Time flew by.

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During his stay in the Deer Village, Luon focused his energy on checking and recovering his equipment.
Actually, these are big words.
He ordered new armor from the smithy, and rested until his red ripe flesh saw light.

Luon quickly recovered to his perfect condition thanks to his high fitness level, and the blacksmith informed him that he had finished his armour just in time.

The quality of the leather armour was excellent, befitting the blacksmith’s aspiration, who said that he was confident that his tanning would be second to none.
Luon, who expressed his sincerity by adding a few more silver coins, was ready to leave the village immediately.
The villagers, led by Rancell, saw him off.

Luon looked at the crowd and said,

“You don’t have to send me off.”

“Lord Luon is leaving, so we came to say goodbye.”

“Lord… I’m about to get a scab in my ear.”

Despite Luon’s grim expression, Rancell nodded his head without wavering.

“It’s no wonder you’re called that.
You are the Champion of Tibella.”

Luon smiled and held out his hand.
His hand was quickly clasped by Rancell.

Luon said.

“Live well.”

Please be careful.”

After letting go of Rancell’s wrinkled hand, Luon turned around.
Someone shouted behind him as he left the village.
It was Abil.

“We will never forget the ordinary mercenary who defeated the devil and did not ask for any reward! You are our hero!”

The villagers clapped their hands and cheered as Abil shouted.

“Thank you.”

“Thanks to you, we’re relieved.”

“Come again.
I won’t charge you for the inn next time!”

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The non religious warrior, who had suddenly become a hero, strode forward with cheers on his back.
People’s voices gradually faded away.
Suddenly, a wide plain of silver grass spread out in front of him.
Luon, who was feeling the silver grass with his fingertips with his head tilted in the wind, cast his eyes far away.

“Where would be good?”

Anywhere is fine for now.
In this vast world, there are still countless places that he has not visited, and many stories that are waiting for him.



The birds, startled by the loud sound, flew away.
Billy, the man who uttered the abusive language, flung his feet nervously into the air.
Even though the wheel that was stuck in the mud did not come out, Billy did not stop kicking in the air while sweating hard.
Because if he didn’t do that, he’d be frustrated.

“I shouldn’t have been greedy.”

Billy sat down, sweating profusely.

In order to shorten the time even a little, Billy used the path in the vicinity of the river rather than the highway.
The wet ground swallowed the wheel as if waiting, and Billy was stranded with the cart.
That was a long time ago.

At that moment, someone entered Billy’s gaze, who had been holding his breath for a while.

Billy exclaimed.

“Hey there! Hey!”

The man walking in the distance turned his head.
He looked this way for a moment and walked down.
Billy, who was smiling at the expectation that he had someone to help him, swallowed a dry mouth as the man approached.

The man dressed in armour and with weapons by his side does not look like an ordinary person.

The man approached Billy and asked.

“What happened?”

Billy stammered as he looked up at a man who seemed to be taller than him.

“That, that, the wheel got stuck in the mud…”

The man looked at the wagon and then passed Billy.
He avoided the soft ground and approached the cart.
He bent his knees and grabbed the bottom of the cart.
Billy was surprised to see it.

“Let’s do it together.
It will be hard if you do it by yourself?”

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The entire wheel, which had been buried so deeply that the wheel could not be seen, came out.
Billy, who was rendered speechless by the ridiculous strength, inquired.

“Are you a descendant of a giant?”

Billy was serious, but the man grinned as if he had heard a funny joke.

“When I created the character, there was no such thing.”

“Character? What’s that?”

The man, Luon, said to Billy, who tilted his head at the first word he heard.

“There is such a thing.
By the way, what did you do to go down this road, leaving the road in good condition? What if you had met a monster?”

Billy sighed deeply.

“I tried to shorten the time, but I was too greedy.”

“Why time?”

As Luon tilted his head, Billy whispered cautiously, lowering his voice as if anyone was listening.

“I’m saying this because you are my benefactor.
There are rumors that war will break out soon.
The king is about to embark on a northern expedition.”

As Median said.
Luon nodded and remembered the incident in Grungrad.
That was already a month ago, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the rumors had spread widely.

Billy’s words continued.

“Then, isn’t it obvious that iron prices are skyrocketing? No matter how much of a peddler I am who pushes a handcart, I still have a reputation as a merchant, so I could not miss this opportunity, so I went around a few villages and bought all the metal.
But damn, the king’s decree suddenly fell.
Merchants seeking profit with high margins are severely punished and iron prices are frozen or something.
The steel I bought at a high price was in danger of becoming crap, so I rushed to sell it… and I ended up having an accident.
That’s what happened.”

