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What lurk in the shadow

The curiosity of Flora couldn settle down until she pushes the two doors. The jewels embed in the doors were as big as her hands, they had a pure, mesmerizing, engulfing colors that could draw all the attention of the world if they were shown to the public. A single jewel would let anyone live with relief from the rest of their life.

The idea passed through the mind of Flora, but, in a time of crisis like this, would just be a burden for her, thus she could get them out of the doors. Resigned from avarice, she places her two hands on both doors, ready to push them and imagining anything that could hide behind those. She pushes with all her might, at first they didn budge, but after some time insisting, the two heavy and cold doors budge, to finally surrender to the hands of Flora.

She pushed too hard, because at some point the doors didn resist anymore, she inevitably launch herself forward and falling to the ground. She end with a bruise on both knees, like they were mocking her, the doors creaks like a laugh to finish with a loud *BANG* after they hit their final destination.

Flora, still from the ground, inspects her surrounding thoroughly. In the middle of the round and big room is a magnificent statue, she just look alike the blue hair girl in a victorious pose. The artist who made this statue must be of great reputation, the details on it are perfect, like a real human being was standing in front of her. The statue has on her elbow a tiny and round shield, with few words inscribed in a language Flora couldn read. Both arms were covered with leather laces tightly squeezing them. The shoulders had both roundish plates of an armor, less details were carved on the marble there. Her long, wavy and colorless hairs were let loose and resemble the rain dripping on her armor, the length didn go further than her torso. Talking about the torso, the armor was a mix of heavy armor covering vital points. A jewel was carved right in the middle of the torso armor, it is the exact copy of those on the doors, though it is just marble so Flora don know the colors that was attached to it. The rest was made of a well made fabric going down to her waist. From the look of it, you could know the fabric was very smooth. The armor on the other end was similar to a medieval armor but with more details on each edge, carved in little scriptures just like her shoulder plates. Her waist had, on each side, two plates of armor, it was made of two different metals, even though the sculpture lost its colors, the base revealed it. Finally, the legs had pants and on top of it armor covering to her feet. The inscription continue down and following all the outline of each parts. The head is one of a determined woman looking forward in the horizon. Her eyebrows are tightly frowned, highlighting all the determination she hold in herself. Her delicate traits are mixed with strength, she was nothing to take lightly of.

In front of the statue lie a pedestal with a giant blue sword embedded tightly in it, this immediately connect to the story of king Arthur, though Flora looking at the scene. Only if it wasn a statue of a woman, she would confuse both legends. The ground around has multiple big circles, the center being the pedestal, between each of them are inscription in the same language written on the armor of the statue. The giant and blue blade is untouched by dust from all the time it stayed in here. Its pure and deep blue is enlighten by a faint light coming from a hole in the roof of the temple. The grip is made of a metal she couldn gauge, scared to do a mistake if Flora were to be asked what it is made of. From the look of it, its no light sword she got in front of her.

The end of the circles on the ground is stopped by columns, eight in total, holding the heavy roof. They are well carved too, no inscription were written on them but at the top end of them lie visage sculpted in the marble. From this height she could only look from a weird angle, four on the left were men with different shape of head, hairs and crowns. On the right side of the pillars were women heads with like the others, different shape of head, hairs and crowns.

When she looks behind her, she sees a fresco going from the left door rejoining the right door by taking the full circles. By lighting it up with her phone, the paintings are the exact copy of what is paint in the long corridor but assembled in a way to tell the full story and in the right order.

Flora get on her feet and start advancing in the direction of the sculpture to observe the details and to be honest, to take this sword out. Even though it looks heavy, its better than nothing if she had to fight off some predators or something.

– Why everything here has to be so big, the monsters, the statues, the swords…

She mumbled to herself. When her left foot step on the first circle, a light come out of it. At the same time the doors shut themselves violently, a gust of wind nearly swallowing Flora with it. Her hands in front of her, when it finally stopped, the room was lit up in a beautiful yet reassuring royal blue light, the sword too shine in a feint blue light like depicted in the paintings.

– Woaw.

Gasped Flora at the spectacular show happening in front of her. At first she doesn dare to step further, scared that everything will stop if she do something wrong. But she couldn stay there infinitely, she had a way out to find since the doors shut themselves. She took a step further, hesitating and swallowing her saliva in anticipation. After reaching the second circle, the light intensify, there is one more to go if she wants to reach the weapon carved in the marble pedestal. Her fist tightening, the misery she was in the previous hours was now long forgotten, she had only eyes for the weapon revealing its true light to Flora. A feint blue glow reflect on the eyes of Flora, the mesmerizing myriad of light surrounding her is a show she never suspected to happen to her. Lastly, she walk on the last circle, the third one, shes now at two footstep from the illuminating sword. When her right foot stepped with determination on the tiles, more light came out of everywhere. The different thing happening here is that the lights are now circling Flora, going sometimes up and down, like washed by invisible waves.

The blue lights turn around the hand of Flora, like they have consciousness and were a guide to her. She followed the instruction and her left hand is now pointing toward the blue sword. It now shine of a blinding light, shes covering her eyes with her right hand, while keeping her other hand still toward the sword. It took quite a few seconds for the light to disappear.

Flora opened her eyes and looked around her, the sword had disappeared with the blue light while the rest remained untouched or moved. She inspect herself to see if something changed, its when her gaze fell on the top of her left hand that she finally notice something. A blue tattoo of cross, no, more like a blue star that was now tattooed on her body.

– I had no intention to have a tattoo but oh well.

The idea didn bother her too much, what she wanted to know was the meaning behind it, what does it mean to have a tattoo like this and finally, where did the giant sword go?

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