”You will be left alone in this world! The family you always craved for, you can never have it! You are doomed to live all alone forever! No one is going to be with you even on your deathbed! If there is no me, there is no one! ”

The lady on the hospital bed started agitating as her whole body started acting up, she kept on saying,

”No! I won be left alone! ”

”I hate you! ”

”I really hate you! ”

”If not for me, You will be the one alone ”

As she was saying all those words, 3 boys were circling the hospital bed as they were standing, each holding her hands and the other one was rubbing her feet.

A girl who was slightly older than the patient was standing by the smallest guy and was consoling him as she wiped his tears, ”Calm down! I know its very hard to understand but… You guys have to control your emotions! ”

She said as she hugged him.

”No! I… I can take it anymore! We… we have no one in our lives and if she would leave us like this, how are we supposed to live now? ”

The little guy who was around 13, said as he started crying!

”Its been two years and she is still sleeping, how are we supposed to live now? ”

”Calm down Han! You know… She is our mother, and our mother is a fighter, she will wake up soon for sure! ”

”Yes! Lee is right, Han! You shouldn lose hope! If mom said that she would come back to us, then she would! All we have to do is to keep patience and wait for her to come back, right Ritzy noona!? ”

The girl who was hugging the younger guy, Han… Looked at the older one who was around 16 years old and was taking care of his brothers as he was the father of them!

She couldn tell if she was proud of the 3 of them for holding back so long or was she feeling pity for losing the last person they had on this earth!?

Even for her, Saranya was her only family!

In their family, there were 6 members but none of them were blood related.

Saranya was the head of the family and she had taken care of everything, the moment she had taken the other 5 people in her one room rented house!

Ritzy moved in with her as soon as she turned 18, if not she would have died in the hands of her cruel step mother!

If not for Saranya, she would have died a long time ago in that smelly and small basement!

She still remembered how she had barged into her house and had beaten all the bodyguards along with their friend Sam!

Those two had knocked down almost 10 to 12 of them and in the end, they had taken her out of there almost in the condition of dying!

She was still thinking all those things when the patients breathing started getting heavier!

She started breathing faster and harder, the doctors started running here and there as the head doctor John came and said, ”Nothing could happen to her, no matter what! I want her alive! ”

He said and patted Joons back, telling him to back off with the other 3 people in the room.

Min Joon nodded at him and took all 3 of them out of the room.

They stood in front of the ICU and kept on looking at the person inside when a guy came from behind and asked, ”Hows her condition? I hope she is fine today? ”

This person was Sam, Saranya and Ritzys common friend and the 6th member of the family.

”The doctors said that its the first time in 2 years she had shown this much progress and I hope that she will be fine soon! ”

Ritzy said as she looked at Sam.

”How dare she do this to us? She had been in this condition and we got to know about this only last year? Is she insane or what? ”

Sam said as he punched the wall beside him.

”And Hyung, you didn even tell us when you got to know that? Its just 7 months since we were told about this! Do you even know how betrayed we are feeling at the moment? ”

Min Joon said as she glared at him.

”How are we supposed to tell you that? You guys were so engrossed in your idol training in Korea that we didn even have the cheek to disturb you guys! ”

Ritzy said as she wiped her tears away!

”And what about Hyung? Why is he not here? Why have we not seen him for this long? Where the hell had he been? ”

He asked as he glared at them.

”Dad! We call him dad! ” Han corrected him to which Joon said, ”Dad? I mean… how can we call him dad anymore when he did not even visit even once!? ”

Sam looked at them and then at Ritzy!

”I think you should tell them! I don think that we should hide it from them! At this rate, they might end up looking for him!! ”

Samvel couldn take it anymore and ended up saying this.

”What the hell do you want me to tell them? I don even know what happened between them! How can I talk on her behalf? ”

Ritzy was agitated and angered when she heard him being rude to the friend who had been in a coma for almost 2 years now and barely making any signs of waking up!

She didn want to misguide the kids and tell them something which they were not supposed to know about.

”Why don you tell them that their so called parents had gotten divorced? ”

It was enough for Samvel! Its been two years and he couldn keep it to himself anymore and ended up saying what he had always wanted to tell them!

All three of them were stunned when they heard this! They couldn believe that the couple, who had always been jolly and happy all the time, would become like this one day!

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