ect in his hand onto the table.


The ring, which was spinning, lost its strength and fell over.

Median spoke sharply, as if Luon’s behavior was uncomfortable.

“Explain yourself.”

“The mistress, whom the witch had killed, turned into a monster that gave birth to ghouls.
It appears that the witch buried her body deep in the ground and sucked in the other corpses of the cemetery with the tentacles from within.
The corpses dragged in that way were reborn as ghouls in her womb.”

At the horrifying ending, Median’s face, which was still powdery white, turned worryingly pale.

“····You’re not lying, are you?”

“If you’re curious, you can have someone check the graves.
You’ll get a report that all the coffins are empty.”

It was Luon, who dug up the surrounding tombs one by one and confirmed it, because there was no way for a monster to create something out of nothing, and he remembered the story of a ghoul resembling a friend the soldiers were talking about.

It caused a mess in the cemetery, but it was for Median to deal with.

“I brought the ring as evidence.
It was on the ring finger of the monster.”

Luon shrugged his shoulders.

“Is this enough?”

Median, who nodded and made the maid remove the ring, looked at Luon.
Before long, she had recovered her characteristic relaxed expression.

“Alright, what do you want?”

“Gold coins.
I will decline the jewels in advance.”

There were many troublesome situations when exchanging jewels.
Whether in the Middle Ages or modern times, cash was the best.

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“Very well.”

Median nodded once again, and the maid held out a seemingly luxurious leather bag toward Luon.

“You can check it.”

Luon immediately put the leather bag in his pocket.

“I’m sure you were generous.”

“Anything else you would like to know?”

Luon’s eyes lit up at Median’s question.

“I would like to know some of the credible rumors and legends that you have heard.”

“Credible rumors and legends? It’s too broad.”

After pondering for a moment, Median opened her mouth.

“I’m not interested in gossip.
If I had to find one, there’s a rumor that the King will soon go to war for conquest.
It seems like there will be a strong backlash because of the word that even the private soldiers of the nobles will also be mobilized, but we don’t know yet.
I don’t know if this is of any help.”

Median’s story could be of great importance depending on who the listener was, but Luon was not interested in it.

“I see.
I will take my leave now.”

“I guess it was of no help.”

“It’s not the information I need right now.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

Median, who was smiling softly, added.

“I think I know why your face is not known much compared to your reputation, it’s because you leave without hesitation.
It looks like too much fame gets in the way of your journey, right? You can relax.
I won’t even wonder why you’re going after rumors and legends; I don’t have any plans to talk about you or make you my own.
So why don’t you just relax and have a cup of tea?”

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It was quite sharp to point this out, she was Grungrad’s mistress for a reason.
For the first time, Luon thought he liked Median, even if only a little bit.

“Thank you for your consideration, but I can’t find any reason to stay here.”

“…Then there is nothing I can do about it.
You may leave.”

After Luon turned around and left the room, Median whispered quietly.

“You’re living a life like an awl in a pocket, so you won’t be able to keep it hidden for long, Wyvern Slayer.”

As he walked out of the mansion, the bright light tickled Luon’s face.He wanted to take a good rest for a few days at a nearby inn, but he went straight out of the city.

He didn’t know when Median would change her mind, and would urge her men to pick up a mercenary’s head.
It seems like she doesn’t have such thoughts right now, but nobles change their minds 12 times a day.

Luon knew that he had not completely solved this problem.
There must be something unresolved between the unknown witch and Median, and a plausible script may have been prepared for the ring that was handed over .
In terms of games, it feels like a chain quest in waiting?

If he drank the tea that Median recommended, the next quest would have progressed naturally, but the sharp instinct that had been maintained since the night was saying that it would be better to finish this quest just like this.
And Luon believed that feeling.

In fact, this may have gone too deep.
The wealth of a nobleman would be useless to him, and his life would be in danger.

‘I leveled up and got paid, it’s good enough.’

Luon cleared his mind.
His conclusion was that this incident should be remembered simply as ‘a sad story of a woman who touched another’s husband and turned into a monster.’

Luon, who was hurrying his steps while organizing his thoughts, suddenly stopped.

The sunlight, which remembers Grungrad’s history, caressed every nook and cranny of the city to announce the early morning, and people who woke up from it were busy moving.

‘Is it because I’ve been facing terrible monsters all night? The scenery I haven’t been interested in for the past few days was so beautiful.
How can I think of this overwhelming spectacle as mere data?’

‘It was funny.
The fact that I miss my small bedroom full of mold, leaving behind this scenery.
The chicken and beer that I used to order for money I didn’t have are still in my dreams.’

‘As always, there is no need to get depressed again by this thought.’

‘Until the day I return, wandering without any promises will continue.’

Luon withdrew his gaze and moved forward with his back to the sun.
His stay in Grungrad was over, so he had to find someplace else.

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