War, War Never Changes…

Chapter 4: Scientia Sit Potentia

”Oh, please, don be such a sour person! I just wanted to show to you what your life was like for an outsider. ” A tall man with black hair, suit, tie, gloves and shirt answered. He had red eyes with black irises.

both Isaac and the misterious man were in an all white room, with only a white table and chairs.

”Tell me, mister Matthew, how it felt when you died? ”

Isaac looks in the eyes of the creature and ask ”what are you? Where are we at? ”

”Oh. pardon me. I forgot to present myself. I don really have a name, but Im something like the Devil. As for where we are, I don really now. This place is just a place outside of any place that occupies all space, so… yup, it doesn exist. Yet, it exists. ”

Isaac rolls his eyes ”helped a lot, thank you. Anyway, Why am I here? ”

The Devil sighed ”Can you even try to be more sociable? ”

”I cannot. ”

”OK. You are here because you are useful to me. More specifically, you can be used to get some of my objectives. ”

”Go on ” Isaac said, with a look of interest.

”What Im going to say is cliché, but it is reality ” Then, The Devil continued ”I want you to go to a world of magic and swords, and I want you to live there ”.

”I don want to do that. I want to die. ”

”I do not care, Mr. Isaac ” the Devil said with a dark smile.. ”I have an objective, and you are going to help me, you like it or not ”

”What do you want? ”

”I want you to go to this New World and I want you to do what you do the best: I want you to conquer and kill. ”

Isaac was surprised. ”Why? ”

”Because I don like that world the way it is. Too peaceful, without large-scale conflicts, without evolution. ”

”Evolution? ”

”Yes… there are no great discoveries there for millennia. It is awful. That is why I decided to reincarnate you there. I want you to bring war to that place. ”

”How do want me to do that? ”

”Finally accepted? ”

”Interested. ”

”Meh, the same. I want you to create an army with your advanced knowledge an make the world bleed. ”

”OK. If you me to do that, I will need resources, some way to build the army and I need to know about the planet I will be in. ”

”I can help you with all these things. I have some androids that have a self-replicant AI and they will follow your orders, I can put you in a place filled to the brim with resources, and, most importantly, I can tell you about all the history of the planet. ”

”When do we get started? ” Isaac said with a wide smile.

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