Hungary Bee was a kind and a pure hearted man,age about 30,a black bearded tall guy,he was and such a tea lover.Once coming back from work,he saw a man doing some strange activity on the dark street,as it was the night time and he was alone in his car,he got out of the car to see what was the matter,he asked the man:

Mr Bee: ”Asalam O Alaikum!. ”

(Replied a man with a old fashioned hat,who has a cigar in his mouth): ”hmmm…. ”

Mr Bee: ”Are you waiting for someone?. ”

The Man: ”Yeah! You!. ”

(Suddenly a hard glass bottle was smashed on his head and he blackout)

Mr Bee:(opened his eyes in a closed environment and felt his hands tied with a hard rope with the chair,he was sitting on)

The Man:(Standing in front of him facing the otherside smoking a cigar): ”Ah! Look where the life brought us… ”

Mr Bee: ”Who are you? What do you want from me? Look…I am a lonely man,have no family,please,can we talk this out?. ”

The Man: ”Talks and thinking,the cause for all the chaos,isn it.Why would I do such a thing to you,is that,what you are thinking? Well,if you are a lonely man,I am,too.Just except for my guards.So one thing is clear,we both have got alot of time,to discuss…..Just two years before,I was also like you,an innocent man,I used to work for a company,they were paying me well,I used to go for prayers,daily five times,not two,not three,five!. ”

Mr Bee:(listening quitely,like he was really interested)

The Man: ”I liked greenery,you know,the garden and the birds chirping around,and I loved looking at the moon at the night,beautiful,one day,I thought I needed someone to look after me,to looovvveeee me,yeah!.He was my friend,name was Goofy Swan,I loved him,although,he was a very rude man,but,love is blind,as you know,and I was afraid of the dark,at that time,but I don know why,I loved him more than myself,I had a wife,very beautiful,God!.She was so beautiful!,I also loved her.One day she came to me,I was sitting in my room,on the carpet,praying,a religious man,as I was,yup.So,she came to me and said that we have to do something about the sound that comes from the mosque beside our home,actually,she had a rare case,loud sound,she couldn hear,her brain literally couldn tolerate and did I told you,she was pregnant,So,I got worried about her,I decided to do something,about the voice of the prayers,bothering her and my unborn son,who was gonna be effected by her,rare case.I went to the Priest at the night time,night time! It was,I went to him and I told him to stop using the loudspeakers for a week,just a weak,after that,we were gonna settle somewhere else,ofcourse…. ”

Mr Bee:(tea was served by a guard for Mr Bee and he was also freed by the guard from the rope,he started drinking tea,slowly,focusing on the story of the man,as now he was surely interested)

The Man:(took a sign of relief): ”Huh! Just one week I asked! But no,was his answer,I begged him,it was not about me,but my lovely wife and my unborn son,but he refused again and again as much as I asked him.He told me to ** off.I moved back slowly and as I reached home,my wife,I found on the floor, unconscious,my whole life got freezed,what I saw,was real,I couldn ,I tried to wake her up,but,she didn ….I cried for help,but suddenly,she woke up,I thanked God,for she was okay,asked her about the matter and knew that she was sick,for the horn,someone was pushing hard in his car,for no reason at all,but to enjoy,**ing enjoy,now the car has been passed,she felt fine,but I was now more afraid,stressed,mentally crushed.I went back to the Priest,my frustration and anger,of that time,you can imagine,and it was all for the Priest at that time,but when I reached there and yelled at the Priest,the Priest just kindly smiled at me and told me about his pains,as he talked,and revealed,his tragedies,my eyes filled with tears,soon,I realized,it was not the Priest,but the people,that he was even afraid of,that they were gonna judge him,if he lay down the speakers,even to save,someone from brutal pain,but,well at the end of the conversation,I had decided,what to do,the next prayer,I offered at the mosque and I sat there,till the next one,which was the Maghrib,as the men gathered,which were alot men,I stood up and layed down the speakers,when it was about to be given,the Adhan.I thought,I was ready to face,all the taunts for my son and my wife,but the men,treated me harshly then I thought,first the man who stood up was my closest to heart,Goofy Swan,he yelled at me,he was the first! and declared me in his words,a fake Muslim,and he even accused me,of commiting a crime,by hurting the sentiments of the men,sitting there,then some men,stood up,and they started,beating me,I couldn hold it more,inside,as they had not,even provided me with one chance,to tell them why I layed down,the speakers… ”

Mr Bee:(taking an other sip of the tea,with making him much comfortable in the chair,while concentrating at the story)

