War of the packs

Chapter six: Last Verdict

”Three dead heriot pack members were found on the blood moon pack borders few days ago, Alpha Claudia what do you have to say about this ” Donald said as he sat on his chair with Louis by his right hand and Rebekah by the left-hand side.

”My Lord, I stand as the Alpha of the blood moon pack and swear to the goddess Thea that none of my pack members were responsible for what happened ” Claudia responded to Donald respectfully.

”Then why were they found on your borders? What if your pack member did this without your consent? ” this time it was Baldwin that spoke.

”Alpha Baldwin, you speak when you are spoken to ” Donald said with an authoritative tone.

”Yes, my Lord ” Baldwin said as he bowed his head in respect.

”Alpha Claudia, I know you are not responsible for this, because I have a solid claim that puts a particular pack seated here in a tight corner ” Donald said.

”Thank you, my Lord, ” Claudia said as she bowed her head respectfully and took her seat.

”Alpha Claudia of the blood moon pack, Alpha Anslem of the Hearst pack and Alpha Baldwin of the Heriot pack, permit me to bring forth a witness ” Donald said as looked at them waiting for their response, they could not say no.

”Yes, my Lord ” they said in chorus.

Donald signaled Louis who went out the door and brought Rebekah inside the meeting room. He saw her flash a smile and when he followed her line of sight, it was the omega representative of the blood moon pack and his jealousy flamed up like fire and to end their beautiful moment, he said;

”Take the witness to the stand ”

Rebekah stood before them and said;

”I swear in the name of the goddess Thea that I will speak of nothing but the truth and if I speak a single lie, may the goddess Thea cease my life by nightfall ” Rebekah swore on the witness oath immediately she took the stand.

”You may speak now ” Donald said.

”Greetings all, I am Rebekah Thomas daughter of Doman Thomas and Karren Thomas. I am a full time member of the Golem pack and partly a member of the blood moon pack, I went to visit my family in the blood moon pack few days ago and on my way back, I saw something my eyes were never meant to see ” she stopped trying to hold them in suspense and see the reaction on Alpha Baldwins face. Then she continued;

”I saw three members of the Heriot pack kill three of their fellow pack members and…

”I deny that accusation, stop spewing nonsense ” Baldwin said in anger as he sprung up from his seat.

”Allow her to finish speaking before you deny it ” Anslem spoke with his firm, loud voice.

”Continue Rebekah ” this time it was Donald that spoke completely ignoring what Baldwin said.

”When they noticed my presence, the chased me with the intention of killing me. I tried to fight but they were too strong for me alone so I ran towards the Golem pack borders, I howled with the last ounce of strength in me ” she stopped to pretend to cry, this will make them believe her story more.

”I lay unconscious until Alpha Donald found me but by then my wolf was badly injured and now I will not be able to turn into my wolf form for a very long time, this is what the Heriot pack has cost me ” she said as tears flowed down her eyes, she wiped them off and looked at Javier who was seated near Alpha Claudia and he gave her an encouraging smile and she smiled back tears amidst her eyes.

”Any questions? ” Donald asked.

”I have one, who can confirm that you actually went to see your family in the blood moon pack? ” Edward asked thinking he put Rebekah in a tight corner.

”I can confirm it, she was present at home ” Javier spoke up.

”And who are you to her ” Donald asked out of curiosity.

”I am Javier Thomas, Rebekahs twin brother, My Lord ” he said as he bowed his head respectfully. Donald looked at him closely, he did not notice the resemblance between them because Javier changed the color of his hair to black but the roots of his hair was still red and the blue eyes were identical to Rebekahs.

”May I speak, my Lord ” Anslem asked

”Go on, Alpha Anslem ” Donald responded.

”The stench of a witch lingers in a place for almost a fortnight, and Rebekah is the only external visitor the blood moon pack has had since after Baldwins visit, I would like to ask you, did you pick of the slightest scent of a witch during your visit to the blood moon pack ” Anslem asked speculatively.

”In all sincerity, I did not pick the slightest stench of a witch around the blood moon pack territory ” she said trying to remember

”My Lord, I deny all the accusations laid upon my pack in this meeting today ” Baldwin said.

”Are they any other contributions? ” Donald asked the council.

”No, my Lord ” they all said.

”You can come down from the stand now Rebekah ” Donald said to her and Louis escorted her outside the meeting room.

”My Lord, I have something to say as I will not like to be part of this evil ” Edward stood up and said shocking Baldwin to his bones.

”Speak, Edward ” Donald said.

”The alpha of my pack has planned all this as an attempt for a power grab, he hoped to become the next council lord and planned all this. I never knew he would go as far as killing his own pack members just to fulfil his goals, My Lord, I speak as the beta of my pack and on behalf of all my fellow pack members, we were not aware of this evil planned by our Alpha ” Edward said and turned to look at Baldwin who was down cast and couldn believe his ears.

”I need this council to take a recess and assemble here in half an hour, you all can make use of the rooms in the building, meeting postponed ” Donald said, stood up and walked out as all of them stood up and bowed in respect.

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