”Kate, ” Mr. Smith, Kates father, called her.

”Yes, dad, ” Kate answered from her room.

It was evening when her dad arrived from work. Kate has been inside her room since she came back from Jessicas place. When she came back home, she felt like going back to Jessicas shop to spend the rest of the day with her. But it won be possible because her dad will ask her all sorts of questions that she won be able to answer.

”Welcome dad. ” Kate hugged her father, and he gave her a petting kiss on the cheeks. Kate smiled at her dad as she let go of him.

”How was the office today, dad? ” Kate asked.

”Well, we thank God for everything. Its just that I have a few problems with some workers today, but don bother yourself, I will sort it out. ” Mr. Smith assured her.

”Alright, dad. I can see that you look tired. Kate said.

”Sure. The day was somehow stressful, but I am okay now. ” Mr. Smith responded.

”But dad, you already have enough money. So, why do you keep stressing yourself going to the office when you can have someone to work there and not you? ” Kate showed him some pity, and he gave her a wide smile. Meanwhile, they were still standing in the middle of the parlor. His briefcase has been taken to his room by one of his bodyguards.

Mr. Smith ran his forefinger across his hair. He was still in his middle age. He was still looking strong and healthy.

”Kate, you don have to worry about me, I am doing all these things because of you. You need a happy life. Your mother is no more, and you are the only person I have on this earth. I don want you to go through what I went through when I was still young. I will do anything that will make you happy. You are a princess to me. ” Mr. Smith passionately spoke.

Kate stared at him as he was talking to her, but she couldn believe that her father said such words to her. Since she lost her mom fifteen years ago, her father hasn talked the way he is talking now. Is he drunk or what? Or has someone told him that am not comfortable with this lonely life or what?

Kate was more confused as different thoughts began to run through her mind.

”Can we sit, please? ” Mr. Smith finally broke the silence,

”Yeah. We can. ” Kate replied sharply.

They sat on the couch.

I… Mr. Smith was about to say something when the kitchen maid came in, to inform them that dinner was ready.

”Am not hungry. ” Mr. Smith said to the maid.

”Father, you aren hungry? ” Kate asked with a surprised face.

Mr. Smith nodded.

”My lady, would you like to be served? ” The maid turned to Kate.

”Yeah. But not now, I will let you know if Id like to. ” Kate answered her.

”Alright, maam. ” The maid replied and left.

”So, how was your friend when you met her? ” Mr. Smith asked her as he stretched, his body feeling tired.

”She is fine, dad. We had a good time together. ” Kate answered.

”Kate ” he called her.

”Yes, dad, ” Kate answered

”Will you like to follow me to a birthday party tomorrow? ” Mr. Smith asked her.

”A birthday party?

Where? ”

Kate was perplexed. All of a sudden, her father changed just like that. Or is he making a mockery of her?

The more she thinks about the whole thing, the more she gets confused. Kate was now afraid of her father. Her father only invites people to their mansion whenever she is celebrating her birthday, but not taking her to any birthday party. Could it be that the person is so special to him, or the person demanded to see her?


”Yes, dad. ” She jumped out of her thoughts.

”Are you okay? ” Mr. Smith asked, staring into her eyes.

”Yes dad, ” Kate nodded.

”But you seem to be lost in thought. I have been calling your name for the past few seconds, but you didn answer me. ” Mr. Smith spoke.

”Oh, really? Im sorry, I was just thinking about something else. ” Kate pretended to plead.

”I can see. I believe you are doubting me. ” Mr. Smith said.

”No, dad. Is not what you are thinking about. ” Kate assured him that she wasn doubting him. Instead, she was thinking about another, different thing. But her father saw the doubt in her face.

”Kate, I know that I have been a bad father after your mothers death, even though you have grown to take care of yourself, but I never gave you that freedom. And the reason is, I am afraid of all those bad boys and girls outside there to spoil you with their ways of life or get kidnapped by bad gangs. Thats why I recommended you to keep Jessica as your only friend because her behavior shows that she is well-trained by her parents. The same thing applies to your school. I always want my boys to bring you back home as soon as you are done with lectures. Now that you are on holiday, I didn allow you to go out because of the same reasons. But now, I can see that you are depressed by keeping you at home all the time.

