n who had just appraised the necklace.

The middle-aged man said

“Someone is looking for you.
I hope you won’t refuse.”


Although Luon had adapted to the medieval fantasy world, only the aristocracy was still uncomfortable.
Even though he has a strong body and excellent combat skills due to his mad levelling, he still feels like he is completely useless in front of the nobles.

Could it be that Luon was born into an ordinary family? You guessed correctly.
It means that he is unable to adapt to a world in which his civic personality (TL Note:-role in the society) has completely changed.

So Luon was very uncomfortable and annoyed at the same time.
Because the person who called him happened to be an aristocrat.
It was also the wife of the Lord.

Median, wife of Delphion, lord of Grungrad, sat in an antique chair and looked at Luon.
Luon was quite burdened by her gorgeous face adorned with dazzling decorations and dark coloured makeup.

She licked her bright red lips.

“Are you the warrior who killed the Banshee?”

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She didn’t seem to want an answer, so he just stayed still.
Sure enough, Median didn’t wait.

“I’ve been looking into you for the last couple of days.
I was intrigued by the rumours that you killed the Banshee alone.”

“Did you find anything?”

Unlike Luon, Median replied as if waiting.

“Of course.
Or, should I call you Wyvern Slayer?”

While Luon’s forehead slightly wrinkled, Median rolled up her bright red lips vigorously.

“I expected you to be famous, but honestly, it exceeded my expectations.
I never imagined that you would be the warrior who killed the Wyvern in Nardam and then suddenly disappeared.”

It was true.
Luon once worked as an escort for a merchant company in the city of Nardam, and one day, when a hungry Wyvern attacked the carriage from the sky, he cut the winged lizard to pieces.

Upon hearing the rumours, the lord of Nardam showed a frantic drive to marry his daughter to him, and of course Luon left Nardam immediately.
It was not enough to force the warrior who killed the Wyvern to be his permanent bodyguard.

‘Dog shit.
All of that was for nothing.’

A bitter laugh leaked out.
He thought it would have been forgotten after quite some time, but the noblewoman in front of him was confident that he had hunted the Wyvern.

So Luon decided to just admit it.

“I do remember killing such a monster.
It was not an easy battle.”

“That’s great.”

Median smiled and reached out to the side.
The maid standing next to her quickly handed her a glass of wine in her hand.

After taking a light sip, Median spoke.

“My husband is a hero.
That too a war hero.
Do you know what that means?”

Luon didn’t answer.

“He is a terribly lustful man, as are most people who have established themselves on the bodies of their enemies.
While I pray for his health and victory, behind my back, he has a new woman every day in his arms.”

When he first heard that the lord was a war hero and a horny person, Luon nodded without a soul.
Oh yes.
Is that so?

“I can understand it if it was at war.
I’m not an idle person to complain to my husband, who has been on a rough battlefield for years, to protect his principles.
But it’s a problem if it’s still going on.
Isn’t it my job to set an example to the women who are flirting with my husband without thinking?”

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Wait a minute.
Could this woman?

“If you’re going to ask me to murder someone, I refuse.”

At Luon’s resolute words, Median’s eyes widened.
Then, she squealed like crazy.
Her body was shaking so much that her wine overflowed, and after barely holding her breath, she tapped the tears that flowed from her eyes with the back of her hand.
‘Is this funny enough to bring tears to her eyes?’

“Do I look like a foolish woman who would ask a Wyvern Slayer to kill her husband’s mistress?  Besides, you don’t have to worry because someone else has already finished the job.”

‘Then why did you call me? I thought, but I didn’t say it out loud.
It was clear that this woman would tell everything on her own if he stayed still.’

“The bitch is already dead.
Under a witch’s curse, her whole body was twisted, and she occupied a place in the cemetery without a rat knowing it.
It would have been great if it had ended just like that, but unfortunately, there was a problem… Ghouls started appearing in the cemetery after that bitch was buried.”

Ghouls? Luon’s eyes widened slightly at the unexpected word.

“Is it a coincidence? This is by no means a coincidence.
There must have been a problem with the curse or the witch must have tampered with it.
It made my situation worse.
The Lord had ordered the subjugation of the ghouls, and I might get caught.
So I want you to solve this before it happens.”

What a coincidence.

From the standpoint of Luon, who was interested in the Ghouls, there was no reason to refuse.
He was trying to find out quietly considering the situation would cause friction with the guards, but if he gets paid, he would kill two birds with one stone.

Median quickly added to Luon, who smiled inwardly at the unexpected situation.

“You’d better not think about saying no.
As I said, I’ve looked into your tracks, and that’s in line with the fact that I know who killed the five people in Grungrad’s estate recently.”

‘What? Are you threatening me?’

At Median’s words, Luon’s head exploded and he remembered for a moment the dead ponytail.
The woman seemed to want to prevent him from escaping.

“They were robbers trying to kill me, not ordinary people”

“With one word, the robbers become good residents in an instant.”

Median grinned at Luon with a triumphant expression on her face.
He had no intention of rejecting her in the first place, but Median’s absurd threats seems unreasonable.

“Well, that’s fine.
I will do it.”

When Luon nodded casually, Median’s face was dyed with a look of embarrassment for a moment.
It seemed far from the expected response.
After a moment of silence, she slowly opened her mouth.

Wyvern Slayer, you just have to go to the place where the bitch is buried before the subjugation party and remove the reason for the sudden appearance of the ghouls.”

For the first time, Luon replied without delay.

“Tell me where the cemetery is.”

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