War of the Ancients

2) The Deamune (2 parts)

They knew me as the Dark Lord..

A conqueror..

A destroyer..

The greatest online player of my time..

They all fear me as an opponent..

They cherished me as an ally..

Name any popular online multiplayer game and youll hear my name..


Thats how good I am..

That is my legacy, as I took my last breath..

In the end, real life defeated me during this pandemic..

Dying for me is an agony, terrifying and yet peaceful in the end.

My consciousness is still with me after death..

I can see the vastness of the dark emptiness around me..

I can hear the sweet silence that I often crave.

I can bask the aroma of pure nothingness..

I can taste the joy of finally at peace..

Time slowed to eternity..

Then out of nowhere I started to hear a faint rumbling tune that broke my euphoria..

The intrusion disappointed me. Here I thought that I will sleep in silence forever..

I listened and tried to comprehend that sound..

It sounds like a drum beating on a rhythm and its getting stronger..

Then I laugh so hard knowing its impossible since I don have a body.

The drum is beating to the tune of ”We will rock you ” by the Queen.

If I only have a body I would have clap and danced with it.

Since I don , I just sang the lyrics and changed ”I ” instead of ”We ”

And so I sang..

”Buddy, Im a boy, I make a big noise

Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday

I got mud on my face, Im a big disgrace

Kicking my can all over the place, singin

I will, I will rock you all

I will, I will rock you all ”

I noticed that the drums are louder now, and so I continued..

”Buddy, Im a young man, hard man

Shouting in the street, gonna take on the world someday

I got blood on my face, Im a big disgrace

Waving my banner all over the place

I will, I will rock you, sing it!

I will, I will rock you, yeah ”

Suddenly theres a burst of light. I can see now that Im in space. The stars are shinning everywhere and I can see distant galaxies.. And the drums are beating all around me.. So I sang to it in defiance!

”Buddy, Im an old man, poor man

Pleading with my eyes, gonna get me some peace someday

I got mud on my face, big disgrace

Somebody better put me back into my place, do it!

I will, I will rock you, yeah, yeah, come on

I will, I will rock you, alright, louder!

I will, I will rock you, one more time

I will, I will rock you

Yeah!!! ”

I finished the last word with a battle cry, ”Yeah!!!!! ”

Thats when I realized that several voices are chanting on a different language I can comprehend. They are definitely not singing the same song or the same beat. They where just murmuring words I don understand.

Then I noticed a star from a far distance slowly getting larger? Or am I getting closer?

Then there was a flash of light coming from the star that seared my sight and blinded me with its brightness that I can avoid even if I closed my eyes.. Wait! I don have eyes!

And then there was pain..

Burning seething pain that I never encountered before. I screamed. And yet not a sound came as if the pain took all my voice, and my senses.

PAIN is what is and everything..

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