly angry and grabbed Lu Xiaofengs collar with his hands.

”Are you tired of living? ”

Don look at him as a waste playboy. He is the eldest son of the Qiao family. Even if he doesn like to learn martial arts, he at least has strength of Ming Jin Middle Stage.

Although at his age, its kind of weak compared to other rich family descendants, he is at least stronger than ordinary Ming Jin warriors.

”Who are you threatening? As if you have the ability. ” Hearing Qiao Jinchengs threat, Lu Xiaofeng glanced at him, who didn even have the stable strength in the Ming Jin Middle Stage, and sneered.

With a clear look, he can see that Qiao Jinchengs strength is all made up of medicines from his family, and he has a weak foundation.

He can only use his strength to bully the ordinary Ming Jin warriors of early stage, and will have a hard time in the same level.

The only benefit might be the advance martial arts of the Qiao family. But, who is Lu Xiaofeng?

Not only his strength is on a whole another level, he also has the inheritance of the old Genius Doctor.

If it weren for the fear of leaving a bad impression on President Sus heart, he would have already beaten up Qiao Jincheng.

”You are courting death. ” Qiao Jincheng was furious and instantly lost his mind.

When the two were almost about to fight, a very magnetic voice resounded.

”Its so lively. Whats happening here? ”

Su Lin walked over with a smile on his face.

Although a brave-stupid dog bites the waste stupid dog, this one still needs to be stop. You can let the protagonist have the limelight.

Of course, he can directly kill Lu Xiaofeng by using 5,000 villain value with his higher strength. But, he let it go.

It is more beneficial for him to live than to die. So, that he can earn more villain values.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for preventing the protagonist –Lu Xiaofeng from showing off his prestige, and getting 500 villain value.]

Well. Isn this fragrant. He is a newly discovered villain value ATM.

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