His legs were running as fast as they could, his breathing was irregular as he tried to breathe in as much air as possible, the burning in his lungs and legs was constant. Footsteps and breathing on the forest floor were the only sounds he could hear. Branches and leaves lashed hard in his face as he ran through them, leaving cuts on his face and arms as he went, but he didn care; someone was chasing him. No. Something was chasing him, and he had no idea what his next course of action was. The sound of a wolf howling in the background motivated him to run faster, and when he looked up he realized that there was a full moon in the sky. Looking back, he realized that at the last moment, a root emerged from the ground and his foot tripped on this root and fell onto the wet ground. With a groan, he began to lift himself up, but his back suddenly became heavy as a foot pressed against him. ”Not so fast, little wolf. ” Suddenly, he felt a cold object being pushed behind his head and he squinted his eyes; She already knew it was a gun. Little wolf? He had no idea who this man was and why he wanted to kill him, he was just running for his life after a creature chased him! And now this! ”You caught the wrong person! ” He shouted, but his voice was hoarse; her face was still slightly pushed to the floor to the point where she could almost taste the wet dirt on her plump lips. ”Do not scream! ” He heard the guns safety catch click. This was the vote; Her 23 beautiful years were nearing the end and she couldn even make it to graduation; His life was about to begin. In the pull of his trigger finger, his dreams, his life will be over. But no bullet came to his head; The heaviness on his back suddenly disappeared as he heard a muffled scream and the sound of clothes and flesh being ripped apart. When he turned around, the man was gone, but his eyes were still wide with fear at what he could see before him. Scattered in the dark forest, all he can see are the animal-like eyes staring at him. The closest was a pair of sapphire-blue eyes; As he got closer, his features became clearer, ears, nose, sharp teeth, a huge white wolf emerged from the shadows, growling fiercely at him, the forest seemed to tremble at that sound. His own teal eyes were locked with hers and he couldn avert his eyes as he slowly walked towards her cautiously with each step, the muzzle still showing its sharp teeth. He reminded himself that this was the episode in any horror story where he would scream at the distressed little lady on the TV after she had stupidly fallen to the ground and looked at what was about to eat her. Now, she was that stupid damsel in distress. She rolled her eyes inwardly, oh how the tables had turned! But he could not look away; His heart was beating out of his chest, his chest heaving as adrenaline flooded his body and tensed his muscles. Yet he could not help himself from his bewilderment; The power emanating from this wolf was so obvious. Every time he made a small movement to pull his body out of the uncomfortable position he was in, the wolfs head would draw attention to him. He stood at his feet, his teeth still showing when another wolf appeared behind him. The white wolf barked before snarling at him, but the white wolf snapped its teeth back at him, causing the other to back off, squealing his ears, as if this alpha was claiming to be his food and his food. ,alone. Well, that was just rude; if he was going to be killed and eaten, he could at least share it with the others. He knew how wolves in this area struggled with their natural prey and destroyed peoples habitats; both predator and prey were rapidly declining. What was he thinking!? He didn want to be anyones food! Three silver arrows slammed into the ground at his feet, the wolfs ears trembled and he leaped toward him, extended his paw, his eyes were tightly closed, but soon after he felt a wind whip hit his face, he opened them again. He was gone, and so were the others. Another howl rose through the forest, and it freed him from his stupor. It had to get out of this place! He stood up and started running in the direction he thought the wolves were going. When she realized that she was definitely not a wolf beside her, she started running again; The sooner he got out of the forest, the better. He scolded himself inwardly; In the first place, it was his idea to go for a
ice run in the forest at 23:00. But after vet and back, his mind was overdrive and he needed stress relief, he loved running, it was a great form of exercise but he never thought he would ever go again! Or more importantly, he went jogging in his favorite place, the woods. Suddenly, he stopped. A hooded silhouette appeared out of nowhere in front of him. And he had a bow in his hands and a knapsack full of arrows. He aimed the arrow directly at her! Instead of standing there like a fool to be shot by this madman, he ran behind the nearest tree. As he hid, he pulled on his black hoodie, hoping to hide his silver hair. It was quite difficult to escape. His friends thought he had painted it unchanged for years; they realized it was her natural hair color. He stuck his head out from behind the tree, and after an arrow shot his face,

