Rozelin was like a prisoner who had been imprisoned for a hundred years. Now she was free.

Rozelin ran deep into the forest. Her lungs and legs were on fire, but she pushed her candle as she passed by her landlords. The lucid feeling of digging her windows into the ground and getting all the details of nature kept the pain away. She still felt a little weak from the wolf choking face; even then, it wasn something she couldn handle.

His ears twitched and he looked towards the sound of claws roaring on the ground. His eyes landed on a black panther.

”Rozelin wait for us! You changed so quickly. We didn expect this. ” Frank counseled her. His previous worries were clearly forgotten as his voice filled with excitement.

She stared at the approaching brown, gray wolf that Rozel had assumed was frank. It was strange that she looked a little larger even though she was not in human form. The panther beside her made a loud wild roar that only other panthers could make. The voice immediately caught her attention.

She couldn help admiring the way Rozelin put on Alexs panther form as they ran deep into the forest. She could change direction quickly, her hips showing off her agility by jumping from side to side.

The three of them ran, played and hunted in the surrounding forest for most of the day. Rozelin and Frank let the wolves take control, allowing them to play together and get to know each other, while Alex continued deer hunting nearby. Rozelin,fank,malia ran towards the lake reflecting the mountains. They sat down in front of him. After a short while, Alex came to them.

”Frank, did you know I was royal when we first met? ” Frank was taken aback by her question.

”How did you come up with this question, to be honest, it was my first time meeting your royal lineage. ” Franks face was full of satisfaction.

Rozelin didn know what to say to Frank. Instead she joked, ”So you and I left the alex prisoner club. ”

”Yeah and you
e luna ” said Finn

”Do you think you should go back to your family? ”

A small groan came out of Franks mouth. ”They
e dead, the hunters version slaughtered, they killed my family. Im the only survivor, they decided to take me on fire tomorrow. You know the rest. ” His voice was sad as he looked away.

Rozelin took a deep breath. ”Im so sorry they
e really ruining lives. ”

Their conversation ended there, each drowning in his own thoughts.

”Rozelin ”s voice echoed in her mind link, ”Curfew is near. Alpha Demon won be happy if you
e still the jungle after dark. ”

”What is it? Curfew? ” Malia mocked his words.

”I think we should go back. Running all this time with frogs on my body is exhausting. ” Roselin sighed and stood up on all fours.

”Looks like theres a curfew, ” Rozelin said after watching Frank stand up.

Rozelin turned when she heard the crackling of a branch from the far ends of the trees.

Alex walked around making little chirping noises. He was restless, his eyes fixed on the distance.

”I wish he could talk to us, explain what his problem was. I bet the silence killed him. ” Rozelin said, her eyes looking at the black panther and the trees ahead.

Frank grumbled.

She tensed as Rozelin stared at a golden-brown wolf along with the others appearing among the trees, but the golden-brown wolf apparently walked towards them in charge.

Alex crouched forward, ready to pounce on the newcomers, but Frank jumped in front of him, preventing him from attacking.

”Rozelin, ” the golden-brown wolf stepped forward, Kanes voice echoing in his mind. ”Well be back with you. ”

”Accompany? We can find our way back. Thank you, ” said Rozelin in a depressing voice.

”Alphas orders. ” Kane snapped.

As Malia began to slip out of her mind and take control, Rozelin took an instinctive step. Both disliked taking orders, and Rozel now knew why. They were never meant to take orders; being a leader was in their blood.

”Rozelin ” Kane warned. Her eyes began to glow. Her challenge flooded the surface, but instead of attacking her anyway, she regained control and turned around and began running in the opposite direction. A sign that neither she nor the alpha would disobey her orders, although she didn attack him.

Ten wolves instantly emerged from the surrounding trees. They didn growl, but a group of this size was intended to frighten anyone who crossed their path. Rozelin snarled at them, warning them to back off, her eyes still shining. Some bowed and surrendered. Others stepped slowly towards her, His ears were flat against the warnings behind his lips.

Suddenly a distant howl broke out, and Roselline stopped and looked in the direction the voice had come from.

Another scream broke the silence. The wolves around him howled in response.

Another howl whipped the ground and pierced his heart, which was beginning to beat extremely fast. An animal impulse seized him; A long howl came from his chest as his head snapped back, his voice echoing through the trees.

More behind the trees

More wolves came out. He jumped around excitedly. As he bent his head down to look at the wolves surrounding him, a sound wave echoed in his mind. They were all excited. They were arguing among themselves.

