Other than Herus granddad, Madrū was

the only one Heru realized who could discuss

stanzas of the Book of Paradise perfectly

also, that not on the grounds that he had the option to peruse

but since of having gone so frequently to the

understanding function. ”Try not to accept me dead

since I come of an hour after the fact

than expected. ”, Heru said grinning, however, marginally

awkward. ”In any case, where could Kamōna be? ”,

Heru requested to occupy from his late

appearance at the treehouse. ”For what reason are you

in any event, requesting her, you realize she is delay

embodied. ”, Yeqūta snickered.

It was valid, Kamōna figures out how to miss nearly

each time period and cutoff time that is effectively satisfy capable. It has gone up to this point that she was

given the epithet ”Ikrara ”, and that implies

”She, who is late ”. Heru plunked down with his

companions and was simply cheerful being brought together

with them. He checked out the treehouse. It

was roughly 4 m*4 m*2 m in size and

rested in an over two meters level on

a gigantic oak tree. Within it was a rack

of books, on the wall were different wooden

swords and safeguards, a chest of dress and a

different chest that contained things the ”Group

of the Crown ” had gathered after some time just

since they looked fascinating.

This chest was their money box of some

sorts, in it, they tossed nearly all that they

ran over going from stones to instruments to

indeed, even a few coins that they saw as in the woodland, that had equivalently rich guardians. That is, for

resident norms. It was very nearly a wonder

that she was so thin, rather than being fat

like the standard thing ”rich children ” in the open country.

To be sure, she was really kind and open minded,

playing and chilling with kids that the rich children

could never at any point need to come close with if

they were to all live in a city. While her folks

are somewhat round people, she dismissed their

way of life, regardless of how theyd want for her

to be like them. ”Thus, what kept you from

being on time, this time? ”, asked practically all

three of them together. ”I was perusing and

failed to remember the time, frankly. ”, was Kamōnas

humiliated reply while showing the book

she was conveying under her arm.

”Which book is a higher priority than us? ”,

asked Madru, playing somewhat insulted. ”It

was an assortment of fantasies I took from my

guardians. ”, answered Kamōna, not without a bit

clue of pride and carelessness in her voice,

”At any rate, not that theyd require it. ”. Of the four

kids, Kamōna and Heru were the specific ones

who could really peruse. Kamōna in light of the fact that

her rich guardians constrained an instructor on her each

end of the week and Heru in light of the fact that his granddad

shown him how to peruse and how language

worked. The books on the rack of the House

of Oak were brought there by the two of them

”Presently, what are we going to do today? ”,

asked Yeqūta. ”How about we proceed to play champions

furthermore, evil spirits at the Riverside. ”, proposed

Heru, ”Its a radiant day and the ongoing isn

that solid today, so there is certainly not a genuine risk

regardless of whether one of us falls into it. ”. After a touch of directing this way and that with no genuine elective thoughts being delivered and Kamōna simply needing to peruse inside the treehouse, the others rushed to acknowledge Herus idea. In this way, Kamōna needed to spread the book out of her hand and they got two wooden blades along with their two cowhide shoulder lash sheaths in kid-size and two safeguards from the tree houses wall and moved down the stepping stool, concealing it at a particular spot underneath the powerful oak tree and set off on a mission to the waterway to ward off detestable beasts and evil spirits from spreading in the woodland. They took a gander at the imprints they left at the trees that showed them the way and let their faculties be conveyed from the sound of moving toward water, the streaming flow mitigated them well.

They moved toward the waterway, which was of a

dark blue and around five meters down. That,

in any case, was no issue, since every one of them

had the option to swim. The main issue the waterway

could posture to them was its current and today

the ongoing wasn quite areas of strength for as it would have

been during blustery days. The waterway was given

the name ”Guatra ”, and that signifies ”The Transporter ”,

as it conveyed various types of fish inside it.

The riverside was planning for winter and the

grass that grew along the waterway became

increasingly small with time. ”Whos going to

be the beasts? ”, asked Yeqūta, ”Im not

Yet again going to play the job, Ive been

beast the last multiple times. ”. She was correct.

Some way or another, she turns out to be a beast more

times than normal. ”Then Ill be a beast

this time! ”, said Kamōna, while Madrū joined

her by gesturing.

The divisions were chosen. Heru and Yeqūta

framed a group of knights while Madrū and

Kamōna made up the group of beasts. The

game in of itself was genuinely straightforward and they

played it since they became companions together.

The setting was like taken from a fantasy.

The beasts were endeavoring to invade

the woodland and the ruler sent his knights to

kill the monsters in the woods. The knights had

better gear as the beasts, yet, the

beasts were given an early advantage and they

were permitted to conceal anyplace in the timberland,

while the knights could walk the ground.

It was the objective of the knights to see as the

beasts and ”battle them down ”, importance to strike them in a way that would kill

them assuming they were genuine beasts. The

beasts objective, thus, was it to conceal great

enough and slip through the backwoods, concealed

by the knights and either come to a formerly

designated area or track down the knights and

”kill ” them. In their feeling that intended to assault

the knights suddenly and hit them with

either body or ad libbed weapons like sticks

in likewise a way that would kill a human if

finished with full power. The game could endure from

thirty minutes to numerous hours, if the beasts

were great sequestered from everything, that is. ”Then, which

area is the beasts objective today? ”, inquired

Madrū, anxious to begin the game.

”What might be said about the huge dark stone at the highest point of

the waterway? ”, proposed Heru. ”Alright ”, acknowledged

the other three without protesting. After the

choice was made Heru and Yeqūta sat

all the way down, shutting their eyes.


beasts left in bearing of the dark stone

furthermore, Heru painstakingly tuned in regarding which way

they were making and the strides started to blur.

They held up around one and a half minutes

and afterward they stood up, abstained the calfskin

lashes around their bodies and grabbed hold of

their safeguards. The actual safeguards were

around 50 centimeters in distance across and molded

like a circle. Heru and the others had about

six safeguards in their tree house and exchanged

continually between them. While produced using

wood, they weren totally clear, as the

kids once go through a whole day contemplating

what to draw on them. It had turned into the

night of that day, as they at long last settled on

six thought processes, for which it took them one more day to really paint them on the safeguards with


Herus safeguard bore the indication of the divine force of

the sun, Utu, transmitting light emissions upon

a green field on which an apple tree was

set. Yeqūta, then again, had the

picture of a mice scavanger painted on her

safeguard. The mice vulture and the tree were

images that were very normal in the

open country. While the tree represented being

established on the ground and obligation, the scavanger

represented the association with the sky and

opportunity. Heru reported boisterously: ”The

trackers are coming ” with the goal that the beasts

were educated, the game has started. Yeqūta

flagged Heru that she would cross the

waterway, as Madrū had a propensity for taking the other

riverside to not be found while once

again crossing the stream momentarily before the objective

was in sight in the event that it wasn on the other riverside

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