We Judge And The Chaos Begins

The Character Of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan:

Mr Bee,this time going to his therapist and on the very road,officer stops him by side:

Officer Swan:(watches him turning down the mirror): ”Asalam O Alaikum! Sir! Seems like a lot of place in your car is empty,mind if I just sat with you and go where ever you are going? Im just curious about how everyday you giggle your car and almost crash at the very place l am standing. ”

Mr Bee:(opens the door for him and allows him to join his company): ”Yeah! Why not officer,actually I am going to my therapist!. ”

Officer Swan:(chilling in the car while ac is on): ”Therapist? I knew,something was wrong with you. ”

Mr Bee:(starts the car and on his way to the clinic): ”Un..hun! ”

Officer Swan:(a little bored): ”So got any music?. ”

Mr Bee: ”Umm…no just acapella songs,as music I don listen. ”

Officer Swan: ”Alright! Fine without it. ”

(They both reached Infront of the therapist,Mr Bee laying of the bed,while officer sat on the bench asking the therapist about his matter,after knowing his case)

Officer Swan:(a little surprised and ashamed): ”Ummm…look,I am sorry to judge you like this okay! I will not do it again to anyone,I should have researched for you first…Mr?. ”

Mr Bee:(tries to sit and as he gets up quickly his head hits the light hanging in front): ”Umm…Mr Bee! Aow!. ”

Sofia: ”Sorry! Let me just… ”

(She removes the light from its position)

Officer Swan:(interestingly like a young guy would behave after hearing this): ”So! Mr Bee! Any character?. ”

Mr Bee:(with quirky expressions) ”Yeah! I guess,yeah!. ”

(Just at the time,a man enters to serve tea for the cops arrival,an special service was it,and also for Mr Bee as he was also present)

The guy: ”Asalam O Alaikum! Gentlemen! Looking just like the main character of that series,what was the name of the character? Ummm…yeah,Thomas Shelby,what an series. ”

(Both Officer and Dr Sofia,looking at Mr Bee,as his head bings)

Mr Bee:(takes his revolver out): ”Where am I,who are you! Tell me,now!. ”

Officer Swan:(raises his hands inorder to calm him ”Hey…Hey! Calm down,we are on the same side! Just put the gun down!. ”

Sofia:(scared melts down into her chair)

Mr Bee:(in stress): ”I don trust any of you!. ”

(Shoots with his gun,the bullet hits the ceiling.All the patients waiting outside for their turn reading newspaper surprised and confused for a sec but then again get into chillingly reading their newspaper)

Officer Swan:(grabs the gun from him somehow and unloads it,also,takes the light removed with the rope and ties his hands with it)

Sofia: ”Are you okay! Mr Bee?. ”

Officer Swan:(finally chillingly): ”shouldn it be me,you are asking that question?. ”

Sofia: ”Ummm…I guess! If he is alright then every one will be too. ”

Mr Bee: ”Who the ** is Mr Bee! Who the hell are you guys and tying my hands,is the best you have got,my legs are still free. ”

Officer Swan: ”So are my punches! You don get up and you are now going to tell us,how are you feeling,politely. ”

Mr Bee:(out of his control): ”How does a man,who lost his everthing shall be feeling right now! Just let me die once,let me get rid of this **ing society for me.Officer? Do you think I liked killing those men who I did till now?… ”

Officer Swan:(refering to Dr Sofia whispering): ”I think hes totally in the character,right now,We are sitting with Thomas Shelby,not Mr Bee. ”

Mr Bee:(sadly lost in emotions continues): ”The answer is No!,no I didn ,the society forced me to become this,I didn liked it at all,just wanted to stop feeling sad and to revenge,I did nothing wrong and Ill take revenge now!. ”

Officer Swan:(impressed): ”Wow! It was a quick change of mood! ”

Sofia:(agreeing): ”Yeah!. ”

Mr Bee: ”I will take my revenge for whatever happened to me and my men,this society did it! AHH!. ”

(Mr Bee Stands up really quick and takes the gun from Officer real quick.Officer tries to take it back from him and again a bullet is fired as 1 bullet was left somehow)

Officer Swan:(trying to get the gun from him): ”We totally understand your pain,we have been,aslo,betrayed like that! Listen to us…just… ”

Mr Bee:(as he understands it sits back on the bed): ”What?. ”

Officer Swan:(again on the bench): ”Yeah! Bro! Just calm down!. ”

Mr Bee: ”Why didn you take the revenge from the society?. ”

Officer Swan: ”Because we should not! Thats how we should behave,like avoiding the negative side of the society and growing the positive side,living in the positive side…Ahhh.. ”

(Officer holding his forehead in his hands.A strange sense of silence was filled the room)

Mr Bee: ”This makes me believe,I was wrong about everything,I…I should change my life…now…can I…can I be a better person like you?. ”

Officer Swan:(looking at him): ”Yes! Yes you can! Not like us,better than us all,you can! Just take the positive side,be with the good men,avoid the bad ones thats all you need to do!. ”

Mr Bee:(emotionally): ”Well! Maybe your right officer,Oh God! I can take it! Oh!. ”

(Now holding his forehead by his hands,Mr Bee yells.As he tries to get up now! He hits the other light which was just beside the first one,removed,he blackout and as he wakes up,he is the same Mr Bee)

Officer Swan:(looking at him intensely): ”Hey! Tell me,who would you kill first,if both Billy Kimber and Abarama Gold are standing near you,as your enemies?. ”

Mr Bee:(touching his head): ”Ah! What? I am Mr Bee!. ”

Sofia: ”Oh! Damn! He was just about to be a better person!. ”

Mr Bee:(confused but remembering everything): ”What! Oh Yeah! I think I know what you are talking about!. ”

Officer Swan: ”Doesn matters Mr Bee! Just…Lets leave now,others should be waiting,also pay for the ceiling which would be cheaper now. ”

Mr Bee:(looking at the ceiling): ”Huh!. ”

Officer Swan:(gets him up): ”Yeah! Just stand up and come with me,may you get a power stone in your life. ”

Mr Bee: ”Yeah! More than one,Ill prefer… ”

(They both finally pay and leave,Mr Bee to his home and Officer now knowing it all,had grown up a huge sense of simpathy for Mr Bee,now.He was back for his duty on the very road Mr Bee might take again,Ofcourse he will,actually and Sofia was left for more to research on his previous X-rays)

Mr Bee:(on his bed at night): ”Time to sleep…!. ”

(He sleeps while naming a character….To Be Continued)

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