w days?”

“My jaw is about to fall out.”

As if he knew it, the owner chuckled and entered the kitchen, and Luon slumped into his chair and stretched.
He frowned a little, but that was it.
It’s been a long time since he felt tired enough after walking for a long time thanks to the stamina stats he increased steadily after each level up.

Luon, after killing the ghost, found a small village on the hillside only at dawn, and had just entered an inn emitting smoke from the chimney.

The inside of the inn looked old, but it was closer to a vintage atmosphere rather than an old feeling because the owner paid a lot of attention to it.
Luon really liked the atmosphere.

After a while, the owner set the steaming dishes and glass down in front of Luon.

It was a thick pie with warm milk and a sweet scent.
When he dipped into the pie, the red jam flowed deliciously.

“This is the most popular menu item in our store.
It’s sold out after lunch, so you can’t even look at it.”

As if to represent the confident owner, the pie was excellent.
While Luon was smiling contentedly at the dish that was going to be eaten in a short time, a group of people came down from upstairs with a buzz.

The stubby hair man who was the first to come down the stairs fixed his gaze on Luon, who was eating.

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Broad shoulders and a solid physique.
A bow on his back and a sword on his waist.
Seeing Luon’s unusual appearance, the stubby hair had a brief conversation with his party, and then approached the table where Luon was sitting.

The ponytail sitting across from Luon asked.

“Are you a mercenary?”

Luon, who had been enjoying the softness of the pie in full swing, wrinkled his forehead.

“Can’t you see that I’m eating?”

“I apologize if I was rude.”

“If you know, I’d like you to keep it a little bit.”

“Do you want to work together? I know something that is quite tempting.”

What if a guy who knows it’s rude is just saying what he has to say? In a situation where he couldn’t complain, Luon stared intently at his head, In the spirit of wanting to hear what he is talking about.

Accepting the silence as a yes, the ponytail raised the corners of his mouth.

“There’s a notorious Banshee around here.”

Luon’s expressionless expression became subtle.
Banshee? He thinks he knows what he is talking about.

“It’s an old entity, so it’s quite powerful.
It’s strong enough to screech some of the youngsters who rushed in fearlessly to death.
Well, thanks to that, the reward has nearly tripled, so it’s a good thing for us.
As you’d have noticed, my colleagues and I are going to kill that banshee bitch.
But it’s true that I’m a little uneasy when I look at the precedents.
From the looks of it, you are also living off knife rice too.
How about it? Go on a banshee hunt with us.
The more colleagues the better, right? The pay will be divided equally, so don’t worry.”

By the time the ponytail had spoken up to that point, Luon was already thinking about something else.

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‘Yay, I got some money.’

He was disappointed that he didn’t earn much except for the old necklace, but it had a bounty! It was very fortunate that he handled it without much effort.

Of course, the Banshee was a powerful evil spirit.
But that’s only if you’re defenseless or unable to resist the banshee’s screams.

It was not applicable to Luon, who had ‘resistance to various debuffs’ as one of the main character perks at the time of character creation.

“What will you do?”

Luon, who had been silent, answered the question in a soft voice.

“Is the Banshee’s keepsake a necklace? A rusty necklace adorned with small green jewels.”

The forehead of the ponytail slightly narrowed.

“That’s right.
That’s exactly what was described as evidence.
What? You knew everything, but you’ve been listening to me pretending you don’t know?”

I heard it for the first time today.”

“But how do you know about the necklace? It doesn’t make any sense.”

The ponytail raised his eyebrows.
He seemed to think that Luon was lying because he put a lot of strength into his raised eyebrows.

Luon didn’t want to explain so instead of answering he took out the necklace he had obtained after killing the ghost from his arms.

“What? No way…”

Luon said to the man looking at the necklace with a surprised expression.

“That Banshee.
I killed it on my way.”

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