War of the packs

Chapter 2: Her name is Rebekah

”Baldwin Macaulay you have been found guilty of treason, how do you plead? ” Donald, the head of the council asked.

”I see no wrong in what I have done, I am innocent in all ramifications ” Baldwin said nonchalantly.

”You have no fact that pleads you innocent, as the head of this great council of all packs I hereby sentence you to death by beheading ” Donald said without an ounce of emotion in his eyes.

Few weeks ago…….

”This is the only way if we aim at taking the power we seek ” Baldwin said to the elders of his pack.

”This is wrong and against council rules problems with the council always ends in a blood bath, other council members may understand but Donald will never let it slide ” Rowan said.

”Lets put it to vote, those in favor please raise your hands ” Baldwin said, seven out of the thirteen elders seated raised their hands.

”Those against please raise your hand ” Baldwin said and when he looked around, he could see six hands raised up.

”What side are you on Edward ” Baldwin asked the only elder that did not partake in voting.

”I am on the winning side if this turns out right, we will all benefit from it but if it doesn , we will all suffer its consequences so I will like to remain seated on the fence ” Edward said in a matter of fact tone.

”The Heriot pack is one of the four packs, we should aim at climbing in power and becoming the most powerful pack in the region, and I becoming head of the Council of packs which has been held by the Golem pack for many generations. I suggest we start a war which triggers every other thing to fall into place, he knows that every alpha will be in grief for all the pack members that theyve lost ”.

”How will a war trigger everything to fall into place? ” Anabelle asked.

”We will come up with an argument that the Golem pack was in charge when the war broke out and they are not fit to rule us so we make a move to become the rulers, using our special ability as an advantage ” Edward said as he sat lazily on his chair.

”Thats correct ” Baldwin said.

”How do we start a war? ” Anabelle asked again.

”I haven come up with something yet but by tomorrow, we will have a full proof plan ” Baldwin said.

The meeting was dismissed and all the elders went back to their quarters while Baldwin went back to the pack ancestral library, he wants to read of all scenarios that caused a war in times past. He read through almost all the books only to find out that before the great purge, most wars were caused by packs having witches and after the great purge the problem became the moon diamond, everyone wanted the diamond to be in their possession, but the blood moon pack successfully won the battles and kept the moon diamond to themselves. Baldwin came up with an idea and smiled then said;

”I await the next Council of Packs meeting ”.

The council meeting was held in the central building, a neutral ground, a no mans land. Donald sat on a high chair with his beta, Louis at his right-hand side and an omega from their pack, Rita. All other alphas were seated with their beta and an omega from their pack Baldwin also present with his beta, Edward and an omega Lorene.

”We have been summoned here today because the Heriot pack has something of concern to tell us ” Donald said and he motioned for Baldwin to speak.

Baldwin stood up from his chair and walked to the center of the circle formed and he started;

”As we all know what has caused wars amongst us have always been the witches or the mood diamond. Recently, I happened to come across a witch coming out of the blood moon pack house, and the alpha of the blood moon pack can attest to it that I was present in their pack house on the day before yesterday ”

”Alpha Claudia what do you have to say about Alpha Baldwins claims? ” Donald asked the alpha of the blood moon pack.

”My Lord, Alpha Baldwin was indeed in our pack house two days ago, and I can assure you that he has been the only external visitor we have had in months now ” Claudia said as she stood before Donald with her head held up high.

”Alpha Baldwin, I think your claims are futile without proof ” Donald said as he turned him.

”My Lord, I do have a witness though, I was with my packs beta on my visit to the blood moon pack house, Edward please ” Baldwin motioned him to speak and in utmost confidence, Edward said;

”My Lord, I saw a witch leave the blood moon pack house, and disappear into thin air like she didn want anyone to find out she was there ”.

Claudia was already pissed as her nails grew out of her fingers and her eyes turned blood red, she couldn stand the sight of this men lying against her and her prestigious pack. She was about to launch at Edward the weaker one and tear him to shreds but Donald already saw this coming, Claudia was quick to lose her temper and he sent Louis to go there and hold her down but she was faster and stronger than Louis. Just before he touched her, she gave him a hard blow to the chest and turned to face Edward her prime prey and in split seconds, Edward was already thrown across the room.

Baldwin became alert and entered his alpha state too, he wanted to give Claudia a blow but both of them stopped when they sensed a greater force standing in between them.

”Stop it ” Donald said as he held both their arms, he did this not only to stop them but to secretly read their minds while they were not paying attention to him.

”Take your seats everyone, lets settle this case ” Donald said as he walked to his seat.

”From what I see its Baldwins words against Claudias, I see no reasonable proof from Baldwin and I will like to personally investigate this matter before I take action. About the fight, do well to pay the penalty fee for fighting before you leave this building, meeting dismissed ” Donald said and he walked out of the room, two pack members behind him.

”Baldwins lying, he is definitely up to something, but what he stands to gain from lying against the blood moon pack is what I don understand ” Louis said to Donald as they approached their pack house after they ran a long distance from the central building.

”They are planning something big and this is just the beginning ” Donald said.

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