”Wow! Today was superb. ” Jack exclaimed as he stepped into the house.

”You can say that again. ” His mom supported him.

”Thanks, dad, for the shopping. ” Jack appreciated and hugged his father.

”No problem. If not because of you, I wouldn have to go out today. ” Mr. John said.

”Oh, I can see. So, it was because of Jack that we went shopping, right? ”

Jacks mom asked in a gentle voice.

”No, darling, I was just joking. ” Mr. John responded with a charming voice.

They kept exchanging words, but Jack just stood there staring at the two souls called his parents.

”Well, if you both are done with your lovemaking, then you can go and rest. As for me, Im off to my room. ” Jack said and walked away.

”Wait! Are you leaving us here? ” His mother spoke as she stood with her hands in an akimbo position.

”Yes, its true. Why will you leave us in this type of situation? ” Mr. John also jumped in as he stood, crossing his hands over his chest.

”What do you want me to do? ”

Jack asked.

”Stop us. ” His mother responded.

”Period! ” Mr. John supported.

”Okay. You want me to stop you? ”

Jack knew that it was all a joke, but he decided to play along.

”Yap. ” They both answered.

”Alright, continue quarreling. Its good for your health. ” Jack whined them.

”What! ” They both screamed like they were being controlled by a remote controller.

They turned and looked at each other, and then looked at Jack.

”Jack, were you talking to us? ” His mother asked, pointing a finger at herself.

”Maybe, ” Jack replied.

”Now I can see. ” Mr. John said with a frown face.

”Dad, see what? ” Jack asked as he slightly raised his shoulder.

”That you don care about us. ” Mr. John answered.

”No. I will be stupid if I don care about you. ” Jack and his father stared at each other for a few seconds.

”I can see that you are jealous of me having a beautiful wife like this. Aren you? ” Mr. John jokingly said as he pulled his wife closer for a hug.

Mrs. Elizabeth gave a hearted laugh and advised Jack not to mind his father.

Jack only replied to his mother with a smile.

Mr. John also burst into laughter. He tried to control himself not to laugh but suddenly joined his wife in the laughing race.

”This is my family, and I like this lifestyle, even though we
e poor. Many families are looking for this type of peace, but they didn get it because of one thing or the other. They won know how I feel happy whenever the family is at peace or having fun. I pray for a happy home when I am married. I wish. ” Jack was in deep thought. He abruptly stopped as the vibration of his phone awakened him. It was a call.

Jack brought out his phone and tried to pick up the call. He raised his head to check on his parents who were laughing a few minutes ago but had finally stopped.

Jack was shocked when he saw his parents passionately kissing. Its a normal thing to kiss your spouse, but Jack has never seen his parents in a passionate kiss like this moment.

”Huh, Huh! ” Jack cleared his throat to call for their attention.

”Hey Jack, are you still here? ” Mr. John asked, and Jack kept silent as he stared at them, as they were ready for their nights work. He left them and gently opened his door and went in without uttering a word.

It was already night and Jack peered through his window to see those noisy cars that the owners were yet to go home and rest.

”Why is sleep isn coming? ”

That girl he met after the football match was his problem. But how can he ever see her?

Only her voice was angelic, not to talk about her beauty. Her image couldn get off his head, and neither can those words she said that day can ever disappear from his mind. After an hour of waiting for sleep, Jack finally slept off.

Before one could notice, it was already morning. A knock came on the door.

”Wake up. ” A voice came from outside the door. But Jack couldn hear it.

”Jack… Jack… Jack! ” His mother called out.

”Yes, mom. ” He answered with his eyes still closed.

”Tell your wife to free you so that you can get up from bed. ” She said his wife, but she was referring to the bed. Jack understood what she said and he replied. ”Okay, mom. ”

”Please be fast. Have you forgotten that you are going to work today? ”

Immediately Jack heard work, he threw his blanket away and jumped down from his bed.

”There is work today, and I am still sleeping. ” He thought to himself.

”But why didn my alarm wake me up? ” He mumbled.

Jack quickly prepared for work and stepped out of the room.

”Good morning, dad and mom. ” He greeted them.

”Good Morning Jack. How was your night? ” Mr. John responded.

”Fine, dad. ”

”Why do you get up late these few days? ” Mr. John asked him.

”Dad, I don know. Jack answered, ”But I thought you had an alarm clock in your room, ” Mr. John glared at him.

”Yes, dad, but it seems like its no more working, ” Jack responded.

”You should have told me to fix it for you. ” His father scolded him.

”I never knew that it was faulty. I just discovered it this morning. ” Jack explained.

Hmm. Mr. John sighed and asked, ”So, when do you intend to take it for repair? ”

”Probably, today dad, ” Jack replied.

