Villainess’s Love: A Boon Or A Curse

You Might Never See Them Again!

On the other hand, Saranya was injected and was sleeping once again.

As soon as her eyes went shut, she drifted in her sweet dreams!

But only the course of the dreams would tell her that if it was sweet or horrible!

She saw a handsome man hugging a lady and was looking at two kids who were doing something in the garden as they were looking at them from their bedroom.

A boy around 12 years old was playing with a girl about 4 years old.

They both were competing in combat!

The girl was small but she was really clever! She was a fast learner and had learned a lot of things at her early age! Even the martial arts.

She was stronger than her brother physically! They could tell that she had a great potential for anything she wanted.

”Look at them! They are our kids! Have you ever thought that if we would not have run away from our homes, we would never be able to see this kind of scene in front of us! ”

Hearing this, the lady punched her husband, and said, ”You! Can you stop and do not make me guilty! ”

Just like before, her dream kept on changing!

This time she saw that the little boy and girl had become older! The girl was now about 6 and the guy was about 13 or 14!

Her whole palace-like house was decorated in a way as if they were celebrating something big!

Of course, it was a big thing! It was the 20th anniversary of AR Pharmaceuticals and other things!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and left but the people who were left were surrounded in the fire.

The lady was yelling at the little girl, ”Leave! Save yourself and your brother! Save… Go! ”

The little girl kept on looking at her mother dumbfoundedly as she looked at them while standing at the pool side and saw how her parents were looking at them with teary eyes, through the glass door and the fire and gulping them in!

The girl kept on looking until she felt someone was coming and only then she came back to her senses and jumped in the pool and with all her might, she dragged the guy from inside and took him away!

Next thing she found herself on the hospital bed where she could hear her brothers voice, ”I… I am sorry! If… If Only I would have acted like a real brother… You wouldn have suffered like this! ”

”If and only if I wouldn have acted too traumatized, I wouldn have been on the verge of losing you! ”

He said as he hugged her hand and started crying.

The girl couldn take it as her tears started coming out of her eyes as well.

She knew that it was after 3 years that he was finally acting like a normal person but when he was finally making efforts to live life, she had become her burden!

She just wanted to leave him alone! She could tell that in all these days, he had been working his ass off for her and making all the efforts in the world to cure his sisters blind eyes!

He was terribly shocked but in the end, he just couldn do anything for her other than crying every time he saw her.

She couldn bear it and decided to run away from him as she didn want to become his burden!

Next she found herself in London!

She was in the top notch school and was promoted to higher classes than she would have been.

It was all because of her great skills and intelligence but since she was a lot younger than her other classmates, they kept on bullying her, beating her and making her run their errands.

All she could see was the darkness everywhere! She was afraid that she would never be able to see a single ray of light ever again but fortunately, she found a little ray of light as she started running after it.

She kept on running and running until she could see from where the light was coming from.

She saw a guy standing in a corner with a lot of guys and was laughing out loud.

Seeing him, her heart started pumping faster.

She couldn believe what she was seeing, her heart which felt chained and clenched finally started feeling lighter and calmer.

Saranya didn want to leave there and kept on looking at his smile! It was like the sun in the rainy season and warmth in the cold!

She couldn believe that she was seeing him once again.

Tears started streaming out of her eyes as she knelt on the ground and started saying to herself,

”I hate you to the core that I never want to see you but you are the only one that I can see in this world of darkness! If it is not for you and if there is no you in this world, then there is no me as well! ”

She said and put her hand on her face and covered it!

”My heart is feeling suffocated! I don want to leave! I want to be with you but the resentment I have in my heart for you… It is never going to end! But not seeing you is nothing but hell for me! Do something and just kill me! ”

She said and was about to run away from there when she felt a soft touch on her hand as she heard, ”Mom! Don cry! If you cry, We will cry too! If you die, we will die too! ”

Hearing this, her body went stiff and all of a sudden she opened her eyes and sat up on the bed.

”No! I won die! I will live with you and I won cry either! I will become the reason for you to smile! ”

She said and hugged Han who was holding her hands as his whole face was wet with tears!

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