All five of them reached the hospital but Saranya had not woken up yet.

As excited as all three of them were, they set a camera in her wardroom to record her face when she woke up!

Its not like they were doing something new! It was like their family tradition to record such precious moments of life but no one would have thought that it would become the worst memory ever captured by them.

They all were in Dr. Johns office.

Dr. John was the head of the hospital and he had 5 big hospitals in the city and many more across the country.

They all were still talking when a nurse came running into the office and said while panting hard, ”Doc… Doctor! Mi… Miss Saranya! She is awake but… ”

As soon as they heard this, they all ran toward the elevator.

They wanted to see her as soon as possible but seeing the way the nurse was panting and was out of breath, they could tell that something wrong must have happened to the patient!

On the other hand, in the wardroom, everyone was in panic!

Saranyaerie had woken up and was now waiting for her kids to come! She wanted to open her eyes only when they were in front of her!

She was in a dizzy state and was not sure what was going on around her but when she opened her eyes first, all she could see was darkness in front of her but the next second she knew she was unconscious and now she was awake and much more conscious!

She took 20 minutes to take everything that took place!

As soon as she remembered, she took off her blanket and started throwing all the things here and there. She put her hand on her stomach and started crying!

”AHHHHH!!! ”

The doctors were trying to control her but the more they were going near her the more she was going crazy!

”No! It can be! I can let this happen! ”

She kept on saying and throwing all the things that she felt around her.

”Calm down Miss Saranya! Calm down! ”

The doctors and nurses kept on coming to her but the way she was using all force in her body to drive them away was not enough for them to stop her.

”WHYYYY!! Why me? What wrong have I done? Why!! ”

As she said, she picked up the knife which was kept in the fruit basket and clenched it in her hand, hard.

”No! Noona! What the hell are you doing? Its bleeding all over! ”

Min Joon and the others entered the room and Han yelled at her.

”Don … Don come near me! I have nothing left! Just leave me alone! ”

The more they were trying to stop her the more she was throwing things here and there and kept on crying.

”What the hell are you doing Saranya!? Can you see how worried your kids are? And us? What do you want us to do? ”

This time, it was Ritzy who came forward and said to stop her.

”Shut up! No one understands the pain I am going through! I have lost everything and you are saying that I should see? ”

Saying this, she threw the knife in her hand and let her body lose all the strength in her and with a hump she fell to the floor.

”What the hell do you want me to see? I have lost everything! My husband, my life, and now what? What do I even have left? My soul is gone along with him! I have only hatred left for him in my heart! Other than that… What do you want me to see!? ”

She said as she once again waved her sliced hand in the air and with a ang, she hit the glass table near her and it broke into pieces.

Some pieces of the glass went directly onto her face and more of them were in her hands.

”Noona! ”

”Mom! ”

”Calm down! ”

They all were shocked to see the way she was going insane.

”I… I have… have no reason left to live! I… actually don even want to live anymore! Why don you guys just let me die? ”

She said and clutched her stomach as if she was having a severe pain in her abdomen.

”Calm down! You can … ”

Ritzy was about to say something when Saranyaerie yelled, ”Yes! I can ! I can see anymore! Once again I am in the world of darkness and I can see! I have nothing left and now… I can even see anything! ”

She said as she clutched her stomach even tighter and started wailing louder and louder.

Everyone was stunned to hear that she was unable to see now!

It meant she was blind and had lost her cornea once again!

John couldn believe it! It was really hard for him to arrange cornea for her last time and now… She had lost it once again!

God knows when he was going to get it again!

Everything was happening in the same way that he once feared the most!

He was afraid that the more she would do late the more she would be having side effects and the biggest thing he feared was her losing her eyesight and it happened!

”Saranya! Calm down! I am here, right? I made you see the last time then I can make you look at this world once more! I promise! ”

She heard Dr. Johns words and stood up with the help of the wall behind her, still, her face covered in blood and her hands were full of strands of glasses in them!

”NOOO! I said I don want to live anymore! ”

She said and yelled out of her lungs! She was in agony! It seemed like she had been suppressing all her emotions that went out through the screams she just did but the people in the room were terribly shocked to see her face.

The eyes, which were full of tears, now were full of blood!

Yes, Instead of watery tears, It was bloody tears that were coming out of her eyes!

Everyone in the room was horrified! Han was on the verge of fainting but was caught by Samvel!

”I just want to die! I will die! Its better for me to die! I have no right to live anymore! ”

She kept on saying this to herself as her whole body was trembling! She was looking like a ghost that just came out of a coffin, and was thirsty for human blood!

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