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A time of crisis, already

Flora looked at the mighty emerald bird, her feelings were mixed between a true, primal fear and on the other end she was in awe, shes never seen any bird that big and majestic. On instinct she act fast, rushing to the nearest tree, hoping the unknowing creature didn spot her. Shes now against a giant root, the eagle can see her from here but she can see it either. Flora is waiting a very long time, asking herself, is it gone? Is it playing hide and seek with me?

The bush in front of her shake just like something was moving in it. She swallow her own saliva, hoping the thing hidden in it doesn want her as its next meal. A deer with a brown fur with blue lines come out it. The pinkish antler curve in a beautiful and mesmerizing full circle. The deer didn spot Flora at first, its just after it grazed some tall grass it finally did. The eyes of the deer is similar to a galaxy, no, even more beautiful, with no pupils, its like looking at a clear night sky. Both look at each other, gauging if the other is what they fear the most: a predator. Or at best something that can be ignored.

Flora hear the bird flapping its wings from the very large branch it was waiting on. She though to herself ”Shoot I knew it, its still there! ”

With her unconditional love for cute animals she try to Shoo at it so it can flee. She doesn want to be bird food but she doesn want either to sacrifice another creature to avoid it.

– ”Shoo, Shoo! ” As she wave at her to scare it off.

The deer seems even more curious now, it doesn seem to be accustomed to human beings, so its not scared at all. At most, she definitely got its attention, for sure. What Flora didn anticipate was the next move of the giant eagle. As she desperately try to make the deer to go away, a ray of lightning strike the deer.

First, Flora is blinded by the pure blue light. Second when her vision is clearer and she can finally look at the scene in front of her, she sees the deer on the ground with smoke escaping from the burned fur. Third, she felt so sad for the sorry beast laying dead on the ground. ”How unlucky for it to be strike by lightning in the middle of a dense forest. ” Flora though with sadness revealing on her face.

The sublime and scary bird she started to forget because of this sudden incident, land in front of the dead carcass of the deer. With cheer luck, the giant beast has its back turned on Flora, shes nonetheless petrified by the wind provoked by the landing of the eagle. The bird scream in a high-pitched note that makes destabilize her and nearly missed a step because of it. From the look of it the bird just scream in joy or it is to notice everyone in the vicinity to not approach around here.

The heart of Flora is racing like it never did, never a moment in her life made her body react like this. She had tough experiences throughout her life but a life threatening, never. She was in total panic but at the same time she didn know what to do, just one thing: Do not make a noise Flora or you
e bird food.

She kept repeating those words i her head as the bird is enjoying its well cooked meal in front of her. What she didn connect was the part of the lightning in this events, the angle definitely didn come straight from the tree, but instead it came in the direction of where the bird was sitting.

Flora is looking for an escape around her, she notice a big and round bush on her left. The problem was that the bush is situated at nearly seven meters from her. Going slowly, she stay close to the tree, without notice of the not well mannered eating bird. She can keep her eyes out of it, a feeling of fascination and primal fear is in conflict within her.

The first meter passed, Flora felt like the time was freeze, it felt like an eternity. The second she starts to know how to do it, she look around to not step on a stick or something that would catch attention of the giant. After the first half shes high spirited and well devoted to the task, even daring to consider it a game. Now very close to the bush, she feels like she made i

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