The village was somehow bustling.
Luon tilted his head as he saw the empty stable full of glossy horses.

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‘Did someone come?’

Seeing Abil biting his nails with a nervous look, he approached and asked,

“Where’s the village chief?”

“Ah! Lu, Luon!”

Abil’s eyes widened.

“We’re in trouble.
Oh god!”

“What happened?”

“The baron came.”

Luon asked back.

“What about the baron?”

“I don’t know.
All of a sudden, they rushed in and said that there was evidence of our connection with the devil… and even though they said it wasn’t the chief, they dragged him… ”

“Are they at the inn?”

When Luon cut off Abil’s gibberish words, he nodded.

“Yes, yes, that’s right.
Please, save our village chief.”

Luon went straight to the inn and grabbed the doorknob.
It was locked from the inside and did not open.

‘I broke several doors today.’

After he tore off the doorknob and put his hand inside and lifted the latch on the other side, someone shouted from inside.

“What’s going on?”

Luon, who pushed the door with his foot, stepped inside.
The inn was a mess.
Perhaps to make more room, the space was wide open in the middle, and the pushed tables and chairs were scattered around the edges.

In the centre of the inn, two people were sitting on chairs facing each other, and their appearances were completely different.
One was the ugly village chief, Rancell, who was sweating with a cloth in his mouth, and the other was a fat man with an ass so big that he couldn’t see the chair.

The man asked,

“Who are you?”

“Someone who has business with the village chief?”

The fat man grinned at Luon’s answer.

“Do you know who I am?”

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“Should I know?”

In response to the blunt answer, one of the soldiers standing closest to Luon drew his sword.

“You bastard, opening your mouth to make fun of us without fear.”


The fat man raised his hand and stopped the soldier.

“My name is Conrad.
I have a small estate that was bestowed upon me by the king, and within it I am called Baron Conrad.
I stopped here to investigate the horrific incident that took place on my estate.
So, what’s your name, disturber?”

Luon grinned.
The baron introduced himself in a big way.


Even though he introduced himself as a baron, Conrad’s face wrinkled slightly when Luon was consistent with his short answer.
The soldiers inside the inn all drew their weapons and charged at Luon.

“Baron, give the order and I will cut that bastard’s head off.”

“Lord, do you want me to gauge this bastard’s eyes?”

They appeared to be more like bullies in the back alley than the soldiers of a noble.The baron, who was in high spirits with such men on his back, said

“There is no way I can stop these guys if you are not polite.”

At that time, the village chief twisted his body with a loud noise.
Luon looked at the village chief, who was looking at him with anxious eyes, and spoke.

“Why is the village chief tied up like that?”

“He is being investigated for having contact with the devils.”

Luon asked back since he had heard it from Abil.

“What charges? As far as I know, that man doesn’t even have the guts to hire a mercenary.”

The baron laughed.

“Despite the rumors that a demon appeared in the monastery, the village chief did not report it to me, the lord.
What does that mean? He made a deal with the devil and kept his mouth shut.”

Since there was no such thing, Luon breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s not true.
The chief hired me, hoping to solve the monastery problem, and I’ve solved it.
So, if you let him go, everything will be fine.”

The baron tilted his head.

“You solved it? You mean you killed the devil?”

“He wasn’t a complete devil, but more like a devil follower.”

The baron, who had been silent for a while at Luon’s words, made a sound of blowing air.
Maybe it was a signal, but all the soldiers around him began to giggle.

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The baron raised his glistening eyes.

“Hey, Luon.
No, you bastard.
You want me to believe you killed a devil alone? Are you a legendary warrior or something?”

“It is up to you to believe it or not.”

“Did you lose your head when you came here? Do you think I’m easy to fool? This Conrad?”

The baron stretched out his finger and pointed at Luon.

“Kill that bastard.”

In an instant, the soldiers rushed in.
Luon drew the newly acquired long sword from his waist and blocked the axe.
He had planned to counterattack after deflecting the attack, but when the transparent sword split the axe in two, he was surprised and backed away.

When the cut axe blades fell to the floor with a thud, the rushing soldiers backed away.

Unlike the axe that was cut in two, the transparent blade did not have a dent.
Luon, who was looking into the silver-coloured stag Pommel, murmured

“I got something great.”

The baron looked at the shining sword as if possessed and shouted.

“Take that! Kill that bastard and bring it to me!”

The soldiers approached with malice again.
Perhaps conscious of the power of the sword, approaching from all sides without rushing recklessly seemed to be a way to attack at the same time.
It was not a bad plan, but it was a bad opponent.

One beat quickly, Luon kicked the table.
The guy who hesitated at the table obscuring his view, was cut off along with the table.