”The white wolf is back ”

”Princess of the Cross ”

”Hes not my luna. ”

Her howling was a sign. It was a sign that the lost princess of the Cross family had returned and would take her rightful place.

The howling wolf he couldn see felt like a piece of him, the little puzzle piece that was missing. His voice called out to him as if whispering seductive words right next to his ear. As the pack continued to talk among themselves, he ran straight into the trees of the forest. There is only one thing on his mind, finding that wolf.

He couldn explain why Rozel needed to meet him so much. But the thought of finding her excited him.

”Hes our friend, ” Malia exclaimed, excited at the thought of meeting the mysterious wolf.

”What does that mean? ” Rozelin asked, banging her large paws on the ground.

”I guess its our soul mate, ” Malia tried to explain, but at the same time she wasn fully aware of her realities. Like Rozelin, she was kept out of the raising of other wolf women.

”Rozelin, wait, ” Franks voice echoed in her mind, she. She was so excited that Alex and Frank didn realize she was running after her, but she was quite a distance away.

Rozelin continued to run forward.

”Darkness, you need to get back to where you
e safe. ” Kane grumbled through his mind link.

Rozelin stopped her steps. And she turned back. Alex and Frank were running after her, while the other two wolves were beside them.

When the house was visible beyond the trees, the wolves on their shelter changed into human form. They rushed into the house, naked. Among them was the cane.

Rozelin was hiding behind a tree. She couldn walk around naked.

”Rozelin come on, we won be staring at you. ” Frank was confused as he entered his field of vision. Rozelin watched as he sped up to Alex and transform into human form.

”You have to find me clothes, I can move like that. ” She was determined to keep her nudity a private affair. Unlike the other werewolves, she wasn raised like them.

She happily waited for the clothes and she changed according to her own time. Frank ran to the open patio doors and left Rozelini to sit behind the trees. His eyes searched the surroundings as he waited.

Frank returned fully clothed and ran back in a black hoodie and a few easy-to-wear shorts. He moved after he escaped. This time it was faster and much easier. Within seconds, he stood there barefoot in the cold night air.

Rozelin took the clothes and inspected the shorts that were her size, a pair of womens shorts. He wondered if it was him because Damon already brought him some pajamas that have sadly now come to pieces.

He stopped abruptly as he was putting on his shorts. An earthy, woody scent spread in the air behind him. A powerful being appeared, his energy causing the hairs on the back of his neck to rise as the heavenly scent enveloped him like a cocoon. He almost melted from the pangs of desire built up in his core. Rozelin didn have to look back to know that Damon was standing there.

Damos presence was strong; He was alert to the man right behind him. Rozelin looked to the side, trying to keep the rest of her body out of his sight. Even though she couldn see him, she didn stop him from speaking out loud, ”You know its perverse to gawk at a woman whos changing. ” She muttered, ”Shes really perverted, ” she muttered. The closeness of her deep voice made her jump. Her chuckle roared through her chest, causing her heart to constrict. After getting a little wet from the excitement of seeing her back, she closed her thighs together.

He got goosebumps when he heard the heartbeat; the heat of his body was radiating from him to her. Rozelinin continued to hold the hoodie as her heart beat irregularly. She felt her cheeks turn red as she thought she heard him. He took a step closer, stretching her in excited anticipation, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up as his chest rose and fell rhythmically.

A satisfied hum came from his lips, his hot breath spreading the top of his head, causing his eyes to widen at how close he was now. Suddenly, his large hands wrapped very lightly around her waist, causing her to gasp with an alien feeling on the bare skin of his fingers. But she willingly leaned against him, her head resting on his bare chest as one hand went to her chest and the other slowly descended south and under her shorts.

Her nipples pricked at his touch as her breath parted sharply. ”You
e perfect for me, ” she heard him groan. A low groan escaped her lips as she felt his large erection stick to the back of her shorts as she leaned slightly towards him. The tip of her nose slid down to her hair, starting from the nape of her neck.

Rozelin felt like she was mocking him. His other hand just ran over the area where it felt wet; in her mind

begging to be read. The pleasure from their warm hands sparked a raging hell within him, making it almost impossible for his thoughts to be coherent. But on the face of it, she distanced herself from her basic needs by biting her lip.

”Keep biting your lip, Ill do it for you, ” he snarled, before giving a feather-light kiss just above his collarbone. The moment his lips touched her skin, he gasped as a fire blazing through his body coursing through his veins. He instantly grabbed her black locks, as if he were kissing a very different part of her body. It made him hungry for more.