“I see.”

Luon nodded his head.
If it was a rumor that even a peddler knew, then a war would really break out.
But just like a month ago, he was not very interested in war.
He didn’t want to bleed on the front lines to satisfy the king’s lust for conquest.
If he had to leave for the North, it was clear that he would travel alone, not because of the war.

Luon asked.

“Are there any other rumors?”

“Other rumors?”

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“Anything is fine.”

Billy, scratching his chin and thinking, said.

“I don’t know what kind of rumors you want, but… the only rumors I’ve heard lately are that a married woman climbs over the fence every night to meet a young man.”

“···That’s enough.”

Luon shook his head.
Scratching his head in embarrassment, Billy asked.

“Where are you planning to go?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Then why don’t you come with me to Relyzan? If we go up here and go straight down the road, we’ll be right there.
Since it’s quite a big city, I think you’ll be able to hear all the rumors you want.
I don’t know what it is.”

Luon nodded his head in agreement.

“Well, I’ll do that.”


Relyzan was a city with a very different landscape from Grungrad.
If Grungrad was like a quaint old castle, Relyzan was more like a decadent entertainment district.
As if to prove that, the men on the street had all kinds of tattoos all over their bodies, and the women stuck their tongues out and waved their hands whenever their eyes met.

After arriving at Relyzan, Luon parted ways with Billy and spent time solving small requests posted on the bulletin board.
Compared to the previous monastery, they were all just plain and worthless things, but he knew that most things were like that, so he wasn’t particularly impatient.

As time went on, Luon’s name gradually spread, regardless of his own will.
The rumors spread around the time when six thugs trying to steal his money were beaten up, and it exploded when Victor, who said he was the best at fighting with bare hands in Relyzan, was arguing with Luon and his jaw was broken with one punch.

Luon became a celebrity in an instant, but his daily life didn’t change much.
As always, he killed monsters and entered the city soaked in their blood.
At some point, he began to be called butcher.

Originally, Luon would have left the city before such interest began to pour in, but this time, he did not do so.
It was because the lord of Relyzan didn’t even have any interest in him.
Seong-ju, who lives in pleasure, is famous for drinking alcohol without caring about the rumors of his subjects, and Luon liked him very much, although he had never seen his face before.

However, he could not stay here forever.
Over the past few weeks, he has dealt with various things that have happened in and around the city, but what he gained is only about 20% of the experience in terms of numbers.
The rumors were all false.
When he heard that a devil had appeared, he went to see and found a group of goblins huddled together.

Even after getting a precious sword, Luon thought to himself that he was now getting tired of the monsters he was dealing with.

‘…I’ll leave tomorrow.’

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Having gathered his thoughts, Luon drank the beer at once.
Even though he was drinking beer, it didn’t look like he was drinking, but since one silver coin can buy 20 glasses, if you forcefully shove it in, you can somehow feel like you’re drinking.
The problem was that he was full before that.

It was then.

“Damn it! Get out of my way.”

Luon turned his head at the thick swearing from below.
A man could be seen under the railing surrounded by the other men in the store.

“Who are you bastards to block the road?”

In the midst of being surrounded by the crowd, the man shouted fearlessly.
Apparently, there was a quarrel.
Luon soon lost interest and turned his head because it was a scene that could be seen as often as breathing in Relyzan.
He was going to turn his head.

“Why are you blocking my way when I said I’m going to meet the Butcher?”

“He isn’t someone the likes of you can meet?”

What? Luon frowned when his shameful name came out of the man’s mouth.
Come to think of it, all of those who stood in the man’s way were usually the ones who chased him enthusiastically.
They pretended to be his escort that he hadn’t even asked for.

In the meantime, a fight broke out from below, starting with the man waving his fist at those blocking his path.
In an instant, the pub went into a mess, and people cheered.


“Beat him up!”

It’s annoying.
Anyway, it was related to him, so Luon stood up to fix it.
But an unexpected sight caught his eye.

The man screamed and knocked all the guys down.
After spitting on the floor, the man raised his head, and Luon’s eyes met with his.

Luon sighed quietly as he watched the man walk up the stairs.

Luon was wondering if he was a challenger or something.

Ever since he broke Victor’s jaw, there have been some people who have come and attacked him whenever they could.
All of them were stupid people who thought Luon was a back-alley boss.

Luon, who never refuses a fight, silently clenched his fist.

“I need your help.”

The man who climbed the stairs fell to his knees.

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