What is Love?

For some people, It might be the most beautiful thing in the world but for others, it might be the horrible experiences they had.

There are two kinds of love, it might make someones life heaven or ruin it to the point that it feels worse than hell.

This was how Neels love was!

A limitless love, full of madness and beyond anyones thought.

He fell in love at first sight with a girl who was nothing but an emotionless person, cruel to the point where she would never think twice before hurting whoever she wants.

He loved her to the point where his love converted into hate. The love he had for her became the worst nightmare in his life, leaving nothing but a painful tale to tell the whole world.

All he wanted was to be with her all his life! She was his supreme treasure and there was nothing more important for him than her.

But time is the biggest bully of lovers. She shows him his right place and hurts him to the point where he becomes a shallow pot, which looks shiny from the outside and totally empty from the inside.

And the person who made him into a man like this was Saranya, A girl whom the whole world called a selfish, emotionless monster!

They were somehow right! She was a person who had left everything behind whenever she thought she needed to leave it now.

All she wanted was to do everything perfectly by herself and then she met a man named Neel.

He made her feel loved and made her feel that there was someone in the world who cared for her.

His love for her was a remedy! If his love was full of madness and possessiveness then her love was beyond craziness and full of obsession, where she didn mind leaving him all alone but would never like him to see him with anyone else, crossing all the limits of being crazy to the point where the love she had for him became poison for her!

Character Intro

Neel:- The Main Lead, Coming from India but his family had lived in London for ages.

Saranya:- Female Lead, coming from India and went to London when she was 9.

Ritzy aka Reeti Kapoor:- Saranyas best friend.

Samvel aka Sam:- Sarnaya and Ritzys common best friend.

Kim Han:- The young child, adopted by Saranya.

Park Lee:- The middle child

Min Joon:- The Oldest child.

Doctor John:- Saranyas doctor and a person whom she respects a lot.


Authors Note:-

I have introduced the characters and a little bit of the story so that you guys won get confused as this story might be confusing at the start but these are some characters you will hear in the starting. If you want in the future, I will introduce the future and upcoming characters here! So, please do love the story and add it to your library!

If you guys still have something to ask, comment and ask!

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