We Judge And The Chaos Begins

The Character Of Batman Takes Over:

All the other characters thus,passed away,Hungary Bee,walking onto a random,road,fell,as some bullies grabbed him and dragged his all the way along,for no reason at all,but,as he woke up,after blacking out and being bullied,a alone rich detective,went on his therapist a 45 years old:

Sofia Smirch:(looking at the X-rays): ”Your X-rays are very very rare,Mr bee!. ”

Mr Bee: ”Like,what? I don understand anything for now,my brain is just in intense pain and all that,I shoul probably go home and have some sleep. ”

Sofia Smirch: ”But! Mr Bee,its so so rare and amazing at the same time,you know the last person,I saw with this condition,was very very bad at mathematics and calculations like that,but when he got hurt like this,an injury in brain.He became a super genius and the mathematic calculations and all that. ”

Mr Bee:(with a strange expression): ”Yeah! Surely,just hit every student whos dull in our country,on the same spot and hell turn out to be a super genius,like Sherlock Holmes,right. ”

Sofia: ”Its Not a good way to judge this,remarks of mine,Ill be serving this profession for almost 13 years,don you,think my advice for you,may be an expertise one. ”

Mr Bee:(laughingly just before leaving): ”The way,I see it,13 years with a kinda job are alot,you need to see for a therapist yourself,old lady. ”

Mr Bee somehow manages himself to reach his home,back,alone at the house,some men break into his house as he was trying to sleep,but his brain was aching with pain and all kinda chaotic thoughts:

Mr Bee:(stands up after hearing some voice and feels like super confident in front of the theives alone in the kitchen,which he watches standing behind them,despite of running or calling to police,or etc.He raises his voice Infront of all three theives,holding guns in their hands looking opposite to his position): ”So! So! So! 51 body count,nice guns or rifles,I say. ”

Their Boss:(points the gun at him with his two fellas following him): ”Hands behind your back,now!. ”

Mr Bee:(super confidently): ”Your hands are shaking,budd,doesn seems,you have done this before,have you! You know what the interesting fact is,your shoes,they are real dirty,hmm,their lives a officer,right beside our house,he wakes up at night 3 pm,sleep walks with his gun and I believe,now,hes probably going to hit the stamp box,with his head,just after 5 mints,this with happen,and when,he sees some,non-random,foot prints,hell call for the other cops and youll all get captured.Now I believe,its not right that some men,who had never killed a person,at all,will suffer just because,they tried to rob to feed their children,and I believe in second chances,so I provide you one and I even belong to a Muslim family,super forgiving we are,you know,2 mints are left,decide yourself what to do next,Im going for some sleep. ”

Other Two Theives To Their Boss:(watching him go,with their shaking hands): ”Boss! He was dead right,about everything he said mentioning us,if hes right about the cops,then…. ”

The Boss:(fearfully shivering): ”Jus…just,leave everything run!. ”

All the theives make their way out of the same window they break-in through,Mr Bee on his bed get into a deep sleep,at morning 5:00 am,wakes up for the prayer,thanks to God for he was,alive after that brain injury,thinks about the theives of last night,ver very,confusingly,he couldn understand what was up with him,behaving like a high class,genius detective and he was even surprised by his super confident,characteristics,last night,he went on to his therapist in a hurry,just as she is available from 7:00 morning,he speed-up his car for a bit and finally reached her and told her about the incident of last night:

Sofia:(brust in excitement): ”Yaaaa! Awsome! Now,that means,the injury effected you in a very very much, interesting way,it means what ever character you name about it think about you magically turn into,what can be more intersting than this. ”

Mr Bee:(horrified): ”What! Does that mean,I have gone crazy,but I had a very beautiful feeling,when the incident happened and even after that,I felt ver much nice. ”

Sofia: ”Thats what Im taking about Bee,you are not crazy,you are blessed by a kinda magical power,to get any characters characteristics,it can be smartness,it can be bravery or even a funny character,it may be,well,best if luck for you,by me.But I will keep doing my research on your brain and you,please manage some time for me,during your free time,as you are now just being paid by the pensions as you retired and certainly I hope now your life will turn into a comedy from a tragedy,I don think society can bother you again,anymore. ”

Mr Bee:(happily excited): ”Yeah! I think,Ill have to get some time,now,any ways!. ”

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