In an instant, a flash of light, followed by a very powerful force behind him, hurled him to the ground. His hands and face hurt from the sudden impact of the cemented surface. Everything fell silent as he blinked profusely as he tried to understand what was going on; She tripped over a piece of paper floating before her eyes. She was burning as steam poured over her. His ears were hoarse, as they had felt before boarding the plane.

He groaned, turning his body on the ground and gasping as his eyes widened and his mouth hung open at what he saw before him. The building, which was a prison of a place where he was held, burned brightly when engulfed by the flames; windows were smashed and debris was blown up. Another building behind him exploded, making the ground tremble.

Roses ears began to ring as a muffled voice rose.

”Is it over? ”

”All evidence has been destroyed. ”

”Is the she-wolf out? ”

”I caught him here. ”

”Fine. See you later. ”

He shook his head at the voices. Carter hung up; The sound was loud, indicating that she was using the loudspeaker. Rozelin tried to get away from her, but she was too fast and picked her up off the ground.

”You blew up the building!? ” she cried.

Carter didn answer and instead stabbed him in the neck with a second injection of wolfsbane. His head spun back as he tried to breathe in as much air as possible to relieve the pain, but it didn work; he made his body shiver, burning flames through the blood on his neck. When the tremor subsided, Rozelin grunted loudly; His chest trembled from the boiling anger he felt.

Carter grit his teeth; he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards the car, a nervous expression on her face that she still hadn lost consciousness.

”You killed them! ” She screamed; He couldn contain his pain, his anger, a tidal wave of emotion consumed him as the truth slapped his face.




They were dead.

They were all dead; these heartless beasts killed them. Roses heart fell in her stomach; His breathing nearly stopped as the faces of his friends flashed before his eyes. Each innocent, taken from their families, tortured for years and now dead. This was inexcusable and if he managed to escape he would seek justice for them, starting with Silas. He was now the last remaining member of the Prisoners Club.

Carter stopped walking and pulled her hair so her chin lifted; grabbed her face roughly with one hand,

”Yeah, they
e all dead. Because of you. ”

”No, ” he whispered; she felt a lump in her throat, making it difficult for her to swallow and breathe.

”Everything is your fault. ”

”NO! ” He roared and pressed her to his chest, but he did not move and instead laughed at his futile attempt to hurt him.

”None of this is my fault. Yours! ” She shouted in his face.

His breathing became erratic as his emotions raged with the wolfsbane pushing his anger to the surface. Carter let her hair down; unaware of the swirling storm inside her, she snapped him. Another growl rose from his chest; her eyes sparkled as her nails turned into claws.Rozelin took him between her legs, causing her to crouch forward; He immediately pulled his head down and hit his rising knee. Grabbing him by his shirt, he scratched his face fiercely, and as he raised his fist ready to punch, he felt another pair of hands on him.

Rozelin withdrew from him. He felt manic as he struggled against the attacker behind him, kicking his legs and wildly moving his arms. He took a deep breath and pretended to calm down, which gave the hunter some relief. When he felt her grip loosen a little, he elbowed her in the ribs, then slammed the back of his head against hers; contact promptly released him. When he turned around, he leaned forward, holding his nose; Wasting no more time, he grabbed his head, slammed the window of the car, and unconsciously let it fall to the ground.

She looked inside the car and saw that the keys were already in the ignition, and she saw how her eyes glowed a bright blue when she focused her attention on the reflection of the glass. He wanted to look back on how beautiful they were, but time was of the essence. The sound of flames coming out of the burning building filled his ears, reminding him of his dead friends and how to escape for them. Suppressing her sobs, she bites her lip, sparking her mind.

She stumbled past the car and realized that the first car was long gone. Rozelinin almost laughed at the thought of driving with her hands tied and her legs limited, but it was an opportunity she wouldn waste. Freedom was almost in his grasp; she could feel it, she. Her muscles tensed in anticipation, she. He just had to get in the car and drive away.

However, when he got to the other side of the car, Carter also rolled the back of the car; He reached behind his pants and pulled out a gun. Her eyes widened as Rozelin stopped and pointed at him.

”Hang on there, you goddamn puss! ”

Rozelin stopped and looked at the gun in her hand; then she looked back into Carters bloodshot face. He had to stall her so she could think about what to do next.

”Nasıl herkesi öldürebilirsin? Arkadaşlarını bile ” Silaha tekrar bak

Arken managed to keep her voice from stuttering.

Carter mocked him,

”This is our business. We know what we
e getting ourselves into. Now turn it off. Damn it. Up! Get in the car. NOW! ” With her other hand pointing the gun at him, she opened the door.

Rozelin couldn help herself; he grunted at her, his eyes shining a bright blue again.

”Aww, the wolf wants to come out and play? Too bad game times are over, Ill shoot you. ” She smiled at him.

She ignored Rozelins threat and walked towards her as if she were going to the back seat of the car. But he kept walking, approaching the boot he was standing on, his head tilted to the side as he studied it.

