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The time Luon arrived near the cemetery was late in the evening, when the sun had begun to set.
According to Median’s words, the road leading to the cemetery was surrounded by piles and boards, and in front of it, soldiers wearing armor were standing on guard.

It was to prevent the ghouls that appeared in the cemetery from coming down to the private houses.
Naturally, it was also intended to prohibit the general public from entering.

Looking around, Luon found a tree overlooking the main road and quickly climbed up.
Sitting on a sturdy branch, he looked at the two soldiers chatting in front of the fence.

Luon slowly closed his eyes.

Unlike normal games, there was no concept of a status window in this world.
It may have existed in the days when it was a simple game, but it was just a meaningless assumption for Luon, who became the character as soon as he created it.

But that doesn’t mean there’s really nothing.
If it was, he would have died immediately.

There was no intuitive status window, but instead, there was a lot of schematic information inside Luon.
The experience, stats, and skills were invisible, but he could feel them.

It was a sense and a concept that was only allowed to Luon.
It was only he who could make use of it.
Like now, closing his eyes and boosting his concentration.

[Strengthen hearing]

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The ability to feel it slowly rose to the surface.
It was a skill that allowed both passive and active use when the sense level exceeded a certain amount.

Hearing, which began to strengthen, began to bring sounds from areas that ordinary humans could not hear.
As soon as he could hear the footsteps of a grass bug crawling on the floor, the soldiers’ chatter became clear, as if he was standing right next to them.

“The more I think about it, the worse I feel.
Why are the ghouls suddenly appearing and making people unable to rest? Originally, I was supposed to be on vacation and be buried in Essien’s soft skin.”

“Damn Essien’s skin and flesh, if the subjugation starts soon, our lives may be saved.
How can you still think of women in the midst of this?”

“Of course.
The reason I live for is alcohol and women.”

“Crazy bastard.”

The soldier, who was grinning at the dignified answer, immediately shook his head.

“Arthur, I really don’t feel like that right now.
Didn’t you hear? Yan, who was on night duty yesterday, was attacked by a ghoul? I heard that the flesh on the chest was gone and the wound started to rot in half a day.
He’s dead, too.”

“Hey, speaking of which, what do you mean Jan keeps talking nonsense?”

“That thing? Even though he has only a few days left to live, he keeps saying that the ghoul, who attacked him, looks just like his friend who died a few weeks ago.”

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That’s creepy.”

“So, if you don’t want to be like Yan, get your act together.
Let’s put aside Essien’s flesh for a while.”

“All right, stop nagging me.
You’re not my mother…”

Luon deactivated the Strengthen hearing because the conversation that followed between the two was nothing but a frivolous story.
He gets great hearing, but maintaining his extremely sensitive senses was a task that consumed a lot of mental energy.

‘I’m sure there’s something.’ Soldiers who did not know the full circumstances would have had a conversation without much thought, but to Luon, who knew that this was related to the witch’s curse, it was not a vain story.

Murdered mistress, witch, curse, cemetery, ghoul, ghoul with the face of a friend.

Recalling fragmentary information, Luon bit his lip.
He was certain that there was something, but he wouldn’t really know until he encountered it.

He can do something with this.

After finishing his thoughts, Luon crossed the tree with light footwork.
Since even the leaves didn’t fall, the soldiers didn’t even think of raising their heads when Luon passed over them.

Luon, who had been jumping over the trees for a while, came down to the floor when he could not see any trees to cross.
Beyond the view that began to open, the stones inserted at regular intervals caught his eyes.
‘There it is.’

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Luon fixed his posture as he walked along the path where a strange silence had fallen.
He had night vision that could see through the darkness, but there was no harm in being careful.

Then a gust of wind blew from the front.
Luon drew his sword without hesitation at the foul stench contained in it.


As if to answer him, the sound of boiling phlegm erupted from the darkness.




At the same time, several drooling four-legged beasts appeared.

Sharp fangs that can devour corpses and a disgusting, twisted body.
It was a ghoul.

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The ghouls roared wildly.
Despite the terrible malice pouring out towards him, Luon rushed towards them head-on without backing down.

Luon, who rolled forward at the same speed as he was running, avoided the claws of the ghouls, and quickly raised his sword diagonally before the attack of the other ghouls concentrated on him.
The ghoul who lost half of his face along with his front foot twisted his body with a terrible scream.


Luon kicked the head of the ghoul who was writhing in pain, and cut his throat while avoiding the claws aiming for his guts.
Nasty black blood spurted from its severed section.


Luon, who suddenly avoided the teeth that were about to bite his ankle by simply raising his leg, slammed his foot down.
With a squeaking sound, the face of the ghoul exploded.

In the meantime, two ghouls, who were behind his back, rushed towards him at the same time.
Right before his defenceless back was ripped off! Luon rotated his body with great elasticity, swung his sword and ripped their heads off their bodies.

After that, all kinds of attacks poured on Luon, but he blocked or avoided all the attacks at the right time, and at the same time he attacked with a terrible counterattack.
None of the ghouls that were attacked were able to rise again.

Having dealt with nearly ten ghouls, Luon smiled softly, feeling the rising exaltation.
As expected, the experience given by this violent monster did not disappoint.
Then he saw another group of ghouls running towards him from afar.
With a strange conviction that tonight would be a long night, Luon rolled up the handle of the sword.
All right, come on, you experience bastards.

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