”Good morning dad. ” Kate greeted as she stretched herself and yawned.

”Good morning Kate. How was your night? ” Mr. Smith responded.

”Fine, dad, ” Kate replied as she located a chair to sit down on.

The previous day, which happens to be the presidents birthday, was so stressful that Kate and her father couldn sit to discuss anything after arriving home.

”Father, you know what?

That birthday was splendid. ” Kate complimented.

”Oh, really? ” Mr. Smith asked.

”Yes, father, ” Kate replied.

Mr. Smith immediately remembered that he saw Kate and the presidents son discussing yesterday, maybe thats why she must be so happy.

”Father, I can believe that some people can maintain themselves when they see a lady, ” Kate said.

”Why did you say so? ” Mr. Smith asked.

”I can imagine that the presidents son just saw me yesterday, and he walked up to me just to tell me that he loves me, ” Kate explained to her father with an angry face.

”And what was your reply? ” Mr. Smith asked her, expecting an answer like yes. But Kate turned him down by answering

”Father, what do you expect me to say?

To say yes? Im not the type of girl he thinks that I can be deceived by money. It shows in his eyes that he is only after beauty, and he looks like one that likes a womanizer. ” Kate


”Kate, do you mean, you said no? ” Mr. Smith almost yell.

”Father, what would I have done? ” Kate asked her father with a low tone.

”Didn you see that as an opportunity to continue swimming in money, until you leave this earth? ” Mr. Smith was now scolding Kate for refusing the presidents son.

”But father…. ”

”Shh! Keep damn quiet. I know that he will still have an interest in you. So be expect….. ” Mr. Smith was about to make a statement, and one of his gatekeepers opened the parlor door, and interrupted their discussion.

”Im sorry, sir. There are some men outside the gate. They said, they are interior designers. ” The gatekeeper said.

”How many are they? ” Mr. Smith asked.

”They are three, sir. ” The gatekeeper replied.

”Alright, allow them in. ” Mr. Smith responded.

”Alright sir, ” the gatekeeper replied and went back to the gate.

”Dad, what are they here for? ” Kate asked.

”For maintenance. Some furniture work in my room needs some maintenance, so I am friend of mine, who knows him very well, contacted him to come for the maintenance. ” Mr. Smith answered.

Kate located a chair and sat quietly. Mr. Smith, on the other hand, was busy operating his phone. The thought of her father, scolding her for not accepting John, was still itching her mind.

” Why will her father expect her to just accept someone she doesn love nor have feelings for? Maybe in her next life, but not in this present life. ” Kate murmured.

”Come in. ” The gatekeeper ushered the workers in.

”Thank you. ” their boss appreciated as they stepped into the mansion.

They entered the parlor and met Mr. Smith and his beautiful daughter sitting down on different chairs.

On sighting Jack, Kate almost screamed with excitement, but she maintained herself.

Jack didn recognize her when he got in. When Jack clearly saw Kate, he stiffened for a while. They recognized each other, but none of them was ready to show it up. Jack didn notice when his boss and his colleague followed Mr. Smith upstairs. Because he was already taken away by Kates presence.

”The football guy, right? ” Kate finally asked.

”Yeah. Your face looks familiar. If I may guess, you were the lady who congratulated me on the football field after the match, right? ” Jack asked her.

”Yeah. But are you convinced that I was the only lady who congratulated you that day? ” Kate asked as she crossed her right leg on the other.

”I don think so. Although yours was different. It was so special that I almost lost control. However you didn permit me to know more about you that day. Before I could open my mouth to utter a word, you were already gone. ” Jack shyly explained.

”It wasn my fault that I left hurriedly that day, my father was on my neck. So, I just had to use the slide opportunity I had to come and congratulate you, ” Kate responded.

”Oh, I must apologize for that, ” Jack said.

”No problem.

”Wait! Which way did my boss take? They left without my notice. ” Jack exclaimed.

”Oh, this way. ” Kate replied as she stood up to lead him to her fathers room.

”Please, can I ask you for something? ” Jack paused and asked her.

”Yeah. Go on, ” Kate answered.

”Can I have your contact, please? ” Jack pleaded.

”Sure, ” Kate collected his phone and typed her phone number and gave him back the phone.

”Thank you. Please, whats the name? ”

”Kate, ” she answered.

”Aww, what a lovely name. ” Jack complimented.

”Thank you. May I know yours? ” Her lovely voice echoed in his ears.

”Yeah. Im Jack by name. ” He replied, staring at her glowing body. Kate was wearing a sleeveless gown that reached her knees.

Kate caught him, staring at her elegant body shape.

”You know what, I think we should be going, ” Kate suggested as she turned around to lead him.

Shockingly, they saw Mr. Smith standing on the stairs case staring at them. Kate and Jack froze for a moment.

”Young man, what are you standing here doing? ” Mr. Smith asked Jack as he climbed down the stairs.

Kate room was downstairs, and she preferred it because she finds it stressful coming back from school and climbing the stairs.

”Kate, did I just see you giving him your contact? ” Mr. Smith asked as he furrowed his brows.

Both Jack and Kate were quiet.

”Sir, she helped me google a song sang by an African rapper. I heard her listening to the song, and I decided to let her search for it for me because the artists name and the title of the song were hard for me to pronounce. So, thats why she helped me. ” Jack lied.

”Oh, really? So, she has become the disc jockey that will browse songs for you, right? ” Mr. Smith said with a fainting smile.

”No sir, is not what you are thinking, ” Jack responded.

”Jack, Mr. Rolland needs your presence now! ” Charles stood at the stairs and called out to jack.

”Im sorry sir, I need to go to my boss, ” Jack said to Mr. Smith and walked past him.

Mr. Smith saw the happiness in Kates face, and something told him that something was wrong somewhere.

Kate decided to run back to her room, feeling excited. Finally, she has seen the person she has been dreaming of meeting again.

”What were you doing downstairs? ” Charles asked Jack.

”Charles, God has finally answered my prayers. That lady we saw sitting in the parlor was the lady I told you about. ” Jack said with excitement.

”Are you serious? ” Charles asked.

”Yeah, ” Jack answered.

”Jack, what the hell were you doing downstairs? ” Jacks boss, Mr. Rolland, questioned him.

”Im sorry, boss. I was discussing something significant with the lady downstairs. ” Jack answered as he fixed his gaze on the ground.

”Something important? Is there anything more important than what we are doing here? ” Mr. Rolland asked, but Jack kept dumb.

”Make sure you don try it again. ” Mr. Rolland warned him.

”Thanks, boss ” Jack appreciated.

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