”Great idea. ” His father praised him.

After eating his breakfast, Jack left for work.

”Hey, ” Jack said.

”Hello, Jack. Good morning. ” Jessica greeted.

Jessica was from a wealthy family, but not like Kate. Her mother opens a boutique shop and puts her in charge of it. Where she sells both male and female clothes. Her shop was opposite Jacks working shop, and they were good friends not because their shops are close to each other, but because Jack was privileged to sit in the same class with her in their high school days. But he was unable to go to college or university because his parents were not financially stable to further his education. So, Jack decided to engage himself in a furniture workshop.

”Good Morning, Jessica. How was your weekend? ” Jack replied.

”It was great. How was yours? ” Jessica asked.

”It was super spectacular, ” Jack responded.

”Wow! I can see it written all over your face. ” Jessica playfully said.

”Oh, really? ” Jack shyly smiles at her.

”Yeah, ” Jessica replied as she sat on a chair outside her shop.

”Hello, buddy. Please come over here and lets talk. ” Charles, who also happens to be his colleague in the furniture shop, called him.

”Alright, see you later, Jessica, ” Jack said as he turned to leave.

”Alright Jack, bye. ” She waved her hand at him.

”Bye, ” Jack responded.

”Alright. ” She said with a wide smile.

”Alright. See you later. ” Jack said.

”Sure, ” Jessica responded. Immediately after Jack stepped into their workshop, someone came to visit Jessica. It was Kate.

”Hello, Jessica, ” Kate called out before she reached her friend.

”Hey, Kate, ” Jessica responded and stood up. They hugged each other.

”Why are you here this early morning? ” Jessica asked her.

”Im just here to see you and besides, its already 9 oclock, so I don think its that early, ” Kate replied as gestured to take a seat.

”Is this how you stay alone in this shop? ” Kate asked.

”Yeah, but occasionally, my neighbors from the opposite shop usually come to keep me company. One of them was here a few minutes ago. ” Jessica explained.

”Oh, really? ” Kate said.

”Yeah, ” Jessica responded.

”Where are your convoy called bodyguards? ” Jessica asked, looking surprised that Kates father didn order his security men to follow her.

”I asked them to wait for me in the car, ” Kate answered with a low tone, as she tried to reach out for her phone in her purse.

”Are you kidding? You better ask them to come here, before someone will come and kidnap you and I will spend my entire life in prison. ” Jessica whines and Kate pauses as she hears what Jessica said.

Kate gazed at Jessica for a few seconds.

”I don blame you. I blame your father for giving you your freedom. ” Kate smirked.

”Huh? Freedom, you said? ” Jessica gazed back at Kate.

”Let me tell you. Many girls out there, like me, are praying to be like you in case you don know. Besides, who doesn want to sit at home and still get what he or she wants? ” Jessica asked in a serious tone.

”Jessica, are you mocking me or what? ”

Kate furrowed her brows.

”But Im serious, ” Jessica answered.

Hmm, Kate sighed.

”We have a lot of plywood to sew with a machine today. ” Mr. Rolland, who happens to be Jacks boss, said to the three apprentices standing in front of him, ” Jack was included.

”Okay, boss. ” They answered in chorus.

”Everyone should go and wear his overalls. We are about to start work. ” Mr. Rolland commanded.

They all went to the small store which contained their working tools.

They all got prepared for work. Mr. Rolland also wore working outfits.

”Lets get to work. Bring out five plywoods first. ” Mr. Rolland said.

”Boss, what are we making? ” Jerry, who was the third and last apprentice in the shop, asked.

”We are making three wardrobes and two beds. ” Mr. Rolland answered.

”Alright, ” Jerry responded.

”Jessica, I think I will need to take my leave now before my father comes back from his office, ” Kate said as she stood up to take her leave.

”Ahh! So soon? ” Jessica asked.

”Is already noon. At least I have tried to stay this long. ” Kate responded.

”Yeah, you really tried. I won lie. But I am surprised that your bodyguards didn come to know why you are taking time. ” Jessica speaks.

”I gave them a strict warning not to come to check on me because I will take time. So, they have no other option than to let me be. But believe me, if my father gets to know that they let me walk alone, then they will be fired. Because my father won sit and listen to their excuses; rather, he will hire new workers to replace their positions. ” Kate explained.

Kate was taking her leave and Jessica decided to escort her. On coming back, Jack was already in her shop.

”Hey, Jack, ” Jessica called out.

”Hey, Jessica. I was coming to your place and I saw you going out with a friend, so I decided to wait for you. ” Jack said to her.

”Oh, thats Kate, a good friend of mine, ” Jessica responded.

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