All three of them were in a state of huge shock!

It was getting hard for them to digest that it had really happened!

”How could this be! ”

Han almost collapsed but was grabbed by Sam!

”Ritzi! Lets take them home right away! They are not in the state where they can handle it all here! ”

Saying this, he took them away from there and left a message for the doctor John to inform him if there was any news of her coming out of the coma!

Back at home, no one ate or slept that night!

No one even dared to make a noise as they all were scared that something bad would happen and in the same state, the whole night was gone!

It was only 7 in the morning when Samvel received the call that Saranya had come out of the coma!

Sam couldn believe what he was hearing as she repeated, ”What did you just say? Can you repeat it once again? ”

He said as he gestured to all 4 of them and put his cell phone on speaker!

”Yes, Please tell me what were you saying just now? ”

”I said, Dr. John, asked us to inform you that Miss Sara is now out of a coma! ”

The person on the other side once again repeated her words that made all 4 of them go into tears!

They couldn believe what they were hearing!

”He asked you all to come and see her! She woke up at 3 in the morning but since it was dark, we decided to tell you a little later! ”

”No… No worries! We are on our way! ”

Samvel said and hung up the call!

”Lets go, kids! Get your cameras ready and please do not make her answer a lot of questions! Is that ok with you? ”

He said as he instructed them!

”Of course, Its all fine with us! But before that, lets grab a meal! I have not eaten anything since yesterday and I am dying of hunger now! ”

Ritzi complained as she pouted her lips. Seeing this, Sam rolled his eyes and said, ”You guys, go freshen up! Till then, I will go and buy some bread and butter! We have not much time in hand! I just want to jump up there and see her as soon as possible! ”

He said and without even washing his face, he left the house.

”What the hell? This neat freak left without even washing his face! ”

Ritzi couldn believe her eyes as Han said, ”It seems Hyung is much more excited than us! ”

”Of course! He really loves her just like we do! ”

She said and then looked at the trio, ”Go and get ready! You guys can go and use the washroom in the ground floor apartment! ”

Ritzi said and threw a bunch of keys at Min Joon.

”Fine! Just don take a long time! We have to go there as soon as possible! ”

Lee looked at her and said while catching the keys instead of Min Joon.

”Me and Han would use it down there and you guys can just use it here! ”

”Hm! Fine! ”

Lee took Han with him and soon they all were ready to leave.

In 45 minutes, all 5 of them were ready to have breakfast!

They had to leave but Samvel was not letting them leave before having breakfast.

”You guys are giving me a headache! Just eat ASAP! I am not in the mood to feed you with my hands! ”

He said in a tough voice to which all three of them started eating.

”Sam! You shouldn be this strict to the kids! ”

Ritzi glared at him to which he glared back at her and said, ”Eat! I am strict with you too! ”

”Come on! You are really being this tough to us! ”

Ritzi knew that Samvel was a good man and if it were not for him, the family would have collapsed! He had really taken good care of them.

If it were not for him, she might not have been able to tackle all the things that were going on.

She was totally burned out when she got to know everything that had happened to Saranya! She knew that it was hard for her to tackle but when these 3 of them got to know, the whole house was full of the storm!

They wanted an answer but she had nothing to say to them!

In the end, even though Samvel had told him about the divorce thing, she still knew that it was not a good thing for them to know.

All three of them were really attached to Neel! When they didn get to see him, they kept on asking about him all the time and she had no answer for them.

She was speechless and had nothing to say!

All she knew was that it was Saranyas personal matter and she shouldn tell something that she had wanted to keep secret.

”Hi! You! What the hell are you thinking? If you are going to be like this we might be late for the cab! ”

Samvel yelled at her and flicked her forehead.

”You! I will kill you if you ever hit me again! ”

She yelled and ran after him to beat him but before she knew it, they were sitting in the cab to leave.

”The doctors said that she is still sleeping and she would be waking up in 20 minutes! You see, they had not let her wake up since they wanted her to see the kids first! Because of them, she is able to wake up sooner than expected! ”

Samvel explained everything about the things that were important for them to understand!

”Can you stop being all dad to them! They are not kids anymore! You shouldn just keep telling them what to do and what not to, all the time! ”

”Fine! I am not telling them anything anymore! I know they are capable enough! ”

”Yes, Hyung! We will be able to take it! ”

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