Jack came back from work, looking tired and stressed. He overworked today, but despite the tiredness, there was a particular thing that was bringing relief to his body.

The girl, he has been longing to meet once more, has finally given him her contact.

He wasn happy with the way her father reacted when he saw them, but anyway, any good father will do that to his daughter, to protect her from bad influence.

Jack forcefully pushed their house door and entered.

His mother who was sitting in the parlor got so scared that she almost screamed, but maintained herself as she saw Jack.

”What the hell was that? You nearly gave me a heart attack. ” His mom furiously said.

”Im sorry, mom, I am just so hungry and tired. Im feeling dizzy. ” Jack said.

”Oh, sorry, my baby. Please go and take your shower and come out for dinner. ” His mom replied as she walked to where he stood. She rubbed his head with her palms to show him how much she loves him as her son.

”You look exhausted, truly. Just enter the bathroom, take a shower and come out okay? ” She said to him, ”Okay, mom. ” Jack responded.

”Your dinner is already on the dining table. ” She said once more.

Jack left for his room and entered his bathroom. He took a shower and came out of the bathroom. Before Jack could wear any clothes, his phone was ringing, but he was too hungry to check the caller.

He ignored the call and wore a sleeveless shirt and short trousers. He then went to the dining room. His mom was already in the dining room waiting for him.

”Jack, are you done bathing? ” She asked.

”Yes, maam, ” Jack replied.

”Alright, enjoy your dinner, Im still expecting your dad. It is unclear to me why hes taking so long to come back home today. I tried to reach his line, but his number wasn going through. ” She said, but Jack remained silent because he was already devouring his food. He was so hungry that he couldn listen to what she was saying.

”Jack, take it easy. Don eat the food so fast, or it will choke you.

I know that you
e tired and hungry, but you need to calm down to eat the food so that it will be able to digest properly in your stomach. ” His mom warned him.

”Alright, mom, ” Jack answered.

”Mom, you were saying something, what did you say? ” Jack asked as he paused with his eating.

”I said Ive been expecting your dad, but he is not yet back and his number is not going through. ” She answered.

”Okay. Have you tried his second line? ” Jack asked.

”Yeah, I did, but the line is also switched off, ” she answered with a worried face.

”Mom, then try to call his boss, ” Jack suggested.

” Thats a nice idea, Jack. ” His mom said.

But before she could take her phone, there was a knock on the door because she locked the door after Jack came in.

”I think hes here, ” Jack said, pointing at the door.

”Alright, let me go and check, just sit and eat your food, okay? ” She advised him.

”Yes, mom, ” Jack answered.

Mrs. Elizabeth opened the door, and she saw Mr. John standing outside the door.

”Honey, welcome ” Mrs. Elizabeth said with a smile on her face. She kissed him and hugged him. And then took his bag from his hand. She led him in and banged the door behind them.

”Honey, why did you come back late today? ” Mrs. Elizabeth asked him.

”Im sorry darling, we had a lot of work to do today, and I don just have an option but to stay back. ” Mr. John explained.

”But I also tried your line, and it was switched off. I was already scared. ” Mrs. Elizabeth said.

”Yeah. My battery was down, and I was unable to charge it today. ” Mr. John replied.

”You work hard, yet you earn a low income. Why can the company give you a better position? ” Mrs. Elizabeth asked with a smirk on her face.

”I don know. You don have to bother yourself. All is well. ” Mr. John softly responded. She remained silent and gazed at her husband.

”Its well darling. Cheer up. ” Mr. John said as he gently rubbed her shoulder to calm her down. Mrs. Elizabeth sniffed and replied,

”Alright, go take a shower and come out for dinner. ”

”Alright, darling, I will do just that. ” Mr. John answered.

”Welcome, Dad. ” Jack greeted him from the dining table.

”How are you, Jack? ”

”Im fine, dad. How was todays work, dad? ” Jack asked.

”We blessed God. How was yours? ” Mr. John complimented.

”We thank God, but it was stressful, ” Jack replied.

”Why was it stressful, Jack? ” Mr. John asked him.

”We had a lot of work in our workshop today, and we went to another house for maintenance. So, it was the maintenance that took us a long time before we could finish. ” Jack explained.

”Oh, I see. Alright then, enjoy your food. Let me go and take a shower. I will soon join you at the dining table. ” Mr. John said and walked to his room.

Meanwhile, when Mr. John and Jack were discussing, Mrs. Elizabeth went to the bedroom to keep Mr. Johns briefcase before coming back to the dining table.

”Mom, I think Im okay, ” Jack said.

”Are you sure? ” His mom asked.

”Yeah, mom. I think I need to go and rest. ” Jack replied as he stood up from his chair. ”Oh, no problem. You can go ahead. ” Mrs. Elizabeth responded.

”Thanks, mom. ” Jack appreciated it.

” You
e welcome, my baby. You can go to your room and take some rest, but will you still come out? ”

”No, mom, I don really think so.

Im going to bed. If dad comes out, please inform him that I have gone to sleep. Good night. ” Jack said and left for his room.

”Okay baby, I will, and good night. ” His mom replied to him.

It was already 7 oclock at dawn. Jack opened his door and got into his room. Because of the tiredness and stress from his working place, he was so exhausted. The food, he just finished eating, enabled him to gain some strength. He jumped on his bed intending to sleep, but then, he remembered that he missed a call. He decided to take his phone to check the caller. The name appears to be Charles, his good friend. He decided to ignore the missed call, but something probably flashed through his mind and he remembered that he collected Kates contact. Jack dialed it and it started ringing.

Kate picked up the call, but she already knew that she was the one calling, even though it appears as an unknown number because she has been expecting his call.

Jack and Kate couldn see each other because she was bathing when they took their leave. Only her father was in the parlor alone. So, they were unable to see each other.

”Hey, ” Jack said.

”Hi Jack, Ive been expecting your call, ” Kate said from the other side.

”Oh, really? ” Jack asked.

”Yeah. You guys left without informing me. Though I was taking my bath. So, it wasn your fault. ” Kate happily responded.

”Im sorry about that. I almost asked your dad where you were, but I decided to humble myself not to engage in another trouble. ” Jack jokingly replied.

”You must be kidding. I know that you don have the mind to approach my dad. ” Kate said and put the call on loudspeaker.

Hahaha! Jack laughed out loud and said, ”you
e funny, babe. Thank God, you know I can try such a thing. ”

This made Kate burst into laughter.

It was their first time talking on the phone, and they discussed for an hour until sleep started calling them.

After the call, Jack slept off, but Kate stayed awake until midnight. She wasn feeling sleepy because she was full of excitement. Before Kate could go to bed, it was already 1:00 am.

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