Luon, who dug through the falling soldiers, swung his sword freely.
Dodge the stabbing sword and cut diagonally at the same time.
Lift using that rotational force, and down once more.
The men who had their limbs severed in the attack that flowed like water screamed and fell.

“You are good, bastard!”


The men who lost their companions rushed in with abusive shouts, but they, too, vainly went to their companions’ side in front of Luon’s sword.

When Luon, who had pommeled the head of the large soldier who rushed in last, raised his head, the frightened baron was holding his cheeks.

“Hey, what is this… you, you, you you bastard.”

Luon walked briskly and raised the baron’s cheek.


Luon swung his hand without giving the baron a moment to come to his senses.
With a slap, the baron’s head turned to the other side.

“Well, hold on.
Let’s talk.”

In an instant, the swollen-cheeked baron vomited something yellow from his mouth.

Luon said coolly.

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“Be honest.”

“What, what?”

“If you really thought it was the devil’s work, you wouldn’t have even thought of coming here.
Why did you make it look like that?”

“Ah, I thought they had a deal with the devil…”

Again, sparks flew from the baron’s cheeks.
Luon, who had straightened the baron who had his legs loose, asked again.

“Answer me properly.”

“····Try to take possession of the land and, oh, raise taxes.”

It wasn’t worth listening to anymore.
Luon lowered the baron to his knees and then released the tied village chief.

“Heh heh, heh heh.”

The village chief let out a rough breath as he pulled out the cloth from his mouth.

Luon asked.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine.”

All of a sudden, the chief was being respectful.
When Luon was hesitant about what to say, he thought it was because of the fear of the person who caused the disaster in front of him.

“Are you the champion of Tibella?”

The chief inquired.
He added, pointing with a trembling hand at the shining silver longsword.

“A sword adorned with a silver stag, the symbol of Tibella.”

t was then that Luon realized why the village chief spoke.
The village chief seemed to think of him as a champion and a great warrior chosen by Tibella.

He wasn’t interested in cumbersome titles, but Luon smiled inwardly.
He turned his head and approached the baron, who was looking up at him.

“You said Conrad, right?”

“Well, yes.”

Leaning down, Luon looked into the baron’s eyes and said,

“I killed your men because you were after this sword.”

As he spoke, Luon lifted his sword, and the baron flinched to the point of notice.

“What kind of warrior would give up his holy weapon? What do you think?”

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The baron swallowed his saliva.

“Oh, that was a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Where’s the person who shouted to kill me and take my sword away?”

Luon said to the baron, who had a blank expression on his face, with a stupid expression.

“Apart from persecuting the villagers to collect more taxes than the royal decree, it would be difficult to attract devils to them.
Even if a devil actually came out of the monastery, isn’t that like spitting in the face of Tibella?”

The baron’s face was beautifully contorted.

“I really thought there were devils in the monastery?”

“Yes, and I killed him.”

The baron shouted urgently as Luon rolled up the handle of the shining long sword.

“I had no idea about that.
I was just trying to use rumors to raise taxes a little.
It was never meant to take advantage of the misfortunes of the monastery.”

The baron looked genuinely perplexed.
If it were true that the devil appeared in the monastery, he would have admitted to using the monastery’s troubles in front of Tibella’s champion.

‘Didn’t he even order him to be killed?’

“Neither do I want to mix my personal feelings with what I do in the name of God.
Go back quietly and forget about this.
Can you do it?”

It was said that he was doing it in the name of God, and even though he was heartbroken, Luon finished without even losing any saliva from his mouth.

The baron alternated between the bodies sprawled on the floor and Luon.
And he saw the shining holy sword in his hand.

The baron nodded.

“I will.”

“You’d better never forget that feeling.”

Luon gestured towards the door as if to leave.
The baron staggered and ran outside without looking back.
After a while, the sound of his horse’s hooves faded away with a hee-hee-hing.
(Tl note:- horse’s voice)

“Village chief! What’s this!”

When Abil and the villagers saw the baron running away, they entered the inn and were horrified to see the corpses on the floor.

Fortunately, the village chief, who saw everything, explained the situation, and the work was completed without any major problems.
The problem was that, in the process, the villagers firmly believed that Luon was Tibella’s champion.

He did not only stop the baron’s evil deeds, but he had also killed the devil of the monastery and was even chosen by Tibella.
So, people began to look at Luon with respect.
Looking into those eyes, Luon only scratched his head as he could not claim the commission fee.

‘You used a god openly; it’s karma.’

Luon, who had originally thought of even killing the baron, decided that he would be satisfied if just the situation was settled somehow.

The Holy Sword hummed low, as if it wanted penetrated his heart for talking about the Temple without any faith.

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