”What am I saying? I married you thinking that you were a guy with potential and now that you have got nothing to serve me with, you can just leave me alone! I have never loved you and let me tell you, you don even deserve my love at all! ”

Saying this the girl took the bouquet from his hand and threw it on the floor and trampled on it!

”What the hell are you saying? You are my wife? You know that I have left my family behind just to marry you and… ”

”Just go to your useless family! I don like to see you ever again! As useless as you are, I should find a richer and a better man than you! You don even deserve to live with me, let alone sleep on the same bed as me! ”

Saying this, she took out a chain from her neck and threw it on his face, ”Take it! Sell it or offer it to another poor and pathetic girl, I don care anymore! ”

Saying this, she came out of the room!

In the next scene, she found herself in a hotel room with the same man as they were talking to each other.

”I can believe that you could do something like this! I am telling you, you can tell me if there is really something going on! ”

”Really? I was just 19 when I married you and its been 4 years now and what have I got from you? Other than working my ass off and feeding you like a pig? What have you given me? ”

The girl said as she smirked at him.

”No! I don believe that you are leaving me for money! ”

The guy looked at her with pleading eyes as his eyes were full of tears and were threatening to come out of his eyes at any moment but it seemed like the girl was even crueler than this and said, ”You are nothing but an emotional fool! ”

”Wh… What are you saying? ”

The guy looked at the girl in shock!

”Aren you? You chased me and proposed to me because I let you do it! Otherwise, or did you not know every guy who ever tried to pester me, what they had been through? ”

Saying this the girl continued, ”I thought you might not be a rich person but had some potential who can feed me and my kids but it seemed like I was wrong! You… like a fool, let your job go which was paying you a hefty amount of euros, and kept babbling about your so-called startup, making me lose all my hopes and serve you all the time! Let me tell you, I married you not because of the love I had for you, but because of the amount of money you were earning and the connections you had!

Since now, you have no money left and there is no connection at all, You are nothing but a piece of junk for me, which I really and desperately want to dump in the trash yard as soon as possible! ”

The guy was stunned to hear that! He had no words coming out of his mouth but all he could do was to hold her hand and say, ”Just… just give me a chance! I… I will give you everything you want! I… I am about to get a sponsor and as soon as I get it… I will make each and every complaint vanish, I swear just give me a chance! ”

He said and knelt on the floor to which the girl started laughing out loud and almost kicked him away from her, ”Hah! I… Saranya would never take back the words I just said! And since I have used you enough, you are no use for me… So just get the hell out of my life and never show me the ugly and poor ass in front of me ever again! ”

After her, saying this, a lot of things happened but the lady couldn see what was going on, until in the end, the guy stood up from his seat and walked away but before reaching at the door, he stopped and looked back, ”Saranya! If you don want to see my face, I won ever come to see you but let me tell you, today you have killed the last hope of life in me and the last shred of belief in love as well! I promise that I will never come to see you ever again until you want to see me yourself! ”

He was about to leave after saying this but before that, the girl said, ”Who the hell would go to see you? I would rather jump from the top floor of this hotel than go and see you! You have lighted a huge burden from my shoulders! Now, I just hope that you will stay away from my kids and family as well! ”

The man who was about to leave, halt in his steps and looked back at her,

”I had never thought that I was in love with a woman as cruel as you! You are breaking all the relations with me, why involve the kids in this? They have some relation with me too! They are my kids, our kids! And I might try living without you but please don take my right from seeing them! Its too cruel ”

”No!!! If you have no relation with me, then the kids have nothing to do with you as well! And, a good for nothing man like you, I just don want you to disturb them, cut off every connection with them and I am strictly telling you that you are not allowed to see any of them! Even if they would go to see you, just tell them that you have got nothing to do with them anymore! ”

”How could you do this to me? How cruel are you Saranya? ”

”Scram! I don want to see you anymore! ”

She almost went mad wanting to kick him out of her life but the guy didn leave without saying anything, He didn look back at her but said,

”Hah! Even if you come one day to see me, I would be the one to say that I am not willing to look at that crazy face of yours, I am leaving you by the words that, If there is no me in your life… there would be no one for you in this world! You would be left alone! ”


Happy reading dear friends! Thank You!

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