The Man:(still smoking): ”So the chaos began,the fighting began,I also denyed to be crushed by society and tried to fight them with my full potential and huh! From nowhere the police came,they entered the mosque with their shoes on,wasn that a disrespect,but none raised the voice,against them,well,but,when they asked about the fight,all the men voted against me and accused me of humiliating the decorum of the holy mosque,they took me to the police station,and locked me up,even they,didn granted me a chance to speak for myself.I was worried now,again for my wife and my unborn son,she didn even knew about me and I wasn even allowed to call at my home,2 years passed… ”

Mr Bee:(shocking spitting out the tea): ”What!. ”

The Man: ”Hmmm…..I was finally released,can describe,how I survived those days,in the lockup.Once I was released,I ran back to my home,I entered the house,found her nowhere,asked one men about my wife,who were my neighbors,at a time and now,too,they told me that my wife,used to blackout when ever the Adan was heard,so….huh!…so,the men in the far neighbours ,as they knew,they also accused her of not being a true Muslim,but a fake one and haunted her down,at the time,she had already given birth to my son,who was handed over to some orphanage,after I knew the reality,I was mentally abused ,my habits changed,and soon I was called made and I was moved on to an asylum,they used to offer me,some pills,daily,just to relax,after some time,they freed me two,I isolated myself at my home,whenever I remembered,what happened to me,I was mentally tortured,by myself,it hurt alot that the first person,who stood up against me,was Goofy and that I lost my wife and that I was now alone,left with just memories.I was trying to sleep,at night,once,but I couldn ,suddenly,then I felt a break through,glass shattering,I heard,two men with hats and coat wearing,appeared to me,I thought they were bugglers,but they told me,they were just new to their self made gang and they wanted me to be their boss,as they have researched about me,when they were looking for a man,suitable enough,according to them to be their boss,finally they became my guards and I accepted their offer to be their boss,I then used to punish every man,who tried to judge someone,for no reason,at all.I used to illegally kidnapp those men and then kill them,but then I changed my way and I started looking for men like you every saturday to kidnapp and I promised myself,Ill do it till I find my son:

Mr Bee:(putting the tea on the table): ”Sir! I understand your anger and frustration,and what happened to you and what society did to you,none can justify,but,please,because of what they did to you,you can hurt or kill innocent men for that,look,sir,I was raised by an orphan,okay,and I also have to crawl,through life,but I never choosed,a kind of way to live. ”

The Man:(shockingly looks behind): ”You were what? Guard,check us!. ”

(The guard took a lens from his coat pocket and started analysing their facial expressions with the lens)

The Guard:(highly amazed): ”They match! Sir. ”

The Man:(eyes filled with tears): ”Son?. ”

Mr Bee:(also shocked): ”Dad?. ”

(The Man hugged him tight and while crying he said)

The Man: ”Oh! Finally I found you,you have your mothers beautiful eyes,my son. ”

Mr Bee: ”Dad? What have you become?. ”

The Man:(took out the revolver from his pocket and threw it out on the floor): ”Nothing son,nothing,my name is,Saus Beck and I am your real father and now that I have found you,I don have to do this anymore,I didn wanted to son,trust me,I did not… ”

Mr Bee: ”Its Okay! Dad,its okay. ”

The Man: ”Yes! Yes it is,its never been more Okay! Lets go home now. ”

Mr Bee: ”Or lets go home,my home,your,our home,dad. ”

The Man: ”You have a home,MashaAllah,boy,quite something youve became,so lets go there and by the way sorry that my guard,smashed a glass bottle on your head,earlier. ”

Mr Bee:(laughingly): ”Its okay,dad. ”

(They both reached home sitting on the table,they had,again,started a conversation)

Mr Bee: ”So…dad,is that all true about my mom. ”

Mr Beck:(putting his hat on the table): ”Yes…son,its true,I wish,it was not but,it is. ”

Mr Bee:(looking down while thinking)

(The doorbell rings)

Mr Bee:(while standing quickly): ”Ill get it. ”

(He opened the door a whole group of policemen with their cars were present outside)

Mr Bee:(managed to hold the door in a position that the officers couldn see Mr Beck): ”Asalam O Alaikum! Officers,whats the matter?. ”

Officer Gray: ”Walaikum Asalam! Sir! One random person,had reported us,that he saw Saus Beck,with you,entering in this house,you know,a man with worst criminal records,a worst kidnapper of this era,so… ”

Mr Bee:(fearfully): ”Umm…look officer,I know you,by your work,that you are the most kind of them all,so,I need you to know that I am so tired today and plus its night time so,you may leave,please. ”

(He tried to shut the door on his face,but t

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