War of the packs

Chapter 4: Council Meeting

Rebekah was shocked at what she saw, she immediately turned and started running through the woods, she ran for her life, she must get to the border before these werewolves catch her. As she continued running in her human form, two out of the three chasing her were already in their wolf form, she didn want to change to her wolf form, it would cause her to expel more energy and she wants to at least get to the border before that happens. And she felt someone get past her and swoop she fell on the ground and hit her back, she winced in pain but she was quick to recuperate and stand. Rebekah changed to her wolf form and she was ready for a fight.

The first wolf launched at her but she skillfully evaded the attack, causing him to crash on the trunk of a very large tree, the second wolf and then the third all attacking her at once. She saw a window and she took it, she quickly ran and they chased after her. The fastest among them soon caught her legs and bit down on it, she struggled to free herself from the bite and hit her large wolf head on his smaller one and he let her leg go. He was quick in his reflexes, he scratched her with his long claws and bit her on her fore legs she was pissed, she freed herself and threw him on the large tree trunk. She continued running and just as she got to the border and the werewolves stopped chasing her, she howled. Howling is the way a werewolf signaled others to tell them danger was on its way, the alpha being the first to hear it as he has the most heightened sense.

Donald sat lazily on his chair in his room he was thinking about her again, her pale blue eyes and her beautiful red hair he wondered if he could actually keep up with her and also all his responsibilities in this pack house. Just as he was thinking, he heard a howl and when he channeled his hearing carefully, he heard it coming from the border. Donald headed down the stairs and towards the front door, he called Louis and they were headed for the border.

When they got to the border, Donald searched around as he picked up a familiar scent it was Rebekah, he has already registered her scent in his head. He panicked, if she was dead, no that cant happen the goddess cannot be so cruel to him.

”Over here brother, its Rebekah ” Louis said and as Donald walked closer he could already hear her faint heartbeat, she was alive.

Donald gathered her bloody body in his arms and ran to the pack house, he was so angry and Louis noticed his aura.

”Bring Dr Lynda to my room immediately ” he said to louis as he walked up the grand staircase with Rebekah in his arms. He took her up to his room, he did not want his pack members to start asking questions on how it happened because he does not have an answer to any of their questions. He just hoped Rebekah would be okay.

”Is she going to be fine ” Donald asked

”Yes, she will be fine, they are all external wounds none of them affecting her vital organs, she suffers dehydration too, but its a minor case ” Dr Lynda said after a cross examination on Rebekah.

”Thats a relief ” Donald said with a sigh of relief.

Dr Lynda cleaned Rebekahs wounds as Donald stood outside with louis as they both tried to figure out what went on in the woods that gave Rebekah her wounds.

”Im at fault brother, I wouldn have sent her over there, I put her in harms way ” Donald said to Louis with a worried look.

”Calm down, don blame yourself completely, it wasn your intention, when shes okay you will explain to her ” Louis said.

”Brother, I want you to take patrol wolves to search extensively for the pack that did this to Rebekah, there must be something if possible, go a few miles beyond the border ” Donald said to Louis.

”Ill do just that ” Louis said and left.

After a long while, Dr Lynda came out of the room and said to Donald;

”Shes going to be better soon, she just needs to rest for some time ”,

”Thank you, Dr Lynda I really appreciate your help ” Donald said with a sincere look on his face.

Donald walked into the room to see Rebekah he sat beside her and watched her sleep. He stayed in that position for a while before thoughts began to fill his head, he doesn understand why anyone would want to hurt her, he thought of motive but he could only think of one thing, this all happened because of him, and he must get revenge for this. He stayed up all night hoping she would wake up and ask for a glass of water but she didn , she just lay still on the bed.

It was already morning and Donald has woken up from his short sleep by a knock on the door and he said to the person at the door;

”Come in louis ”

”Good morning brother ” Louis said.

”What did you find ” Donald asked

”I found this torn piece of cloth with the blood moon pack crest on it ” Louis said

”The blood moon pack is responsible for this, why would they want to kill one of their own? ” Donald asked Louis as he tried to comprehend what he has just heard.

”We do not know for sure if they are responsible for this, we have to confirm the story from Rebekah she must have picked up their scent or seen their faces ” Louis said to calm Donald down from doing anything rash. Donald and louis walked out of the room to not disturb Rebekah as they continued to discuss the matter.

Rebekah made a sound and winced in pain she slowly opened her eyes to find herself in a big exotic room and she could perceive Donalds masculine scent all over the place, this should be his room she said to herself in her mind. She knew he was around here somewhere; she was too weak too get up and her throat was dry and it was difficult to make a sound.

”Donald! Donald!! ” she cried out in a very small voice.

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