he pulled it back. Slowly he moved away from the tree and closer to the shadows, disappeared. His ears yearned to listen to other voices of the attacker, but so far his heart had only been beating so loudly. He took a deep breath, slowing his breathing against his tense muscles. He couldn tell where this madman was, but he continued to crawl and hide among the trees. His foot suddenly stepped on a falling branch, causing a loud cracking sound; He was startled before looking around. Seeing no one, he sighed and continued. ”Ive never seen a dog hide from a fight before, ” a voice boomed behind her. She jumped at his voice and turned around to face a man of the same age as her. Looking at the crossbow, he raised his hands in surrender, ”Hey, I just wanted to go for a run. I don know what kind of hunting shit is out here… But I can assure you… Im not a mole. As you can see, Im pretty human. ” ”Nice try. ” He pulled the arm only to be knocked down by the white wolf earlier. Her eyes widened at the scene where the wolf smashed her to pieces, but she didn wait for it to be her next meal and sped away from the wolf and the man. After a while he returned to the muddy path that split the forest in two. His eyes gleamed as he began to see the streetlights twinkling in the distance, dimly shining over the blackened trees. In the end, he just had to go home; He knew the animals would not follow him there. Civilization was a threat to them. His feet hit the pavement and he slowed to walk as he began to regulate his breathing. He looked behind him to see if there were any wolves or men following him, but everything was clear. Although she had feared for her life a few moments ago, she was now more worried about coming home so late and that her family had found out that she had gone for a midnight jog. His steps increased the speed on the pavement as his mind was now deep in thought. First chased by wolves; then he was nearly killed with a gun by a madman, and then he was shot with arrows! Could the night get any crazier? Who shot people with arrows anyway? Shaking his head, he sighed; his friends would never believe him. With that in mind, he absentmindedly began pulling his phone out of his pocket to check messages from his friends. After returning from a hot date, she smiled to herself, looking at a video her friend had sent. He preferred to work, unlike his friends who seemed to have a social life. If it wasn for the lessons that took his time, then it was work; He wanted to become a veterinarian and didn hesitate to work extra shifts to learn more about the job. She finished her finals a few weeks ago and now she was waiting to graduate. All this was on his mind, as he was unaware of his surroundings. Another man in a hoodie suddenly appeared, sprinting to catch up with her, and began to follow her from behind. He stopped, stunned, after his eyes heard another howl from the forest, turning his head, he saw the man behind him holding a silver baseball bat as his eyes gazed at the forest next to him. Shilap The bat tapped his temple loudly. He grabbed the sides of his head, the pain hit him and spread to his neck from the blow. His mind was struck by a sudden headache; She couldn think straight because her legs stumbled. He looked again at his attacker, who had lowered the stick on his head. This time he immediately collapsed to the ground; His mind became unconscious as the darkness consumed him. The last thing he remembered hearing was not one but many howls echoing around him, calling out to him as he drifted.

His eyes flickered behind his eyelids as awareness began to seep through his cloudy mind. When he flapped his wings open, his surroundings were nothing but a blur, the light sending dull pain into his strained eyes, causing them to close again. He went to put his hands on his head, groaning, but they resisted. Strange tried to move them again, but in vain. He frowned, forcing his eyes to blink open; His mind slowly caught up with him, causing him to persistently withdraw his hands. Looking down, she noticed that her hands and legs were held together by thin silver chains pulled tightly against her skin, causing the areas to turn red and itchy; the chains were wrapped tightly around the wooden chair he was sitting in, making it impossible for him to free his limbs. All of a sudden, panic broke out, images of the previous night flashed in her eyes, how she was going for a run, being chased not only by wolves but also by men, and then hit in the head with a baseball not on

ce, but twice. By the beloved wings of his wound, of course. Kidnapped. Rozelin destroyed herself in a noble manner this time. He started pulling on his hands and legs constantly, causing the chair to make creaking noises as he swayed as his shoulders and chest moved. She slumped back in her chair, screaming nervously. Think rozelin, think! His body suddenly felt exhausted and weak, his strength waning. this time

