We Judge And The Chaos Begins

The Character Of Jack Sparrow:

Character Of The Batman:

Mr Bee returning to home from the clinic,speeding,as he was tired.A policeman noticed him and ran the police car to chase him.Mr Bee finally stopped:

Mr Bee:(slash on the dashboard): ”Damn these coppers!. ”

Officer Swan:(tickling on the mirror): ”Well! Well! Speeding over 100,I think you are a big fan of the DC star,yeah?. ”

Mr Bee:(getting along with him): ”The Batman?. ”

Officer Swan:(excitedly pointing a pen at him while holding the bill book): ”Yeah! Yeah! That one. ”

Mr Bee:(his head bings): ”I am the Batman!. ”

Officer Swan:(happily): ”Yup! Thats the one,what a fantastic line,it was! So! However,now,will you let me know where are you coming from. ”

Mr Bee:(intensely): ”From a rich background!. ”

Officer Swan:(confused): ”Ookaaaay! And why were you speeding? Now,I am sure,you look around 35,you should have a really reasonable,answer to this one. ”

Mr Bee:(sniffing): ”I was just trying to get the speed of the villains on the road!. ”

Officer Swan: ”Sorry! Ummm.. why would you do that?. ”

Mr Bee:(confidently): ”Probably! To get them,crush their heads,beat them enough,so they will crawl for their life and then they will be in the hospital,living their life like a good person,from that time!. ”

Officer Swan:(with a sense of sympathy): ”Sir! Are you really okay?. ”

(A random guy with a face mask of a joker,waiting there for the traffic signal,near the car of Mr Bee,where officer was standing)

Mr Bee:(looks out of the window at the guy): ”Ahh! Joker. ”

The guy:(behind): ”Oh! Hello officer,and you too.Going to birthday party,you know?. ”

Officer Swan:(chillingly holding himself by the window of the car,where he has his arm): ”Yeah! Sir,its good to know,sorry,our mate is,not really feeling well at the time. ”

Mr Bee:(looking at the Joker leave while the signal turns green): ”Oh My God! You let the Joker ran away! Tell me,how much money did he offer you,tell me! I will offer you more than that for telling me his hiding place!. ”

Officer Swan:(removing his arm from the window): ”Alright guy! You are seriously not okay! I will charge you,just 2 dollars,is that fine?. ”

Mr Bee:(opens the dashboard takes out five dollars and hands him over): ”Keep the change! Remember the sign is chasing you!. ”

Officer Swan:(interestingly watching him go): ”The sign?. ”

Mr Bee:(while leaving): ”Yeah! The sign,it is gonna chase you at the night,3:00 p.m,yeaahhhh!. ”

Officer Swan:(watches him leave): ”This job is actually not that boring now,if we see,it is quite interesting if these kind of people let to live. ”

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