On a beautiful morning when the roasters do their morning routine. There is a teenager named Ren who is sleeping comfortably on his bed until someone knocked the door *knock* knock* Ren remain undisturbed, then someone open the door, it was his little sister named Lisa who has green hair and big green eyes, she is wearing her neatly ironed elementary school uniform. Her school uniform is a white shirt, blue skirt and a green tie. Seeing her brother still sound asleep, she walk up to Ren, put her hands on Rens shoulder and shakes him with her small hands to wake him up

Lee said in a cute but hurry voice: ”hey Oni-Chan wake up, we about to be late for school! ”

Ren quickly open his eyes and sat up looking at her with panic in his face: ”wait what time is it?! ”

Lee she blinked twice and said: ”its 8am- ”

Ren: ” crap! ” Ren got up quickly, proceed to the bathroom, close the door behind him after 3 minutes pass he open back the door and he wearing his school uniform it a white shirt, dark blue pants and a green tie, he lift her up and look at her ”lets go! ”

Lee nods her head: ”o-okay ”

He went out his door and head downstairs, as he went to the kitchen to get his and his little sister lunch his adopted mother who is named Lisa, she is in her late twenties but sometime people thinks she is younger than that at times. She has green long hair, wearing a business outfit she is holding Ren and Lee lunch bags: ”oh running late I see hehe, I put both of you guys lunches in your bags and don forget to eat before you both leave ”

Ren looks at her with guilt: ”sorry mom but we have to go now or we would miss the bus so we should be going ”

Lisa looks at Ren and lee: ”okay I will be going to work so be careful at school and wear your mask. This corona virus is still here and I don want my babies to get sick so be careful okay? ”

Lee nods: ”yes mommy ”

Ren: ”Ill make sure Lee and my mask are on full time ”

Lisa: ”okay great! ” She goes to the living room and grab her black bag from the couch, she also get her gray mask and put it on then she goes to Ren and Lee kiss their foreheads and hugs them ”I love you my babies ”

Lee giggles and smiles cutely: ”I love you too mommy! ”

Ren looked embarrassed but responded: ”hehe we love you too mom ”

Lisa: ”okay bye my babies ” she make her way to the door and goes outside leaving the door open. Lee looked at Ren and smile, Ren smiles back at her.

Ren: ”lets go to school little sis ”

Lee: ”okay Oni-Chan ”

One hour later

Ren and Lee arrive at the school which is called JinShin High and elementary school, the school has about 50 rooms and about seven to eight lanes which includes the washrooms, swimming pool, storages, Cafeteria, classroom etc. He walked his sister to her class then proceeded to his, hes in classroom 5 with his best friend Nick, he has light green hair and the same school uniform as Ren. Currently its lunchtime he sitting next to him talking about his ex gf in the cafeteria

Nick shoves two French fries in his mouth: ”Ren, youve move on from her didnt you? ”

Ren looked at him: ”of course I did why are you asking me that? ”

Nick smiles Sheepishly, lowers his head and said to Ren in a low voice : ”because there is a girl who was staring at you, I think she was checking you out then Kaitlyn called her out for being distracted ”

He looked forward and saw a girl name Laura she has a Red mix with Blonde hair and blue eyes. although they never crossed paths before he has heard about her through other classmates before. And next to her is Kaitlyn, kaitlyn has blonde hair and green eyes she also wearing her school uniform. Ren looked back at Nick who is wiggling his eyebrow, to discuss more of Laura: ”I um.. I never seen that kind of hair colour before ”

Nick Ren may have a possible interest in her he encourage him: ”maybe you could talk to her ya know get to know her more then we will see how it goes so you won think of that b**** anymore ”

Ren looks irritated: ”one Im not thinking of Annalise, she has her boyfriend and two, Laura has her boyfriend also- ”

Nick: ”yeah that cheater has her bf f****** right now but Laura has experience the same pain as you are right now, you both are heart broken young people who needs each others support right now ”

Ren eyes is wide open: ”really? ”

Nick: ”yea bro Im just looking out for you, I mean we have been friends since childhood so trust me, go to her and I will be waiting right here watching from the side lines with my fries ”

Ren laughs: ”from the what? ”

Nick: ”nothing nothing so go to her ”

Ren sigh: ”fine fine Ill go but youll have to make your move to talk to Kaitlyn ”

Nick smirk: ”yeah yeah sure ”

Ren gets up from his chair but Laura walked up to him: ”hey Ren ”

Ren get frighten but didn show it, he composed himself, looked at her and rub the back of his head: ”oh hey Laura, whats up? ”

Laura look at him with curiosity: ”nothing really just wondering, why you two aren eating ”

Ren: ”well Im not hungry but my best friend is munching on something even though he has eaten when he was walking to school ”

Nick gets up and join in the conversation: ”yeaa those vending food machines tastes so good ”

Kaitlyn joins in: ”I agree with you Nick. Vending machines foods tastes really good well some of them, maybe we ALL can go somewhere to eat after school? ”

Laura looked at Kaitlyn: ”sure bestie ” she looked at Ren ”what you you say Ren…. And nick?

Nick: ” sure Im down, Ren? ”

Ren: ”um.. Sur- ”

??: ”Oni-Chan!!! ”

Ren: ”huh? ” Ren heard his little sister voice and he looked at the door and saw Lee running to him in terror and hug him tightly while crying through his shirt and her little body trembling, he looked down and rub her back gently ”whats the matter sis? ”

Lee looked up at Ren with her big green eyes but its wet with a slight sadness she sniffed: ”m-my classmates… *sniff* they are eating each other.. ”

They looked at each other confused, Nick lowered to her height to ask her a question: ”how Lee-? ”

Suddenly they heard screams coming from the door, students who were not concerned for Lees scream and cries stopped what they are doing and looked at the door, what awaits behind that door?

To Be Continue

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