A low growl came out of his chest and bit his neck, his mind spinning as a soft moan escaped his lips. He heard her breathing become erratic as the hand inside his shorts gripped her tightly while the other hand squeezed his chest hard, which caused his awakening to explode in the sky. A snarl came from his lips.

Damon growled again, his voice deepening before turning into an angry groan. She suddenly pushed him back and moved away from him, holding his breath and putting his hand on the tree in front of him for support. Rozelin felt dizzy in a bright haze from Damon. Her body ached for his touch again, her desire burning inside her. Thats when she noticed a smell. It was a smell of arousal and it was coming from him. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, she.

”Its normal. Your sense of smell is stronger now. Hes always been there. You couldn tell before, ” Malia chirped in a voice that was in love. In the heated moment between herself and Damon, she was very quiet, ”I hope hes our friend because oh Mommy, THIS is going to be hard to reach the top. He did almost nothing and you were putty in his hands. The wolf too… wanted to come out and play. ” Malia kept drooling. .

Roselin grunted as the mist slowly evaporated; She couldn believe how much she had lost her mind at that time, she. Malia was right, he touched her and kissed her and she just let go. He picked the hoodie off the ground and dropped it to the ground, placing it against his chest as Damon turned to give his word. But as he did

Roses brows furrowed. She didn know whether she felt relieved or sad at her departure. She was relieved on the one hand because she seriously needed to calm down, but on the other hand, she felt a slight sadness at the mans sudden abandonment. To say he was confused would be an understatement. She roughly threw her hoodie over her head and ruffled her already messy hair.

Instead of returning to the mansion, she turned in the opposite direction, she guessed that Damo was gone. Her emotions mingled between sad, angry, and angry as she searched the surrounding trees for scoundrels. She wasn just a she-wolf for him to play with, and she deserved a lot more respect than that.

Even though it was dark and the only light came from the moon and stars, she could still see pretty well, except everything was a slightly lighter shade of blue. She wondered if her eyes were reflecting blue the same way other werewolves eyes reflected amber in the dark.

A howl broke out in the distance, immobilizing him. He was immediately alert, as the wolf he had been looking for before was not there. The nearby wolf was not created to be on land, and something about it made it feel territorial; Malia snarled and pulled the reins, trying to come out and slide. Still, rozelin was more willful and kept her in check.

The shuffle of leaves caused her to spin on her heels with her eyes fixed on what might be. A few wolves appeared and ran around him, heading in the direction the howl was coming from. Rozelin was relieved after realizing that they were part of the pack and looked like sentries.

”Rozelin, get in. NOW!, ” Damon commanded her through mind connection. He almost jumped at how loud his hoarse voice was, but he refused to answer her. Rozelin looked at the retreating wolves and wondered if it was one of them. However, with the sudden change of events, his anger flared up and he didn care. She mocked him, made him lose his mind, and then left before I could command him.

Huffing turned around and deliberately walked slowly back to the mansion, hoping for a reaction from Damon. Still, it was the radio silence that pissed him off. Frowning, she began to scold herself and how she acted. She let him touch her like that and THEN he ran after her! If it was any other man, he would have kicked her in the balls before he even put a finger on her.

”But hes no ordinary man, Rozelin. Hes Alpha and hes so hot I could melt. ” Malia was daydreaming in the back of her mind, thinking of other scenarios she and Alpha might enter.

”I thought you found Kane sexy? ” Rozelin grinned when she found Kane standing outside the courtyard door with her arms crossed over her chest. He was wearing khaki shorts and a black T-shirt, showing the tribal tattoo that strained the large muscles of his arms.

”We just blew our minds and this was without sex! Tell me who else can do this? ” Malia, feature from Alfas interest

was satisfied with it. Rozelin rolled her eyes at him inwardly. But the wolf helped him in his spiral mood.

”About time, ”

”I was changing, ” snorted Rozelin. He hated being scolded like a child and had to fight back against her and Malias urges to fight him and challenge his dominance. Rozelin realized that she was starting to become a rather angry and aggressive person; She had never experienced these problems before she was abducted. He hadn noticed, though, as he took his frustrations out on the ice rink when he played ice hockey.

Malia felt a pang of guilt as her worsening anger was partly her fault, but she didn stay on the ground for long. He believed that they had a right to put people in their shoes. After all, it was the rosés birthright, and it was more instinctive than elitist.

”Oh, is that what you
e saying, ” his eyes gleaming with delight as he grinned, ”come on, dinners getting ready. Its time to meet the others. ”

Rozels face warms at the thought of knowing whats going on between her and Damonla, until she understands the rest of what shes said.

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