Looking out the window, a small town appeared. The cars headlights flashed on the sign that said Welcome to Silver Thorn Town. Roselis eyes widened; Silver Thorn was where she grew up with her biological parents before Mandy and Andy took her away at the age of eight, thirty minutes from Oakton and has never visited since. For some unknown reason, he didn get two-on-two that the Silver Crescent Pack would take him back to the place where his family was murdered.

A chill ran down his spine, causing goosebumps under the hood he wore. Instinct or not, he still had to be careful about this Alpha sitting next to him; this package was the cause of his familys death. But he couldn get into that right now; he just had to do one thing. If he could survive in the presence of a psychopath like Connor, then the Alpha werewolf was okay?

The car followed the seven SUVs ahead; After waiting in line for a while, the car he was sitting in started to move again. She held her breath at what Rozel saw as she turned the corner. A castle the size of a mansion that lights up behind some guarded gates. They passed behind other cars and down the driveway, past trees on the side of the road. While walking towards the mansion, the two fountains on both sides of the road lit up with a magnificent view.

Only one more car stopped in front of the building entrance; the others took another road towards a smaller building nearby. He looked out of Damons window and couldn believe his eyes. This is where he grew up, where his family lived and died. Had it not been for the sudden slam of the front car door, he would have continued to sit in a daze.

He got out of the car, hands in his front pockets, glancing around the building in the trunk. Then her eyes looked down as the double doors opened, revealing Mandy and Andy stepping out; Rozelin rushed forward and jumped into her fathers open arms. She felt her mothers arms wrap around her from behind. Nothing could replace his fathers embrace of a bear; gave the best

”Im so glad you
e safe, boy, ” she cawed; He looked and saw tears in his eyes.

”Don cry daddy. Or youll make mom cry and then Ill cry. We can have that now, can we? ” He turned his attention to his mother, who was already crying silently, her eyes already red and swollen.

”Im here. Im fine now, ” she said, comforting Roses mother, who gently brought her hand to her face.

”I wish I could have prevented this, ” her mothers voice sounded fragile as she looked down.

”Its nobodys fault, its my fault. But mom and dad, ” he caught their attention, looking at each of their faces, ”we seriously need to talk. You have a lot to say— ”

”Roseline! ”

Rozels eyes twitched in shock as she tensed. She recognized that voice, she turned her head to the side; she held her breath and immediately left her parents and ran towards the two figures in front of the blacked-out SUVs. She stood up and wrapped her arms around the two tall men in front of her. They laughed and grabbed him, putting their arms around him. In their arms, in the arms of Alex and Frank, she sobbed.

”I thought you were dead! ” His muffled voice somehow came out of Franks now damp top. His arms wrapped around her, comforting her.

After a while, Rozelin felt someones gaze on her; Ignoring this, he held the men for a moment longer until he heard a growl on the ground behind them and all three of them looked up. Rozelin looked back and locked eyes with Damon standing there. Alleri became fists at her sides. She felt goosebumps on the back of her neck from the tension between them, but she averted her eyes after she felt Frank shift uncomfortably behind her. He looked at Frank, who kept his gaze down; then her attention shifted to She, to Alax, who was grinning at her, her eyes gleaming as if she knew something she didn .

He tilted his head to wonder what it was all about, but his surprise made Alex smile wider. Ignoring the Alpha behind him and the apparent joke that was only meant for Alex, he took a step closer to them and slapped both men on the cheeks simultaneously. It wasn difficult, but it was enough to shake their heads slightly.Both men looked at him in shock.

”Thats for making me think you
e dead! ” He pointed his finger at both of them.

Frank shyly lowered his head and apologized like a mischievous schoolboy, while Alex chuckled.

”You can get rid of me that easily, baby. ” Staring at the demon watching them with her arms folded behind her, she winked before bringing him back inside for a hug.

Pulling herself away from his lap, she frowned and turned around when she noticed something; He searched for Gabriel but could not find him.

”Where is Gabriel? ” Worry was etched in his soft voice.

The silence rose, and she turned to face the men. Alex scratched the back of his messy hair, and Frank lowered his gaze before answering him.

”To me

look. Where is he? ” she asked.

