place and decided to come and take a good look at what happened. Mr. John was so shocked to see how the shop was nowhere to be found as everything had turned to ashes.

Jack couldn even go close to his father when he saw him.

Mr. John began to calculate how he will get such a huge amount of money from. The only best option he was able to come up with was to sell his small house, to see if he can be able to provide the money. Mr. John didn think of where he and his family would lay their head after selling the house.

Jessica was so touched when she saw Jack moaning, but she sighted him from her shop, so she decided to move closer to him. When Jessica was about to approach Jack, she stood in her track. She wanted to avoid approaching him in this condition because he might be furious and worried at the moment. Maybe he would rather not talk to anyone for now until he has calmed down. Jessica decided to meet Charles to ask him how it happened.


When Kate woke up this morning, she felt like going to Jessicas to tell her about Jack, her new crush, instead of telling her on the phone. Kate summoned the courage to tell her dad that she was going to Jessicas shop, and he agreed to let her go, but she shouldn forget that she was going with some security guard.

Out of excitement, Kate called Jack to know his well-being.

(R I N G I N G)

Jacks phone was ringing, but he wasn in the mood to talk to anyone. Jack didn pick the first and second call until the third one.

”Hello, Kate, ” his low voice echoed on the phone.

”Hey, Jack. Good morning. ” Kate greeted.

”Good morning angel. How was your night? ” Jack asked.

”It was amazing, and yours? ” Kate said.

”I… ” Jack wanted to tell her what he was passing through presently, but decided to remain calm. Thank God that he immediately removed his phone from the charger before the fire started.

”Are you there? ” Kates voice echoed in his ears, which made him wake up from his long thoughts.

”Yeah. Im with you. ” Jack replied.

”Alright, I wanted to check on you thats why I called. And also to inform you that I am going to my friends place and I don know if I can send you the address so that we can meet there, ” Kate said.

”Actually, we have a lot of work to do today, so I don think I can make it up to you. Maybe, some other times. ” Jack responded.

”No problem, as you wish, ” Kate said.

”Thank you for calling, ” Jack appreciated.

”You are welcome and bye, ” Kate said.

”Bye, ” Jack responded, and Kate hung up.

Kate got prepared and left for Kates place. She has already told Jessica that she was coming and Jessica was expecting her.


Jack only managed to talk to her, trying to his pain. Jack was a little calm for now, but his eyes sighted the smoke coming out from the already burned shop. He felt like continuing to cry, but crying won solve the problem unless he meets with what he was asked to.

When Jack sighted his father standing and staring at the smoke, he knew that his father was confused about what to do because the money is so huge to get within a few days.

On the other side, Charles and Richard sat speechlessly. Not knowing what to do or say.

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