Sophia wakes with drops of water falling on her face. She looks up and saw the sky was dark. It started to rain heavily. She was soaked. She starts running to the cave. She slips and falls down getting dirt all over body. She stands up and starts running again. She reaches the cave and goes inside. She starts to feel cold since she was naked. She starts shivering. There was no wood or anything to light a fire. She starts rubbing her hands to keep her warm. She starts to feel horny again. ”Well i could keep myself warm ” she thought. She starts to masturbate and sucking her breasts. ”Fuck i cant stop. I love it so much ” moans Sophia. She starts to go faster, and this indeed made her warm. She was feeling hot and was still horny. She then came all over her. She was still horny and her dick was hard. She again keeps masturbating. She fingers her ass hole deep. ”FUCKKK!! ” moans Sophia. She couldn stop. She came even more. She keeps cumming and masturbating as much as she can, since she loved it so much also it kept her warm. It then strikes Sophia that, every time she cums, it was much more than that previous cum, also her breast milk was increasing every time. She continued to suck her breasts and loved the taste of her milk. She then realizes that her stamina was also increasing. She continued for the next couple of hours and finally felt exhausted and fell asleep. The ground was covered with a lot of cum that it started to flow out side the cave into the forest.

Sophia wakes up the next day. She sees that see fell asleep covered in her cum. She starts to lick her cum from her body. ”Mm… damn…. my cum tastes so good….. even though its little salty.. but its great ” said Sophia. She was covered in dirt cause of the fall yesterday. She went to the waterfalls and took a bath. She masturbated couple of times and cleaned her herself again.

Sophia decided that she needs some tools to help herself in this forest. She needs some weapons too to defend herself. She starts to search around if she can find anything that would help her. She then sees some fruits on the ground. She grabs them and starts eating. She looks up and saw more fruits on the trees. She did not how to climb a tree. She then decided she have to train herself to defend herself and also pick up some skills to help her survive in the forest. She starts to climb up trees and starts to train her attacks and defences. She now believes that she has some kind of power because she can keep up the training for longer period. Her stamina was increasing because of all the masturbation. She wanted to increase her stamina more so she starts to jog around also in hope to find some weapons.

As she was jogging, she saw in a distance a object shining faintly. She goes near it and finds an old, rusty, broken axe on the ground. She picks it up and inspects it. The way the axe head was tied to the wood could mean that there were humans or someone around somewhere and they were here couple of days of maybe months ago. Sophia became happy to know that she was not alone in the forest and started to look around. She took the axe head and started to train with it and also started to collect woods and fruits.

She continued her training and kept on masturbating for the next two weeks. During this time, she confirmed her magic or whatever skill it was. She could increase or decrease anything she touches. She could increase the amount or decrease the amount. The first time she tried to increase the logs she collected by at least one she felt exhausted and then fell unconscious for couple of minutes. She then started to train her magic slowly by slowly. In this way two weeks have passed. Sophia knew that if she had powers or magic everyone around will be having powers as well.

Thus starts the domination of Sophia over the whole world.

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