”Come on then, do it! ” she shouted, encouraging him.

He turned the safety off as she continued to watch him, but he wasn afraid, so he continued walking while staring at the barrel of the gun. He put his hand on it and bent down, pointing it directly at his forehead. Minutes passed as their eyes locked. This time, he did not stay away from the devils gaze. His finger hesitated on the trigger, then went to the trigger guard.

Rozelin burst out laughing and walked away from him. Carters lips twitched as she looked at him. Each step began to circle around her, carefully slowing down, her eyes locked on his.

”You can kill me. You have orders. Im too important to your small army. ”

”Accidents do happen, though, ” she spat at him.

”We both know Silas won believe it. Hes the kind of guy who will come after you for ruining his plans. I don know why Im so important now, but from what it sounds like hes been looking for me for years. If you kill me. Your life is over. ”

Where did this self-confidence come from? Of all the people, it wasn the time to see if Carter was bluffing with a goddamn WEAPON!

Although his mind was in panic, his face was calm. He kept his disgust off his face, even as he stared at the vile man in front of him. He got angry easily and needed to keep that under control. Otherwise he would shoot.

”I don care about Silas plans. Im going to enjoy killing you even more. ”

Roses face fell as she watched her finger return to the trigger.

His eyes widened; he should have known better. Carter was determined from the start to kill him; On the first day of her abduction, she disobeyed Silas orders.


Rozelin stopped walking and gasped. The air left her lungs sharply, she said.

The noise echoed through the parking lot, deafening the sound of flames continuing from the burning building in the starry night sky. Her eyes were still fixed on Carter as she held Rozels stomach.

Rozelin and Carter looked at each other as blood splattered from the side of her head; His eyes widened in shock before he collapsed to the ground with a bullet lodged in his head. Rozelin held her stomach in disbelief; Carter was dead. The man who had taken so much pleasure in inflicting pain on her lay cold on the floor, eyes open, blood spilling over the surface. He could hear his heart beating uncontrollably as the adrenaline and wolfsbane kept pumping through his body.

Eyes still wide, he turned his head towards the slowly burning building, an extraordinarily handsome Grey-haired man walked towards him, his silver eyes gleaming in the moonlight. He lowered his gun-holding hand and turned his eyes from corpse to rosé; Instinctively he took a step back and looked at the gun in his hand. He raised one eyebrow and lifted his shirt to place the pistol around his waist; her eyes lingered on the tense muscles shown below, but she quickly looked away when she saw a grin on the mans face.

”Who are you? ” He asked; His voice came out stronger than they had felt.

”My name is Ante, ” he whispered in Rozels ear.

His mind began to go wild; He was going from one situation where he was kidnapped to another where he would be kidnapped again. Looking around, he noticed how the men, along with a few huge wolves, were starting to emerge around him. Werewolves? His eyes were glowing a dark blue color.

Looking face to face, she felt her eyes reflect on them in the eerie blue glow, finally landing at the man now standing right in front of her, arms crossed over her body, veins bulging out from her biceps under her body. plain black t-shirt hes wearing. He bit his lip.

Did he shrink his shirt on purpose?

”Damon steel. Silver Crescent is the clans Alpha. Your Alpha. ” His deep muffled voice boomed in the parking lot, his attention shifted away from his body to his face, his eyes now piercing his own.

Your Alpha. ”

A growl rose from his chest as his back automatically straightened at the mans authoritative voice. Alphas eyes became hard and stormy, her lips tense as her chin moved in response. A bark from the side broke Rozels locked gaze and made her look in the direction of the barking wolf. His eyes shone again when he found the wolf, causing the wolf to squeak and bow his head in submission.

Frowning, he looked at the alpha male, Damon Steel, who took a step toward him, his hands fisted at his sides. He could see her physically shaken, as if she was fighting an internal battle with herself for control; His eyes were shining like the moon now. However, this time rozelin restrained herself and did not back down; front he didn know what was going on. All she knew was that she didn like the tone of her voice.

”I don have an alpha. ” ”What do you want from me? ” he snapped.

A short brown-haired man standing behind Alpha Damon grunted,

”We just helped you. Show some respect. ”

Rozels eyes ignored the mans comment and looked at Alpha Damon.

”To take you home. ” He said as eight blackened SUVs emerged from behind the burning building. They lined up in front of them.

Alpha Damon gestured the group of men to get into the cars. Yet most of the wolves dispersed into the forest, and the rest transformed before him. She blushed as she walked away from the naked men and women before getting into the towel-wrapped cars. The only people left in the parking lot were Alpha Damon and the red-haired man who had spoken to him earlier.

”Get in the car, rosé, ” Alpha Damon ordered.

He didn question how he knew his name; Until now, most people knew more about him than he did. Instead, he raised his bound hands,

”Can I at least remove these? It hurts like a bitch. ”

Alpha Damon looked at the red-haired man who nodded once and stepped forward with leather gloves on. Rozelin locked eyes with Damon as she unchained her hands; His cold stare made him swallow involuntarily. However, there was something about him that made him feel like he had met her before, but he undoubtedly knew that he would remember a face like this. Even though she had an authoritarian stance and even a single glance made her goosebumps, she knew she was completely safe next to him. Every instinct in his body said so.

