Jack was sitting on the couch thinking about something best known to him.

”Jack. Jack! ” His mom called out, but he was already lost in thought.

”Jack! ” She called once more.

”Ye… Yes, mom. ” He jumped off from his thoughts.

”Are you deaf or what? ” His mom asked as she dashed into the parlor. She glared at him with her hands akimbo.

”No, mom, ” Jack answered, fixing his gaze on the ground.

”Then whats the problem? ” She asked.

”Nothing mom. ” The words came out like whispering.

”Did you say nothing? Were you dreaming while awake? ” The mother kept asking a series of questions.

”No, mom. ”

”Then whats wrong? ” She asked, but Jack kept dumb.

”Jack, I am asking you a question. ” The mother said.

”Mom… Hmm. ” Jack wanted to say something, but stopped and sighed in relief.

”Go on, or is it because of the match you played today? ” She asked, trying to have a clue that something is bothering her son, and he wasn ready to share it.

She took a few steps and sat with him on the couch. She crossed her right hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

”Son, you and I know that you
e no longer a small child. Why are you afraid or shy to tell me your problems? You are the only child we have. Your happiness is our happiness. Your difficulties are our concerns. Please tell mom whats bothering you. ” His mom said as she patted his cheeks, but Jack remained silent and sneaky as his eyes were fixed on the floor like someone who was looking for a mustard seed in the mud.

”Mom, I…. ” He was about to say something when a knock came on the door.

”Sorry. Give me a minute, let me check on the person. ” His Mom said as she stood up from the couch.

”Darling, welcome home. ” She welcomed her husband with a kiss.

”How was the meeting today? ” She asked her husband as she collected his briefcase. Mr. John was his name.

”Well, we thank God. ” Mr. John answered, ”Welcome, dad. ” Jack greeted with a wide smile on his face, but with a low voice.

”Yeah. ” Mr. John muttered as he relaxed on the sofa.

”How are you, Jack? ”

”Im fine, dad, ” Jack answered.

”How was the match? ” Mr. John asked as he unbuttoned his shirt.

”It was great, but mom said I never told anyone about it. How come you are aware of it? ” Jack said with a smirk on his face.

”Yes, of course. ” The mother who was arranging dinner for the family on the dining table jumped into the discussion.

”Honey, who told you about the competition? ” She paused and asked her husband with a serious tone

”Probably, it was you. ” Mr. John replied, ”Mom, you mean you told dad about the competition? ” Jack asked with disagreement.

”Yeah. I did. ” She answered.

MMM. Jack sighed.

”Its okay, mother and son before it becomes a Tom and Jerry argument. ” His father said sarcastically.

Hahaha! They all burst into laughter.

Jacks father, his mother Elizabeth, and him, made a family of three people but full of laughter, love, and unity.

”Anyway, congrats to my superstar.

Give me a hi give. ” Mr. John said as he raised his right hand in the air. They shook hands and laughed wholeheartedly with Jack.

”I heard that you scored two goals, is that true? ” Mr. John asked with a smile.

”But dad, Im confused here. How come you have gotten all this information while in a meeting? ” Jack asked with his mouth wide.

”Don forget that I have a wife who happens to be your mother. I called your mom when they gave us a break in the meeting, and she narrated everything to me. Is it a sin for my wife to tell me about my sons victory? ” Mr. John jokingly asked.

Mrs. Elizabeth sat in the dining room staring at them, as she saw those smiling faces. Joy always grips her when the family is having fun.

”This was my dream. Wait! Did I just say my dream? No. Our dreams. My husband and I. The only thing I wish now is for God to take us to a higher level in Life. Our son needs a solid education to become someone in life. ” Mrs. Elizabeth mumbled.

”Can you both come and enjoy your dinner before it gets cool? ” She said in a low tone.

”Okay, honey. We will join you soon. But

I would like to take my shower first. ”

Mr. John said as he tried to stand up from the couch.

”But dad, you were about to tell me something, ” Jack said as he tip_tap his feet on the ground like a 3-year-old boy, meanwhile, he was 19 years old.

A few minutes ago, Mrs. Elizabeth wanted to know what was bothering her son, but her husband made her forget the topic.

They ate their dinner and went to bed.

Jack went to bed but couldn sleep.

What was bothering him? And why today?

His phone was beside him as he lay down on the bed facing the roof, all of a sudden, his phone started ringing.

”Who on earth is calling me at this time of the night? ” He mumbled.

Jack glanced at the phone for a while and decided to pick it up.

”Hi, Charles.

”Hey, Buddy. Why haven you come online since? The stress of the match hasn left you yet? ” Charles asked him.

”No. Is not about the match. Jack replied.

”Then what happened? Did your dad quarrel with you for scoring only two goals? ” Charles asked and gasped as he tried to hold his laugh.

”Not at all. My father congratulated me. ” Jack responded from the phone.

”Then whats the problem? ” Charles voice echoed again.

”Charles. I… ” Jack paused.

”Continue. You what? ” Charles asked as he waited for Jack to reply.

”Forget it, ” Jack said.

”Never! Jack, you must tell me. Why will you leave me in suspense? ” Charles smirked.

”Okay. Okay. I will tell you. ” Jack replied.

”Good boy! Alright, continue. ” Charles playfully said.

”Please go online, and I will tell you everything, ” Jack suggested.

”Im already online. You will be the one to log in. ” Charles told him.

”Alright, ” Jack answered and hung up the call.

As soon as he opened his data, Charless message popped up.

”Hello buddy, gist me. ” Thats Charles message.

”I can believe what my eyes saw today, ” Jack replied.

”Where and what did you see, Jack? ” Charles curiously asked.

”On the football field after the match. I saw an angel with my naked eyes. ” Jack answered.

”An angel, you said? ” Charles found himself inquiring more answers as he wondered about the type of angel Jack saw.

”Could it be that the rapture has taken place without my notice? ” Charles thought to himself.

”Yes, an angel. A cute angel was sent from above to come to my rescue. ” Jack replied, making Charles more confused.

”Are you now cracking jokes? Charles smirked.

”Not at all. Okay, heres what happened.

After that match, a lady walked up to me to congratulate me. And you know what?

I almost lost control. After some seconds, she disappeared into the crowd and I tried to look for her, but unfortunately, I couldn even see the shadow of her shoes. ” Jack narrated.

”Wow! Whats her name? ” Charles asked.

”She didn even wait for me to ask for her name. The only thing I remember at that very moment was telling her hank you. ” Jack responded.

”What! You didn ask for her name, nor did you ask for her contact? ” Charles yelled from the phone.

”Don you understand what I told you?

I said, “she didn even allow me to say anything more than hank you. ” Jack replied.

”Oh! Now I see. So, is that why you refused to eat your mamas food? ” Charles said sarcastically.

”Where did you get that from? Why won I eat? ” Jack said.

”Don mind me, buddy, I was just joking.

So how are you going to search for her because I can see that you found your future wife, but she seems to slip out of your hands right? ” Charles whined at Jack.

”Maybe. But I am deeply in love with that girl. ” Jack confesses his affection towards her.

”I can see it. However, the main thing is, how will you ever see her when she didn give you her contact? ” Charles asked him.

”Well, thats what I have been thinking about. Yet no solution seems to come up. ” Jack replied.

”Best of luck, buddy. Im feeling sleepy. ” Jack typed and sent it.

”Good night man. ” Charles sent him his last message for that night.

”Alright. Sleep tight. ” Jack replied and went offline. He stood up from the couch and went to his room, and fell on the bed. He said his night prayers and slept off.

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