War of the Ancients

3) The Summoning ( 3parts)

Chapter 2: The Deamune Part 1

Deamune Princess Victoria slowly opened her eyes and looked at the night sky of her window. Her gaze remained there for a long time. She is lying on her back on a grand velvet bed suited only for royalty. The red light curtain of her bed is parted enough for her to see through the night sky above one of the tallest tower in the castle. Her beautiful pale heart shaped face wore a smile of amusement as she slightly bob her head as if listening to a music only she can hear.

Suddenly her enticing smile was replaced by a frown which only highlighted her long black silky hair.

Slowly she rose to sit on the edge of her bed, her deep green almond shaped eyes still transfixed to a part of the night sky with the brightest star.

Then she gasped and inhaled deeply as she bolted towards the large window of her room. Her eyebrows squinted toward each other with worry on her face..

”It has begun. ” she wishper ever so softly as if fearing someone might hear her. She have not averted her gaze and still staring on the star whos light out shines all the stars in the sky.

Finally she closed her eyes in deep concentration and gradually lifted both of her hands in each side. The wind blew into her room ruffling her red velvet silk dress which illuminated her pale naked body underneath. ”You need to come and see me ” she wishpered to no one. ”You need to come and see me ” she repeated in whisper. ”You need to come and see me ” she whispered for the third time ever so softly.

There was a slight flick in the air and the wind is gone so suddenly like there was no breeze before.

The Deamune Princess slowly opened her eyes and looked at the sky once more searching..

She took a deep breath framing her rich bossom then turned around in deep thought and strode to her changing room to change out of her sleeping clothes. Afterwards she marched out of her room to see her Father, the Deamune King.

Ages come and pass.. Memories became legends.. Legends fades to myth.. Myths long forgotten when a new age is born again..

On a distant world called the Ancient Realm by some.. A cross world that links the lands.. Of Dragons, Dwarves, Elves and Man. Demons, Goblins, Orcs and Giants.

A new dawn is beginning.. The fires of darkness are rising.. The myth, a remnant, among them is waking.. The Ancient war is coming..

Chapter 2: The Deamune part 2




I couldn think.. all my senses is burning in seething throbbing PAIN..

After what seems an eternity, my sight somehow returned but the pain is clouding my vision in red silhouette.

I slowly move my head to see around me. Somehow Im not surprised to see eight figures in hooded dark robes surrounding me with their eyes closed and their hands raised in each side while their lips move, mouthing words in silence.

”So they
e summoning me.. ”

Ive read, watched, and played a lot of fantasy magic genres to know and expect whats happening and what might come next.

e either friendlies or not. By the look of this lot, Im eighty percent sure they are not here for a warm welcome.

”Eighty percent, ten for each of these hoods ”

So it means theres a huge possibility that they intend to bind and enslave me.

”Ive gotta think! ”

Then my hearing came back in a thunder. I could have screamed in pain if only my jaw was not locked together by the burning PAIN that I am already feeling. I tried to put my hand to cover my ears but something is binding my wrist preventing me to move.

The beat of the drum is trying to break me into pieces. With extreme effort I managed to look what is holding me and saw a thorned root-like rope made of light snaking all over my body trapping me.. preventing me to move..

”This is not good! ” I kept my self from hyperventilating. Im claustrophobic, I don like being trapped. That is why I always have several layers of plan when doing battle, I always have several escape plan when something goes awry.

”I can afford to panic! I must not! ”

I started getting light headed from the combination of PAIN that Im suffering and being trapped without any way to escape made it worse a thousand times.

”I will not succumb! ”

Im starting to hyperventilate, so I closed my eyes and did what I do whenever Im on the verge of a panic attack. I ground my self. I allowed my self to feel my senses. In this case the PAIN that is consuming my body.. My Soul..

I allowed myself to feel the PAIN roaming all through me.. I embraced it and allowed the PAIN to burn. I followed its course and its origin. I studied the beat on how it throbbed, how it seethe, and what it was made of.






The beating of the drum summoned them..

The chanting moved and weave them into multiple functions..

One summoning me..

Second trapping me..

Third binding me to submission and slavery..

Their binding my heart to over power me..

Their binding my mind to follow their orders..

I would have laughed maniacally. I might be out of my mind. Im calm now and at the same time horrified beyond relief because I don see any way to escape my predicament. They will be able to successfully bind me once Im fully summoned, and it won be long now..

Thats when I cry out in laughter. Paralyzed by the PAIN and entrapment I laughed a throat belly laughter. My laughter intensified the PAIN and the vines holding me constricted more to suffocate me and so I laughed some more.

And then I heard her whisper..

”You have to come and see me.. ”

”Huh? ” I said.

”You have to come and see me.. ”

”Who are you ” I asked.

”You have to come and see me.. ”

”How? ” I asked. I prefer to see her right now just to get away from here.

In a blink of an eye, Im elsewhere. The eight weirdos and their drums are gone in an instant. The PAIN and the vines made of light is still holding me but Im sure I was teleported to another place.

Because Im now standing in front of a huge throne room..

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