He didn realize that moving around would make him feel so vulnerable. Wait, he was given drugs? There was no other explanation for how he felt right now, even a blow to the head wouldn make it feel like melting and being one with the chair. Rozels eyes frantically searched the room. Next to it were some bland, brown cabinets with syringes and glass vials on top of them. Looking up above the surface, she saw torn posters of the human body affixed to the walls, and opposite a moth-eaten single bed with leather straps. His nose wrinkled at the faint smell of antibacterial and cleaning products. Awareness was born to him; He was in some kind of hospital. When he looked back at the bed, he thought it was a mental institution since no hospital could restrain its patients, right? As he chuckled to himself, a thought crossed his mind; maybe he was in the right place, after all, what happened to him couldn be real. A gun, wolves, crossbowman, then baseball bat man, why would they want to kill him and kidnap him? Maybe he was overworked and tired, he dreamed of everything and lost sight of reality, and there he was. If he gets out of here, he can take some time to himself. Before his thoughts could go any further into that rabbit hole, the door opened. A brave man stormed into the room, slammed the door behind him, and grabbed another chair and spun it, so he sat with his back turned. They sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity in Rozelins mind, but Rozelin didn back away from her burning, intimidating stare. After a while, his jaw started to twitch. Nervousness began to rise inside him as the oppressive silence in the bland hospital room became overwhelming. Rozelin gave up and spoke, ”I am a poor student. I have no money. ” The man smiled at her menacingly, ”We don want money. ” She frowned at Rozels response, then panicked as her heart started beating loudly again. If they didn want money, did they want his body? Her teal eyes widened before tears began to form inside them, blurring her vision of the man in front of her. ”Please- ” ”Stop pretending. It won work here. ” He swallowed involuntarily, blinking so that his vision cleared once more; He searched for any kind of humanity in his eyes but there was none, only blank eyes staring at him, devoid of any emotion. Silence filled the room once more and he grew tense, wanting answers and now wanting them. Feeling brave, she lifted her chin and looked at her kidnapper. ”What do you want? ” His lips curled in displeasure. ”To get rid of you. Emir cuts the iron. ” ”Get rid of me? So thats an exaggerated way to fill your murderous tendencies, kidnap an innocent girl, and then kill her. Ive watched crime shows. I know how that works. Psycho! ” spat back at him, ”Innocent! HA! You are not innocent. You are an abomination to humanity. ” ”I want you to know that Im a veterinarian student. I help animals and people alike. You
e the nasty one here- ” Dengue His head suddenly turned to one side; The force of his fist was so hard that he nearly fell, bringing the chair with him. But he kept his balance and gave a frightened glance at the man now standing erect in front of him, his own chair toppling to one side with a loud crash. He grabbed her by the front of his hoodie and brought her face close to his as he pointed at her face with one finger. ”I am a hunter. There is no greater honor than to kill hybrids like you. You must be very lucky right now that I didn put a silver bullet in your pretty head. ” He took a deep breath, his eyes wide as he stared into the bottomless pits that were his eyes. ”I may have been ordered not to kill you, but they didn say anything about torture. ” As Rozelin began to tremble visibly at the thought of being tortured, she began walking towards the side cabinets. When he read books about these situations and watched shows, he always thought that if he were in their shoes, he could endure the pain, but he wasn trying to get answers from her; she would torture him for pleasure. His eyes widened as he held the syringe towards her. ”What… whats in it? ” he stammered. His eyes gleamed with joy as he held the syringe up to his face; Staring at the clear contents, he pulled the handle to squirt some liquid. ”Wormthroat. ” He said with an evil grin on his lips. He held up another syringe with the silver liquid in it, ”And this is liquefied silver. With a few other ingredients to keep it liquid, ” he said contemptuously. He looked at her as if waiting for a reaction, and seeing nothing, his smile faded and he rushed towards her, thrusting the syringe hard into his neck. ”Ahh! ” Rozelin clenched her teeth after the initial shock of the syringe sharply piercing her skin in such a sensitive area. But the pain was nothing compared to th

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