ate sir if you do so. ” John appreciated it.

”No problem, you are always welcome. You are free to come to my house at any time, and you will be welcome. I just want to know if you are having affairs with my daughter. As you know, it is not proper for you to keep a secret relationship. ” Mr. Smith said.

”Sure, sir, ” John answered.

Mr. Smith gave John his house address and told him he will be expecting him anytime soon from now. John only has the intention of using Kate and dumping her. Mr. Smith, on the other hand, was thinking that he was giving his daughter to someone that can protect and provide for her needs, not knowing that he was doing the opposite. This wasn because he wanted his daughter to get married now. But he thought doing that will protect and keep her mind away from poor mens children outside there. Furthermore, she can focus on John, the presidents son until shes of age.

After a few minutes, of discussion, John left for his room. President Armstrong finally came back to meet Mr. Smith in the living room.

”I apologize for keeping you waiting. ” President Armstrong apologized as he sat on a sofa.

”Its alright, your excellency. I was also having a word with John, so he kept me company. ” Mr. Smith responded.

”Oh, he was here? ” President Armstrong asked him.

”Yeah. He just left a few minutes ago. ” Mr. Smith answered.

After discussing a lot with the president, Mr. Smith left for his house.

Kate had been expecting her fathers arrival, but it was taking ages for him to reach home. Kate was worried, and she decided to dial his phone number.

Mr. Smith picked up the call.

”Hello, Dad, ” Kates voice came from the phone.

”Hey, Kate, how are you? ” Mr. Smith asked.

”Im fine, Dad. Ive been waiting for you all day long. What happened and why are you not yet back? ” Kate asked with a worried face.

”Im sorry, my little angel. Don worry about me, Im fine. Im already on my way back home. ” Mr. Smith replied.

”Please Dad, be fast. Im missing you. ” Kate spoke meekly.

”Oh, really? ” Mr. Smith asked.

”Yes, Dad, ” Kate answered as she tapped her feet.

Mr. Smith came back home and found Kate laying on one of the couches in the living room. She stood up and welcomed him with a hug.

Kate didn eat her dinner, instead, she was waiting for her father to come back so that they could eat together.

After the dinner, Mr. Smith told Kate about his meeting with John, the presidents son. Kate was surprised to hear her father talking about someone she just met a few days ago, and they haven come in contact with each other again. How is it possible that her father was talking about John? Could it be that she has landed herself in trouble, or was her dad up to something? She was confused at first when her father called the presidents son the name.

Mr. Smith told her everything he discussed with John, how he promised to come over.

She was okay with the stories he was telling her. But when she heard that John was coming over, her mood swings, and immediately after Mr. Smith saw her face, he knew that she didn like John. He wasn ready to let her follow that poor boy who was a carpenter.

Mr. Smith saw how excited Kate was when she met the Carpenter boy, Jack. She was full of happiness and he knew that.

He was trying to let her avoid Jack, and he will do anything it takes to stop her from seeing John. He wanted Kate to deal with people in her class.

”What is my father up to? I hope he is not attempting to make me date that proud boy called John. Who cares about his money? If it is money, her dad has money that she can feed on. ” Kate thought to herself.

She just hoped that her dad wasn attempting to force her to date John because it won work. She cannot even go close to him.

Kate was worried as all these things were running through her mind and she was even confused about what to do. Though she wasn aware of what her father was trying to do, she had the feeling that he was up to something.

This was the genesis of the relationship problems she needed to cope with.

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