War of the packs

Chapter five: Betrayal

Chapter 4: Council Meeting

”I need to call a council meeting; this matter must be discussed extensively I will not let this slide ” Donald said to Louis in a very low angry tone.

”I think someones trying to bring conflict amongst all the packs ” Louis said.

”Summon a council meeting in my name, tomorrow at noon anyone absent will face….. Donald stopped as he heard his name behind the closed door, it was almost inaudible but he could hear her call his name.

He opened the door and rushed towards her and she weakly said to him;

”Water, water ” Donald picked up a glass and filled it with the water in the jug which was placed on the table. He watched her gulp the water and ask for more after the first glass. After drinking to her fill, she slowly sat up on the bed with Donalds support.

”Are you alright ” Donald asked her as he cupped her face in his hands, his face etched with worry.

”Ill take my leave now ” Louis said as he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

”Im alright, just a little bit tired and my throat is really dry ” she said.

”More water? ” Donald asked

”No, its alright ” Rebekah responded.

”Im sorry I sent you out there, Im sorry I did not consider all the possible scenarios, Im so sorry ” Donald said to her with guilt clearly written on his face.

”Its not your fault Donald you sent me out there for a simple task, this just happened as a consequence of what I saw with my own eyes ” Rebekah said to Donald.

”What did you see with your eyes Bekah? ” Donald asked Rebekah with curiosity evident in his eyes.

”I saw members of the heriot pack killing their fellow pack members, and dragging them to the border that connects the Blood moon pack and the Heriot pack, I happened to be crossing that path on my way back from the blood moon pack house and I saw them, they chased me and I ran for my life. I tried to fight all three of them but they were strong and fast, I ran towards the border and thats where I fell ” Rebekah explained to him.

”Don worry about that Rebekah I will resolve the matter in no time, I will not let them go free ” Donald said to her assuring her.

”I had quite an adventure, right? ” she asked with a weak smile across her face.

”Yes, you did Bekah ” Donald said as he smiled back at her as he answered

”Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat ” Donald asked her with a concerned look.

”Im sleepy, Ill eat later ” Rebekah said as she was already dozing off, she positioned herself in a comfortable way and drifted into sleep.


”Alpha Donald of the Golem pack has called for a meeting tomorrow at noon, in the hall nearest to the punishment grounds ” the messenger said to Baldwin, bowed and left the room.

”Why would Donald call a meeting indefinitely? ” Baldwin asked Edward who sat with him as they were planning their next move.

”Maybe he bought our story about the blood moon pack and wants to punish them, thats why the meeting will be held near the punishment grounds ” Edward said.

”If that is the case, our plan is slowly coming together ” Baldwin said as he smiled with delight.

Baldwin and Edward tried to look into their future their special ability, to see what Donald planned to tell them on the meeting, but it wasn working. The only time this happens is either by using sorcery or the major part of that future has not been decided yet. Baldwin expected the worse and he was ready to die for his noble cause.


Rebekahs eyes fluttered open, it was already morning she was much better now and could walk freely and she will steal this opportunity that to look around Donalds room as he was not there. She stood up from the bed, she looked around and she noticed that his room was full of paintings, they were frames here and there all of them with beautiful paintings on it. She looked into his closet, most of his clothes were black in color while the rest grey, she found another door in the closet and when she opened it, what greeted her was a small room full of different colors of paint, canvases all over the place. It looks like a hideout for an artist.

”You are awake ” Donald said as he gave her a sharp look.

”Im sorry for invading your privacy, Ill leave now ” Rebekah said as she thought he was angry that she barged into his hideout.

”Its alright, I don mind, no one was here to admire them anyways ” Donald said as he walked towards her slowly and she took steps backward until her back hit the wall. He stopped right in front of her and placed his two hands with her head in the middle, she gulped and closed her eyes as she saw his face coming closer to hers. She waited but he wasn coming any closer and she heard him say with his low masculine voice that she is very much in love with;

”Go get ready, you are going with me to the council of packs meeting ” he said as he looked down on at her into her large blue eyes.

”What? ” she was surprised at what she heard from him.

”Im going to seat in the council meeting? ” she asked with excitement burbling in her sides.

”Not necessarily, just as a witness of a crime ” he said.

”Wow Im so excited, this is going to be epic ” she said with a wide grin on her face.

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