How strange.

He shot a man without blinking an eye and was the Alpha of a well-known bloodthirsty pack. He shrugged, throwing these thoughts into the back of his mind; she felt exhausted. Not just from the wolfsbane, the silver chains, and the physical attacks, but emotionally, everything from the night was coming upon him. He averted his eyes from the Alpha and looked at the burning building; His jaw tightened as his eyes filled with tears. The man sighed as he threw the chains to the side, and looked behind him.

Damon walked to the last SUV and opened the back door, waiting for Rozelin to follow. He went to the car and stopped right in front of it, probing his eyes, realizing that he trusted him completely, and with that thought he climbed into the back of the car and got into the other seat. He followed behind her and closed the door.

Rozelin looked out of the darkened window at the flame-filled prison she was forced to stay in. She clung to the leather seat, her eyes filled with tears again, but this time she let it fall freely onto her cheeks.

”Please. Try not to scratch the leather. I just had the seats done. ” The red-haired man spoke from the drivers seat opposite him.

Looking down, he noticed that his claws were reaching out and clinging to the seat; He took a deep breath and watched in amazement as they receded into human fingernails. His eyes looked at Damon, who was scanning him from head to toe, then finally holding his gaze, he parted his lips to speak, but Damon turned away as another tear fell from his wet cheeks. The car drove away, turning its attention to the burning buildings that shrank in the distance, with Carters body lying on the ground.

For the next hour, Rozelin sat in a dazed state. He looked either through the window at the starry sky and the dark bluish fields, or at the leather chair in front of which another man sat. He began to shiver from the cold emptiness he felt inside. Was he in shock? He felt numb as if nothing mattered. Pulling the hood over her head, she wrapped her arms around each other and tried not to let the heat out of her head. He shrunk further into the chair and looked out the window and stared at the shimmering moon ahead.

All the while, he forced himself to ignore the dominant presence emanating from the Alpha sitting next to him; He could feel her gaze on his face every few minutes but didn notice him. The death of his friend and everything that he had experienced in that place in such a short time had confused him.

”Rozelin, what happened to you? ”

Damons deep voice brought him out of his stupor; He didn realize he was starting to tremble. He took a deep breath, calming himself, loosening his body. He turned his head to the side and looked at Damon, reading the candid expression on his face. Sighing, she forced a smile that didn reach her eyes.

”Its nothing. ”

”This is like nothing. She has bruises and blood all over her face and I can imagine her body being the same. ”

”It was nothing compared to what he did to the others, ” his voice cracked at the end of his sentence, and he looked away before his eyes disappeared again.

”Im sorry for putting you through. ”

He nodded once in response, but kept his gaze on the view as the car sped down the road. After a while, he relaxed again as his body returned to feeling numb. After feeling a slight vibration from the leather sofa, he looked to the side; His sharp jaw tickled as Damon looked in the rearview mirror and met the drivers eyes. He knew he was angry, but he didn know why.

At that moment, Rozelin evaluated the man next to her; When he sets his eyes on her He knew she was incredibly gorgeous, but now that he was so close to her, she gasped at how real the man in front of her was. It must have been drawn by an artist or a gift from heaven; No one should be this handsome He pressed all the right buttons for him.

His mouth unconsciously parted as his eyes greedily engulfed his entire profile. His silver eyes gleamed brightly against his white skin, thick black eyebrows, and intoxicatingly messy chin-length, straight gray hair. He had the perfect amount of beard on his sharp chin, down to his high cheekbones, and his earthy scent was cherry on top; He looked like he was going to pass out, but instead he inhaled his scent deeply.

A smile appeared on her face as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye; He immediately covered his mouth and looked away, his cheeks red from being caught staring at her. She kept her face away from him and pretended to look out the window but she couldn help but glance at her reflection from time to time. His body felt an attractive attraction towards him, and he knew it wasn his attraction alone.

Actually, that couldn be her personality, she didn know him, and she couldn help not liking dominant men; it was always the same. If they couldn replace it, he never wanted to know. Was it because he came from a powerful Alpha lineage? Every bone in his body could not help disobeying, even with his adopted parents Mandy and Andy, he would break every rule that was set, but they never complained.

He sighed and leaned his head against the window. His body finally gave in to fatigue after the high level of adrenaline he had experienced before had passed; He found his eyes close as the hum of the cars engine helped him fall into a dreamless sleep.

”Well be home soon. ” Damons hoarse voice was low, but loud enough to wake him up.

Roselin nodded; only then did he realize that he had not asked what house meant; he automatically understood that he meant his hometown of Oakton. She rolled her eyes inwardly at herself and her stupidity; He was sitting in the car with the Alpha of the Silver Crescent clan, who allegedly killed his family and wanted to kill him.

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