erves helped him to follow the dynamic movements of the horse, so he was able to follow Kyle without difficulty.

Kyle, who had been running for a long time, stopped by a large rock.

“The road ahead is too rough to ride on a horse.
It would be much faster if we walked.”

“Where is the village?”

“It’s over there.”

Kyle said so and extended his index finger.
Luon moved his gaze along his fingertips and asked, looking at the large stone that stood out from afar.

“Is that the village monument?”

“That’s right.
It looks like it’s still intact, so I guess it hasn’t been broken yet!”

Luon nodded his head and said, while sympathising with him.

“Wait here.
I will be back soon.”

“I want to go with you too.”

Kyle followed Luon, who immediately moved forward.

“If I don’t kill at least one guy with my hands, I won’t be able to rest in peace even in death.”

“You’ll just get in my way.”

“If I get in your way, you can let me die.”

“Then who will give me my money?”

After hesitating for a moment, Kyle answered.

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“If you look on the floor under the table in my house, you can see the money I have saved so far.
You take them all… Ah, my house has a blue cloth decoration at the entrance…”

“That’s enough.
You can do it yourself.”

He said he would risk his life and there was no reason to stop him.
And if he interfered with the battle, Luon could abandon Kyle at any time, if necessary.

Then a thumping sound rang out.
The air pushed by the strong shockwave hit the faces of the two men heading towards the village.

Surprised by the shock, Kyle fumbled.

“Shit, what’s going on?”

“Looks like they have started.”

Luon ran towards the village after saying those words.
Soon after arriving at the entrance of the village, the sound of the explosion once again penetrated his ears.


There was no need to search far for the source of the sound.
Two men in black hoods were standing under the rocking stone monument.
One of them withdrew his outstretched hand, and the road went wild.

“You arrogant little rock! Why won’t you break?”

“Are you sure there’s something? Are you going to take responsibility if you don’t get a damn thing when you’ve killed everyone?”

“Can’t you see that my magic doesn’t work? This is no ordinary stone!”

“Then you can come back after completing the quest.
The headstone doesn’t have feet.”

“Give me a moment.”

Luon walked towards the huffing, short man and the tall woman who scolded him.
Only then did the two turn their heads to look at Luon.

The short man spoke.

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“Hey, did you really kill everyone? There’s still someone alive.”

“Idiot, do you think he is a villager?”

“··Come to think of it, he is a little big.”

Luon looked around the headstone, not at the two of them.
There were quite a few corpses lying on the ground.
The man frowned, thinking Luon was ignoring him.

“Hey, Who are you?”

The answer came from elsewhere.

“Die, you crazy bastards!”

Kyle, who ran late, shouted with red bloodshot eyes, and the man who was looking at him tilted his head.

“Does that guy look like a villager?”

“You’re right.
You shit eating bastard.”

Kyle was holding a long-handled hammer that he had picked up from somewhere.
The tall woman was grinning at him, who seemed to be rushing at any moment.

“Bildo, he seems to be insulting you?”

The man, Bildo, raised the cane in one hand and stood up.

“That little bastard dares insult me? It looks like you brought a mercenary from somewhere, but I will kill you painfully.
The mother of all evil crouched in the basement-”

Bildo collapsed.
A dagger was deeply embedded in his forehead.

He doesn’t even have a shield.
Luon, who threw the dagger silently, recovered his outstretched hand and grabbed the handle of his holy sword.

“Shit! Bildo!”

The woman shouted in surprise.
The head of the hammer slid over her head, who was momentarily stiffened by the death of her comrade.
It was Kyle.


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