War of the packs

Chapter 3: Chased

They entered their pack house which is more like a mansion, the Golem pack was the most influential pack in the region and their alpha, Donald was the youngest alpha in all the four packs, he was yet to find his mate as he believed that the mating bond is overrated. Donald walked across the halls, he wanted to get changed to another outfit so he will be right in time to teach the younger wolves how to handle their swords. He entered his room got changed and headed to the open field, he had a long way to go as his room was on the highest floor and farthest away from the grand staircase.

He passed through the wolf nursery and stepped inside and saw that the number of cubs is increasing rapidly in number since the last month. He stepped out to avoid hearing piercing cries that they would soon produce if they picked up an unfamiliar scent. He passed through the toddlers class and stood at the back door when he saw her teaching the children, a small smile formed on his lips. He does not know why she attracted him so much, he hasn even spoken to her before he just always watches her from a distance, he didn want to use his authority as her alpha will initiate a relationship.

She was done with her class and he absent mindedly stood there all this while, he totally forgot about what he has to do downstairs. He hastily walked past the classroom and he saw his little niece, Tasha.

”Hi Uncle D ” she said waving her small hands at him.

”Hey Tasha, can he help me tell your dad to teach the teenagers downstairs Im a little busy with something ” he told her and she nodded her head.

”Ill do that and you will do something for me in return ” she said

”What do you want this time, Tasha ” Donald asked her, she always wants something in return for everything she does for him.

”Ill just tell you when I need it ” Tasha said as she smiled widely.

”Bye Uncle D ” she said as she walked away

”Bye Tasha ”.

Donald nervously walked into the classroom where the teacher stood and he spoke;

”Hi, Im Donald ” he said as he looked into her captivating blue eyes.

”Everyone know who you are Donald, Im Rebekah ” she said as she stretched her hand towards him, he took her hand and shook it. After a long while of not letting go, Donald chuckled nervously as he let her hand go.

”How can I help you, Uncle D ” Rebekah teased and Donald laughed not expecting her to actually tease him as they just met.

”I have a favor to ask ” Donald said and his expression became serious.

”What could that be? ” she asked curiously.

”I need you to go visit your mom in their pack house ” Donald said, Rebekah looked confused as to why he wanted her to visit her mother he saw the confusion in her face and continued;

”I need you to go to your mothers pack and investigate, theres something big going on right now and I need to know everything concerning the matter as soon as possible ” Donald said as he explained to Rebekah.

”Whats going on? ” Rebekah asked curiously.

”Please don ask me I don want to lie to you and its okay if you don want to do it, Ill totally understand ” Donald said and Rebekah fell into a daze as she saw sincerity in this mans eye.

Theres something in her that tells her she cannot fail this man no matter what happens and she replied looking determined;

”Ill do it for you ”

”Thank you, Rebekah I owe you one ” he said.

”You wouldn want to owe me one Donald, I always ask for the impossible ” she said smiling at him ever so beautifully

”I can handle impossible ” he said with a small chuckle.

They both stood admiring each others smiles for a while and Donald finally spoke up;

”Ill get going now, inform me when you are ready to leave ” he said and walked towards the door, he was still facing her and backing the door and she just stood there blushing.

Rebekah could not believe that she just talked to him, she has always wanted to have something to do with him, when she was sixteen, she had a dream where they both got married and now, he talked to her ever so politely, she can believe this.

Donald walked back to the fields to see Louis, he waited till he dismissed the teenagers.

”Tasha delivered my message well I guess ” he said smiling ear to ear.

”Both of you always have hidden agendas for me ” Louis said as he looked at Donald with an annoyed look.

”I found a way brother; I found a way to investigate the blood moon pack without actually going to their pack house ” Donald said to Louis.

”How did you do it Donald? What kept you busy by the way? ” Louis asked as he looked at him suspiciously.

”Well, all I had to do was politely ask a daughter to go visit her mother. The former betas daughter Rebekah, her mother is a member of the blood moon pack, I just want her to go there and see if she picks the scent of a witch. If a witch came there, her stench will linger on for a while ” he said to Louis as his expression became a little bit serious.

”Thats smart, you did not answer my second question though ” he said with a worried expression on his face.

”Its nothing Louis ” he said.

”There…. ”Donald ” Rebekah called out and Donald having felt her presence before she called his name and turned to her and responded; ”Are you ready to go? ”

”Yes, I am ” Rebekah said

”Okay lets get going, Ill take you to the borders ” he said to her and he turned to Louis and said; ”Ill be back soon brother ”. Louis nodded his head.

Louis watched as Donald and Rebekahs back disappeared into the woods, all the time he stood there watching them, he hoped Donald will fall for this girl, because soon, the elders of their pack will start demanding an heir.

”So why did you join your fathers pack instead of your mothers? ” Donald asked Rebekah as they both strolled to the border.

”I just feel that a mixed gender pack is much more exciting than same gender ” Rebekah said.

”But the blood moon pack is not necessarily full with only women, they have old men too ” Donald said emphasizing on the last five words.

”Old people are no fun; I am all about the adventure and intrigue ” Rebekah said after a short laugh

”Sincerely I really love a quiet, boring life, where I can nap all day long with no alpha duties piling up ” Donald said sounding almost sad

”Alphas are really normal people; I didn realize this until I met you earlier ” Rebekah said as she smiled.

”I don know about others but I really do think like every other person ” Donald said.

They reached the border and Donald stopped and he said;

”Ill see you later, please don forget the favor I asked ”

”I will put that in mind, bye D ” Rebekah said smiling.

”Bye Bekah ”

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