War of the packs

Chapter Seven: Death

”Nice act there Rebekah ” Donald said to her

”I am skilled in many things ” she responded smiling proudly and he gave a short laugh.

”I can believe Edward used Baldwins tactics against him ” she said when they were both alone walking on the fields around the central hall.

”What do you mean? ” Donald asked her

”You didn notice? ” she asked surprised

”Notice what? ” he asked

”tsk, tsk, tsk, I thought you were smart, D ” she said shaking her head in disappointment.

”You could get beheaded for talking to your alpha like that ” he said surprised with how informally she was speaking to him.

”Behead me and you will never hear what might help you in your last verdict ” Rebekah said.

”Fine, Im sorry, tell me ” Donald said.

”Edward tricked Baldwin into believing that causing a war will somehow gain him control over all the packs but instead, his main plan was for Baldwin to get caught so he can become the next alpha of their pack ” she said in a low voice to avoid anyone hearing what she was telling him.

”But he cannot become Alpha, he is in no way related to Baldwin ” Donald said still confused.

”Baldwins wife Claudia is barren and will never be able to bear a child, Baldwin has accepted his fate and wants your position so he can change the rules and allow the use of sorcery to make his wife conceive. He made Edward his beta so that in a situation where his plan fails, Edward becomes the next alpha of his pack. But now Edward knew he was already failing, so he confessed all the facts that have already been found to gain favor in the eyes of council members, so when he pushes to become alpha, the whole council is backing him ” she said and Donald knew that this was not Rebekah bluffing.

”I must say, Edward is really smart ” he said still deep in thought.

”But how do you know about all these ” he asked her curiously.

”Well, I have eyes and ears all over the four lands ” she said and winked at him

”Be serious Bekah ” he said after a short laugh

”The representative of the blood moon pack in the heriot pack consulate is my cousin, so she tells me the newest happenings anytime we get to meet ” she said smiling at him.

”You really intrigue me Bekah ” he said as he looked at her closely.


”We have gathered again for the trial of Alpha Baldwin of Heriot pack against the Council of packs ” Donald said and he looked around only to find out that Baldwin was absent as expected, he was trying to run away, Baldwin has disappointed him to the last.

”Louis, Javier, Franklin go find him, make sure to bring him in here alive ” Donald said to the three betas of the packs seated here except Edward who was still Baldwins subject.

After a long while they returned holding Baldwin in their arms firmly as he still struggled to escape, they had a long fight with him and injuries all over their bodies, but they were able to subdue him and drag him down here.

”He tried to run away through the eastern borders, My Lord ” Louis said as they stood before him.

Donald looked at Baldwin, he was disappointed at how shamefully Baldwin has acted, he couldn believe that Baldwin was his fathers best friend. Donald still has memories from when he was a child how Baldwin always spoiled him with gifts and also how he consoled him when his father passed away, he saw this man as his second father and now he just couldn believe this situation.

”You are no longer the alpha of your and you have been stripped of your alpha abilities by the power of the goddess ” Donald said and Baldwin fell to the ground in pain as he felt his power leave him.

”Baldwin Macaulay you have been found guilty of treason, how do you plead? ” Donald, asked.

”I see no wrong in what I have done, I am innocent in all ramifications ” Baldwin said not able to look at Donald straight in the eye.

”You blamed the blood moon pack for having a witch in their pack house, you killed three members of your pack, you planned to overthrow the head of council and you attempted to run away from punishment, these are your crimes and you are guilty as charged ” Donald said.

”Spare me, for the sake of the bond we have my son, spare me ” Baldwin said

”I renounce you and every ounce of affection I had for you, I despise you for who you are and I will forget that you were ever once a father to me ” Donald said in a firm and pained voice as tears formed in his grey eyes.

”You have no fact that pleads you innocent, as the Alpha of the great Golem pack, and head of this great Council of Packs, I hereby sentence you to death by beheading, take him to the punishment grounds ” Donald said and Louis took Baldwin outside.

Just as Alpha Anslem was about to leave the hall Donald said to him; ”Please take the lead in the execution, I do not want to witness it ”.

”I will, my Lord ” Anslem said and bowed his head

Every other council member went to witness Baldwins beheading but Donald stood at his spot not moving an inch. He couldn bear to see that man die, he wanted to believe that it was all a lie and he was deceived but when he attempted to run away, it made it more clear to him that indeed Baldwin was a monster.

As Donald stood there almost in tears, Rebekah walked closely and quietly to him when he saw her, he attempted to clean off his tears but she held his hand and said to him;

”its alright to cry D, I know what losing a father feels like ”

”You didn kill him with your hands, did you? ” he asked her as tears flowed down his eyes.

She hugged his big body closely and he held her burying his face on her shoulder and crying uncontrollably, she could not believe that this mighty man will be able to open up to her like this, she knew how he felt, it was the same for her when she lost her father. He continued crying and she patted his back, she wanted him to cry out all his tears and heart felt pain.

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