Let me make it clear today that from now on, you will be allowed to go to any place of your choice, but on one condition. ” Mr. Smith raised a finger to practically show her the number of reasons he wanted her to adhere to the condition he was going to tell her.

Kate sat attentively as she was already filled with joy.

”And that is, two of my boys will always follow you to wherever you go. Failure to accept it, then you continue staying at home until the holiday is off. ” Mr. Smith told her the condition, and it was left for her to decide.

Kates face immediately changed from sunlight to a dark night. However, she has two options. She either accepts the one condition, or she keeps staying at home.

”Alright, dad, I accept it. ” Kate manages to speak out, feeling a bit frustrated.

”Thats my girl. Come and hug daddy. ” Mr. Smith said and opened his arms widely waiting for her hug. Kate sheepishly turned and hugged her dad. They finally freed each other after a minute hug.

”You know what, the president is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, so he expects me to be there. So, I decided to take you along, at least you will have the privilege to see him. ” Mr. Smith said to Kate.

”Dad, the president? ” She asked with excitement.

”Yeah. The president. We have been friends for a while now, but he is always busy, thats why he hasn gotten time to visit me. ” Mr. Smith explained.

”Yeah! ” Kate screamed with excitement.

”Happy birthday, your Excellency. ” Mr. Smith shook hands with president Armstrong Nelson. The President of the United States of America (USA)

”Thank you, Mr. Smith, ” President Armstrong replied. After the two greeted each other for three minutes, Kate also greeted him. Mr. Smith properly introduced Kate to the president, and he hugged her.

The hotel hall was filled with people. Journalists, cameramen, security personnel and every other organization in the country were there doing their usual jobs. People were chattering, laughing, and dancing. The background was filled with music sounds.

”Hey, buddy. ” A young man greeted the handsome presidents son, John Armstrong.

John was the first child of his parents. He had two younger siblings, a boy, and a girl.

He happens to be a skirt chaser who always uses the opportunity of his fathers wealth to get whatever he wants.

”Where is your father? ” His friend asked.

”Over there. ” John pointed in a particular direction where his father was.

His friend wanted to go to the president, to wish him a happy birthday, but when his friend took a step to leave, John took hold of his left hand and pulled him back.

”Look at that lady sitting over there. I have been staring at her for almost an hour now. But I couldn resist staring at her beauty. ” John said to his friend, pointing at Kate from a far distance.

”So, what do you want to do? ” His friend asked him.

”My usual way. ” He replied and stood up to approach Kate, but someone called his name. John turned and what he saw shocked him. His girlfriend came for her fathers birthday. But how she was allowed by the security without an invitation card was what he couldn understand.

”Hey, ” John waved at her with a smile, but his heart was not at rest.

He walked to where she was standing.

”How did you get in here? ” John asked Diana, his girlfriend.

”What? ” She pretended not to hear what he asked.

”Never mind. I was just talking to myself. ” John lied.

”Oh, I see. But no problem. ” Diana replied.

Diana was also a billionaires daughter. And her father was a friend of the president. John was already aiming for another prey to call his girlfriend instead of being loyal to Diana.

All his mind was already on the new girl he saw at the party, Kate. Meanwhile, John and Dianas relationship has only lasted for two months, but surprisingly, she was the only girl that John has stayed long in a relationship with. All other girls were two weeks or a month. Once he has gotten what he wants, he dumps you and moves on.

”A woman will be the reason for your downfall in this world. ” His younger brother will always tease him.

John couldn calm himself down until he was able to talk to Kate in the absence of Diana, whom Kate doesn know about. Kate knew John because she did see his pictures on the internet as the presidents first son. So, he must not introduce himself to her because she already knew his face but not his lifestyle.

Mr. Smith sighted them from afar, sitting close to each other, but didn approach them.

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