WereWolf Curse Season 2

Chapter 3: Vampires

??: ”Onii-Chan!!! ”

Ren: ”huh? ” Ren heard his little sister voice and he looked at the door and saw Lee running to him in terror and hug him tightly while crying through his shirt and her little body trembling, he looked down and rub her back gently ”whats the matter sis? ”

Lee looked up at Ren with her big green eyes but its wet with a slight sadness she sniffed: ”m-my classmates… *sniff* they are eating each other.. ”

They looked at each other confused, Nick lowered to her height to ask her a question: ”how Lee-? ”

Suddenly they heard screams coming from the door, students who were not concerned for Lees scream and cries stopped what they are doing and looked at the door, students and teachers from the lower level bust through the door and started to attack the high school students. Ren, Nick, Kaitlyn and Laura eyes widen with fear seeming those little kids and teachers covered in blood biting the students that were closer to them. The rest of the students the chef and food givers from the cafeteria started to panic pushing others like crazy causing havoc.

Kaitlyn: ”zombies?!

Ren lifted Lee up, holds her to his chest and she wrap her hands around his neck tightly while burying her head into his chest, he looked at the window on the left and points to it: ”to the window! ”

They run to the window and Nick opens it and looked at them: ”Kaitlyn! Go first! ” Kaitlyn goes out the window and Nick looked at Laura ”now you Laura! ”

Laura turn around as she was about to say something to Ren, he notice a huge white WereWolf running towards Laura: ”Laura! ” he grab Laura hand and pull her to him the force caused them to fall on the ground. Nick saw the white WereWolf has its eyes set on him and is heading his way

Nick: ”oh f*** ” he fall off the window to where Kaitlyn is.

Nick Pov

Nick fall flat on the ground coughing in pain, Kaitlyn gasped in fear and went to help Nick up: ”Nick, can you move?! ”

Nick nods and got up then he looked back at where he was, he is worried about Ren and Laura who are still inside with those things: ”Im fine! But we have to get back inside to help Ren and the others ”

Kaitlyn hesitated thinking about how could just the two of them help in this situation but she then thought about her best friend and others who would do anything to help her if she was in trouble so she agreed : ”okay! ”

Kaitlyn ask Nick a question: ”What were those things ”

Nick: ”I don know but that white wolf things looks Obviously like a werewolf as for those poor kids im not sure ”

Nick and Kaitlyn headed to the school Entrance door but it was seal up with a high technology barrier they looked at each other confused

Nick frown his eyebrows: ”the hell is this?! ”

Kaitlyn looked at the left and saw more white werewolves running towards them maybe they were attracted by his would voice, she holds unto Nick arm and pulls it: ”Nick we have to go! Now! ” Nick who was more interested in the barrier didn notice the WereWolf until she warned him. He turned and saw werewolves running to them, they both run back the way they came from to find a place to hid before they become a werewolf snack

Nick Pov End

In Ren Pov.

Ren, Lee and Laura are inside the cafeteria seeing the white WereWolf looking at the window were Nick just fell from although he was worried he still have his sister he needs to get safely so they got up but the white WereWolf with red eyes turned around and look at them again.

Lee reaches a pencil from her skirt and picked up the courage and threw it behind the WereWolf and it make a little noise and the screaming stops. People and kids who were dead and turned into whatever they are were quiet so quiet that you can hear a fly drop. Ren and Laura looked at each other confused and Ren got an idea and throw a coin from his pocket behind the WereWolf as well surprisingly the WereWolf and others followed the noise. Ren looked at the door that leads to the hallways he holds Laura hand and she looked at him he puts his finger on his lips signaling her to stay quiet, although she was scared she nods at him and covered her mouth, he looked at Laura he nods at her and she nods back understanding each other, he walks along with her to the door as they reach to the door his little sister Lee whisper to Rens ears

Lee: ”Ren… ”

the sound triggered him and make Ren remember something his mother once told him

Flashback start

Lisa: ”Ren, can I tell you something? ”

Ren look away from his book: ”yeah sure ”

Lisa look at his with a serious and worried face: ”if at anytime your little sister calls you by your name instead of Onii-Chan that will mean something is wrong with her ”

Ren: ”mom what do you mean?, like what? ”

Lisa sighs: ”she have a sickness Ren, I thought you knew that ”

Ren: ”I might have forgotten it since she has been so healthy and happy all this time, my apologies mom ”

Flashback end

Ren stops and whisper Lees ears: ”look at me sis.. ”

She lift up her head from Rens shoulder and looked at him. Ren eyes widen in fear as he saw her nose is bleeding and her eyes are pure black, Laura notice that as well and she gasped softly. He rest Lee head back to his shoulder and whisper to Laura: ”w-we must get to the nurse office.. ”

She whisper back: ”Ren- ”

??: ”AHHHHHH!!!! ”

Ren and Laura jump in fright but hearing that none chilly scream it made Lee scream as well, Ren and Laura looked forward, there stood a teenage girl getting eaten by a white WereWolf and it looked at Ren and Laura it roared making the others listen and follow the roar. Ren ran forward and Laura follows him as the both of them reaches closer to the WereWolf, Ren punches the WereWolf and it flew back to the wall Ren didn mind it but Laura saw and was shocked.

They head upstairs to the second floor and quickly went inside the nurse office, Laura lock the door and get down. They heard werewolves running through the hallway then the noise stops and Laura peek up to see if any are outside seeing not a single fur in sight, she sigh in relief and turn to looked at Ren: ”they are gone.. Whatever they are.. ”

Ren nods at her, got up to goes by the bed and rest Lee down He notice shes sleeping: ”um.. Laura we must find something for lee- ”

Suddenly a high tech tv came on and a man whos in the mid 30, blonde short hair wearing on a scientist outfit speaks: ”hello Teachers and students from JinShin High and elementary school, my name is Eric Archer Im the owner of E-Tech ” Ren and Laura looked at the tv listening to what Eric Archer have to say ”we have located that there is a virus that has infected both students and teachers in the school building, my team is on red alert currently, so far the lower forms are the most infectious part but we have to be cautious so we have decided to lock down the school until further notice. We will keep on updating and find a way to contain this virus, just stay away from those who have these symptoms: blood running out of their nose, acting out in a crazed way, Cannibalism and blacken eyes thank you ” the tv went on standby and leaving Ren and Laura stun in shock and looked at Lee

Ren grabbed his head in terror with disbelief in his eyes: ”N-no.. ”

To Be Continue

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