Frank immediately looked up, his eyes gleaming again, ”The last time I saw him he disappeared into the woods. ”

Her eyes returned to normal as she gasped, her body relaxed. He acted as if he had to speak. But before Rozel could ask any more questions about her reaction and Gabriels whereabouts, Alex spoke,

”As soon as the wolves came, he went. ” Rozelin parted her lips, a look of surprise on her face, ”Vampires and werewolves… sort of natural enemies. Her disappearance made sense. She knew wed be okay. ” He continued.

Rozelin frowned at the new information and turned her head to look away; Trees among more trees surrounded the mansion in the middle of the expansive grounds, showing just how big the mansion really was. She was lost in thought as she stared at the moon behind the clouds and trees. Although she had not known these men for very long, she now felt very attached to them as if they were family. She shuddered at the thought of Gabriel fleeing in the woods near that place.

”Shell be okay, Rozelin. ” Alex put his hand between hers, her cat eyes staring at him seriously.

”How do you know? ” He questioned, but his attention shifted slightly after he felt a very powerful presence standing behind him; She ignored him again, as she already knew who he was.

”He lived over 500 years. I think he can take care of himself. ” Alex smiled at her, then looked up again, his smile widening to the man behind him.

”We haven met. Im Alex. ” He held out his hand for Damon to take it, who didn mind and stared at his rosette as he spoke harshly.

”Damon. Rozelin, you need some rest. Ill show you to your rooms. ”

He suddenly turned around, waiting for them to follow, and they followed like obedient dogs. Rozelin turned back to her parents, who hugged her one more time before following her. As she passed through the double doors, she lifted her head slightly in the great hallway, a chandelier hung from the high ceiling, modern art adorned the walls, and straight ahead was an elegant staircase wide enough to fit six people on one step. . Stairs led to a landing that separated into two different sides of the mansion. An impulse from behind brought him out of his trance and he continued to move forward.

Climbing the stairs, she began to feel déjà vu as she looked at the rosé, the windows that stretched to the wall, and how bright the surroundings were; everything was modern and stylish. The place where he grew up was still the same, but there were a few differences. When they arrived at the pier, his parents hugged him tightly; her mother stepped back and gently held her face,

”Well talk tomorrow. For now, get some rest. You look awful. ” Finally, her voice cracked as tears welled up in her eyes.

Rozelin smiled and wiped her mothers tears, ”Im fine. Don worry, see you in the morning. ”

They walked to the other side of the landing, passed through several doors, and disappeared in a corner next to another floor-to-ceiling window. Rozel turned around to see Alex, Frank, and Damon patiently waiting for her at the other end of the hallway, giving the family much-needed space. He caught up with them and Damon showed the men to their rooms; Their eyes lit up when they saw the canopy double bed, TV, and en-suite bathroom. Rozelin chuckled and left them to explore the luxurious rooms for the night that they could call their own.

She walked silently beside Damon as she turned; she took him to the other side of the mansion. His eyebrows were furrowed in surprise.

”Where is my room? ” she asked.

”Im showing you that. ” Husky has the answer.

”Why isn he with the others? ”

He stopped walking and turned to look at her. He stepped above her, making hers look smaller compared to his muscular body; He lifted his head so that his eyes could find hers. A cold look locked him in place as the muscles in his jaw moved.

”Youll be near me. NOT with them. Near me is the safest place for you. ”

His heart stuttered with the words I am with him but he kept his face calm as he nodded in understanding. She blinked in surprise at his obedience, but without another word she turned and continued. As they reached the other end of the hall, Damon opened a door for him, revealing a huge room with a double mosquito net bed, sofa, TV, and en-suite bathroom.

Rozelin walked across the room to the window that extended to the wall, revealing the gardens behind her in the dark night. A few long, lost memories flashed before his eyes; one in particular lingered in his mind. Two children, him and a dark-haired boy, ran across a field playing in the garden, their boyish laughter filling the air. But as the memory came to life, it faded away as his attention returned to the present. Shaking his head, he turned around to see Damo standing in the room, watching him.

He folded his arms and made her stare briefly at her bulging biceps before looking into her silvery eyes. As their eyes locked on each other, the air in the room faded, the tension becoming palpable as the seconds passed.

”Theres a lot to talk about tomorrow. A lot of money to get through.

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