”I have no right to live! Its better for me to die! ”

She kept on repeating those words as a voice was echoing in her head continuously, ”If its not for me! You will die alone! And you should! ”

”Yes! I should die! I will die! I will… ”

Everyone was looking at her the way she was shaking her head and bloody tears were coming out of her eyes!

John was quite happy that she couldn see anymore otherwise she would have gone into a coma once again.

He looked at the nurse and gestured to her to prepare anesthesia and slowly but carefully went to her!

As soon as she sensed someone was near her, she once again went all aggressive.

”I am telling you! Do not make me kill more people before I die! ”

She said and was about to attack John when a soft voice came from her left side, It was Han, ”Mom! Don die! If you die, I will die too! ”

”H… Han! Han! Wh… Why are you here! ”

As if she was snapped back to her senses, she felt around in the air to see if he was near her but soon she said, ”No! Baby! Don come here ok! I… I am not in my right mind now and see… What a mess I have made here! You shouldn be here, ok? ”

She said as those red tears started coming out more and more.

”No! We can never leave you alone! Even if you are dangerous to us, We will never let you suffer alone! ”

This time it was Lee who came to her.

”No! I… Inject me! My pulses are not stable and… and I… I might harm them! Just… Just give me 24 hours… I… I promise… I promise that I… I will become the same old Saranya for you all! Bu… But stay away from me! I… I am not in my right… ”

Before she could say anything, she lost consciousness!

John had injected her as soon as she was distracted by Han.

She fell on Johns shoulder limply.

Seeing her like this, even the doctors couldn control their tears.

John picked her up and looked at the nurse, ”Asked someone to come and clean the mess here! Prepare another room for her with a lot of sunlight! I can let her stay here anymore! ”

”Ask Dr. Martin to come and treat her wounds carefully! Not a single place I want in her body that would be left untreated! ”

Saying his words, he left as he looked at Sam and the others to follow them.

He knew that if it were not for Han, Lee, and Joon… Given her critical condition, it was really hard for her to wake up this soon.

He looked up each and every method for her to make her come out of the coma but it seemed like she was not willing to come back.

It seemed like she just wanted to live in the deep slumber of her sleep forever.

But when he saw the trio visiting her every now and then, her body started giving signs of recovery!

It seemed like unlike before, she herself was in a hurry to wake up!

But still, she took 6 long months to fight herself! But the tragedy was, she couldn see anymore!

He knew that if it were not for them, he would not have been able to control her this sooner.

Her strength and weakness were these three kids of hers and if it were not for them, he would have never imagined her life!

”Brother John? Is Saranya fine? ” Ritzi asked as she tried to stop the tears coming out of her eyes!

Dr. John put her on the bed as Dr. Martin gestured to them to leave her alone!

”Lets go to my office, we will talk about it there! ”

He had taken Saranya to the room right next to his office!

He didn want to leave her alone after what had happened to her!

He was scared of bad things happening to her again.

”Uncle John! Please tell us!? Noona will be fine, right? ”

Han asked as he held his hand and his eyes were full of tears and his cheeks were all wet!

”If she said she needed 24 hours then she would be fine! Saranya is a strong headed person and if she wants to do something, she would do it no matter what! ”

Dr. John said as he looked into some files!

”I don care! I just want her to be with us no matter what! ”

”I know Lee! I can tell what you guys are thinking but other than you guys, no one can make her come back to life! Do everything and anything you want! ”

John said as he put the files back and took a deep breath! He still couldn forget in what condition she had come to him and made him do everything in secret.

He was feeling guilty for doing all those things with these people as he knew that even though he was worried and concerned about Saranya, these people were the family that she had created on her own.

She loved them a lot but John knew how crazy of a person she was when it comes to the family!

He still couldn forget how badly she had beaten those who almost killed Samvel when his family went bankrupt.

If it were not for him, those people might not even be able to survive!

She was crazy, lunatic for them and it was the same for them as well!

She might not have her real family but the family she created was something that would never break even if they were going to be the richest people! If one is going to be rich the other one is going to help the family to grow for sure!

Dr. John really envied the love they had but he felt proud of her as her guardian as well!

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